9th June 2018

Notes from the Head:

I have been busy out of school this week, attending conferences in Llangollen, Llandudno and Birmingham.  This is a very exciting time for education and I am pleased to say that in Nannerch we continue to be at the forefront of change.  One of the areas of which we are proactively engaged in is pupil voice.  I was pleased to see NEWydd featuring the work of our Good Food Gang on their facebook feed @Newydd Catering this week.  

Another agency keen to work with our pupils is Aura Sport.  The Playground Committee worked with Steve from Aura on their sports survey this week.  Steve was very complimentary regarding the engagement of our pupils.  Thanks also to Laura from Dragon Sport who organised a practise for the pupils as they work to form a rounders team. Some of the children will be representing Nannerch at the rounders tournament later this month.

Next Wednesday is our annual sports day, hopefully, the weather will stay fine for us.  The events will start at 1 pm on the school field.  Children to wear their PE kit for school and bring their water bottles, and usual sun protection. 

Mrs Downes




News from our Classes

Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion

We started the week creating and drawing an alien. We used a dice to determine the number of arms, legs, eyes and antennae. From this we wrote a very good description of our aliens which we included in our short story. It was quite tricky because we had to use the present tense so there was suspense at the beginning but we did a good job. We finished writing and evaluating the biographies of an astronaut and, having studied the art work of Peter Thorpe, we have enjoyed creating our own vivid space pictures. 

On Monday the children on the school council from Nercwys came to talk to our school council. We enjoyed showing them our homework tasks, especially 'Our Perfect World'. Steve from Dragon Sports came to help us complete a survey on our healthy activities.

On Tuesday Joe, Jasmin and Ewan took part in some exciting maths activities at the Alun, they really enjoyed it. We had some tricky maths problems to solve too. 

We have been thinking about going to Mars. Apparently NASA intends to have a Mars Mission by 2030, we worked out we would be about 23 then! In our groups we prioritised what we might take - a lot of us included a family picture, of course. 

Some of the year 6 went to the Alun on Thursday and had a really great day doing loads of PE, all sorts of exciting things. At school however we had a whole day playing and programming. We learnt how to programme the 'egg box' which we then used to control a set of traffic lights and the clown. The clown was funny, his bow tie spun round and made funny noises, he moved across the desk because he vibrated so much. 

We had a really busy morning with Miss Roberts because we have applied for funding for IT equipment. We created a pitch, photographed and recorded a movie to go with our application.

We finished off the week playing rounders.

Miss Robert’s Class: Owain

This week it is Oscar and Tilly writing the blog!

We are going to tell you a little bit about what we did each day this week. It was the first week back after half term and it was so good to see our friends!

On Monday we finished our Tim Peake biographies. We have been learning a lot about space. 

On Tuesday we had a Sports Day practice with Miss Douggie and Mrs Pierce! We can't wait for Sports Day next week. We had some throwing practice too. We had a go with balls and foam javelins. Then we did running, this was to see who made the relay team. 

On Wednesday we did lots of maths. It was word problems. First you had to decide whether you were going to use +, - x or ÷. Sometimes we needed to use more than 1 operation. In Topic we made a line graph to look for a pattern for what happened during our Shadow investigation. 

On Thursday we had to explain why we have day and night. We had to use key words, like 'axis', 'shadow' and 'spin'. Before this we had a goo at explaining it using different balls. 

We also did lots of work to remind us how to use capital letters properly. 

On Friday we had Mrs Pierce and we did Maths of the Day. 

Oscar- My favourite part was finishing my biography because I like doing long pieces if writing in paragraphs.

This week we have new spellings to learn. Remember to CREATE your Space Project homework this week. We must bring them to school by Thursday 14th June.

Have a nice weekend. Tilly and Oscar

Mrs John's class: Branwen

This week has flown by and we have enjoyed the beautiful weather. In Language we have finished our stories. We were able to read our stories back to Mrs John and she helped us edit spellings and punctuation. Yr 2 were beginning to put in speech marks and more exciting vocabulary. Nursery have enjoyed painting this week and being outside playing cooperatively solving problems with water play and slime. Our alien slime was a great hit! It’s messy play which enables our fine motor skills to develop. Mrs John always says this helps our handwriting improve. We hope it works as next week we are writing our edited space stories up neatly to make a book. We are going to illustrate it using ICT. In Maths we have been shopping and working out change, learning this is a subtraction method, from 10p, 20p, 50p and £100. Samuel, Alfie and Callum designed their own shop with K-Nex models to sell. Da iawn boys! In PE we all practised the events for sports day, we are looking forward to Wednesday 1pm! Our Judaism topic with Miss Douggie is in full swing and we are really enjoying learning about the cultural similarities and differences. We played a Welsh Space game which was fun and it is helping our oracy and reading skills.

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