Branwen 13th June

We really enjoyed our service at the Cathedral to celebrate our Federation. We sang beautifully and enjoyed hearing the Bishop‘s answers to our questions!

We had to use our research on the difference between a pond, a river and the sea to create a model in teams. One team created the pond, another created the sea and the last team created the river. Pupils have carefully made the models to include the life which lives in these habitats. Da iawn pawb!

in Numeracy we have been applying our skills in using tempetature and reading a thermometer. Some pupils decided to create their own thermometer using appropriate scales. Bendigedig!

Forest School was very refreshing in the rain! We used the weather to our advantage through experiencing rain and wet soggy grass. We were practicing mindfulness by lying on the grass and feeling the soft wet pitter patter of rain fall on our faces and waterproof clothes. The sound was beautiful and it was so relaxing. We then rolled around and giggled so much! We were then put into teams to create grass sculptures, we had to think creatively and work together. A lovely afternoon!

We are really hoping the weather improves for Wednesday so we can do Sports Day!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.