8th March 2019

Notes from the Head:

What a wonderful first week back after the half term break. We have been fully immersed in World Book Day and Eisteddfod! The pupils outfits were incredible and congratulations to Mr and Mrs Twit for the best costume! The day was full of Stories, activities and even emailing famous authors! It was great to see Yr 3 and 4’s excitement when their author of their class story contacted them today. Their animations they have created digitally are excellent and the author was hugely impressed! Yr 5 and 6 have been working incredibly hard on their Welsh Tudor portraits, the standards are very high and Mrs Pierce and I are very proud of all their hard work. Foundation Phase have made me smile all week learning their Welsh poem and song and performed brilliantly in the Eisteddfod. 

Thank you to families for supporting their children with both the spring photo and dressing the leek homework. Every child made a huge effort and congratulations to all! After School club have had their yearly inspection and I would like to say a huge thanks to our staff who dedicate themselves to this most needed facility in school and to our committee who give their time to ensure the club runs safely and efficiently. The committee wanted to share the report with you so here are some highlights...

“Children are fully involved in the service and are able to make choices.

Staff know the children very well and are aware of their individual needs…new toys requested by the children have been purchased to enhance their experiences.”

“ Children enjoy attending as they are able to spend time with their friends…children have good relationships with staff and each other.”

“Children are happy and settled. Children who attend are part of the small village school where everyone is known and the school operates as one big family.”

“Staff have the knowledge and experience to manage behaviour in a positive way…staff update the activities available on a regular basis…leaders make sure the environment is safe and secure. The premises are well maintained and clean. Leaders provide children with a good range of resources in a warm, light and safe environment”.

Areas for improvement included record keeping, timely appraisals and more fire drills. An action log has been established to track improvements and many tasks have already been completed.

We expect a re-inspection this academic year and will welcome the opportunity to show the inspectors the improvements made and high standards of care maintained.

Well done to the whole after school club team!

If you want to read the whole report please visit:



Mrs John

Acting Headteacher



News from our Classes

Mrs Pierce's Class: Gwydion

2019: Our topic for the Spring Term is ‘People of the Past’

We have been researching Henry VIII and if marrying Anne Boleyn solved all his problems. This week  we studied a diary entry by Mary Scrope and answered questions. We used our notes and wrote about Henry and Anne Boleyn. We also pretended to be Anne Boleyn awaiting trial and wrote to Henry from the Tower.

We started maths with a number statement and had to prove it was right or wrong. We found out that graphs can tell stories like an athlete's story. The first graph was comparing 2 runners and we guessed what happened in the race.  We did a line graph about temperature  and we drew a line graph using a data table. 

We have learnt about tooth decay and are busy preparing advice for other children.

In topic we are finding out about daily life in Tudor times are making pomanders and plates.

Morgan,  Jack and Gracie went to the Mold Alun  to take part in an oracy day and we joined in with Ysgol Nercwys and Ysgol y Foel. It was fun, we wrote poems and did a presentation.  

We had an eisteddfod on Friday morning and Mrs Selwyn and Mrs. Yeardly came in.

We did PE and committees.

by Megan and Morgan


Miss Roberts Class: Owain

2019: This term our topic is People of the Past

This week the blog is by Tom and Sam.

For our half term home work we had to take a photo of something that reminds us of spring and make a frame to go with it. Also we had another homework to dress up a leek, it was fun! I made a dragon and Sam made a super hero.

Also we have been practicing a poem all week. Today we had our school Eisteddfod and it went well. We had to perform our Welsh poems to the whole school and Mrs Selwyn and Mrs Yeardley. The judged our leeks, the handwriting competitions and our spring photographs and frames.

Tom was 1st in the leek competition and Sam was 3rd and Tom was 2nd in the handwriting and Sam was 3rd. We were told the standard was very high and it was very close!

On Thursday it was World Book Day, Tom dressed up as chewy from star wars and Sam was Mr Twit. We had a challenge to #ShareAStory which we had created, inspired by the book ‘Don’t Look In The Book’, with the author Sam Langley Swain. Sam created a video and shared it on twitter (Take a look- you can see our animations there too!!) and Tom made a card which has been sent in the post. Dan and Emma emailed him and had an amazing reply straight away! We were surprised how quickly he got in touch. He thought our animations were great and very creative.

We then had a book fair and there was also some very tasty cakes, there and good books. Lots of people got Lego cards too!

Thanks for reading, Sam and Tom


Mrs John's class: Branwen

2019: Topic for this term ‘People of the Past’ ‘Castles’

This week has been all about World Book Day and Eisteddfod! For the Eisteddfod we have learnt a new Welsh song and poem. It was fun performing in front of the whole school although we were a little nervous. 

We entered into a handwriting competition and wrote up our Welsh poem. Our handwriting is becoming a lot neater!

We used different ways to create observational drawings and paintings of daffodils. These look beautiful! 

We had to follow a simple recipe to make welsh cakes which was fun and they turned out very yummy! We are using the recipe instructions to write our own next week.

In Maths we have begun learning time and Miss Douggie read us a funny story called The Time it Took Tom! Reception have focused on times of the day and Yr 1 and 2 are focusing on o’ clock and half past  before we continue onto quarter too and past. 

Nursery have worked hard on their new number Frisky Five and St David’s Day size ordering. 

We are also learning how to measure and using non standard and standard units of measure. 

In PE we learnt how to get the big mats out safely and then performed simple sequences based on our body schooling. 

We enjoyed all the celebrations for World Book Day, especially dressing up and the book cafe!


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