Branwen 13th September

A lovely week in Foundation Phase! It’s been busy, active and full of fun. We have been learning about our class rules and pupils have carefully chosen some great ones for our class. Luckily they all resemble our school Golden Rules!

In Maths and Numeracy we have been investigating different patterns including repeating patterns. We have also been playing ‘guess my number’ with Mrs John. Mrs Biddle has been playing Numicon games with Reception understanding values.

On Tuesday we used a Talking Tub to introduce our new topic. It was very exciting finding different artefacts and discussing what they were! We initially thought our new topic was the zoo, then the circus followed by God’s world! William then decided it was Africa, fantastic William! As a class we came up with many questions we want to enquire as the topic unfolds. Mrs John is very excited!

We read a wonderful story called Handa‘s surprise and discovered a small part of Africa’s culture. This story will be used through the term to support us with our learning.

Mrs Whitehead has had a super week and Nursery have settled in so well already. There has been a lot of lovely play in the new sand and water trays and the soft play has already been out. Well done Nursery!

Miss Roberts enjoyed teaching us P.E and Numeracy. We played some games in Maths of the Day, there were a lot of giggles!

We are looking forward to our first Forest School afternoon on Tuesday.

Have a lovely weekend.