8th December 2018

Notes from the Head:

It has been a special week beginning with some fun when 3 little elf visitors came and caused some mischief as we were about to have singing practice!

The Christmas Fayre was wonderful and enjoyed by so many people. I don’t think I have ever seen the school so full! A huge thank you PTA and everyone for all their help, support and attendance.

I am looking forward to Monday when each class are going to announce their profit and the winning class will get a treat near the end of term! This project has once again been an excellent example of ‘learners leading their learning’ with a numeracy and creative focus. It’s opened up pupils ideas to business and important life skills where we have to appreciate money through determination and hard work.

Our week ended with a special Christingle Croeso Pawb service. Pupils made some lovely crafts linked into the theme of advent whilst reflecting on Christmas and what it means to us and others less fortunate. The church is always a beautiful place to be at this time of year. Thank you Rev. Daniel for leading our service and to Mothers Union for all your hard work and preparation into the event.

Next week is very busy with our Infant concert on Tuesday 1.15 and 6.30pm, £2.50 on the door which includes a raffle ticket.

Wednesday we are on our shared trip to see the Wizard of Oz at the Storyhouse with Nercwys Primary. On Thursday we have our Christmas dinner so a busy week ahead!

Thank you everyone!

Mrs John

Acting Headteacher



News from our Classes

Mrs Pierce's Class: Gwydion

This Terms Topic: "Where we live"

This week we finished editing and writing up our stories, they could easily be put into our class reading book The Wilderness War! After looking at different types of letters and the language used in formal and informal situations, we have written to the author, Julia Green, telling her about our 'chapter'. We hope she agrees!

In maths we practised using a protractor to measure and draw angles. Our research this week was to find out all about triangles. There are some amazing web sites that tell us all about them. We found out some really interesting facts; in construction triangles are stronger than other shapes, there is a pattern in maths called Pascal's triangle and we want  to find out more about Pythagoras' theorem! We discovered all three angles in a triangle add up to 180 degrees, really useful to help us with problem solving.

We had a busy night at the Christmas Fayre, selling our craft; wands, leather pouches, bracelets and the best selling comic of the year. As well as guess the sweets in a jar and trying out your luck on the Trash or Treasure. 

Croeso Pawb has left us feeling festive and calm. We enjoyed talking to Reverend Daniel as we were making our stars and windows and in church remembering how Jesus came into the world to save us.

Miss Roberts Class: Owain

This Terms Topic: "Our World"

This week the blog is by Iris, Daniel and Sam!

What a really busy week we have had!

We have been looking at multiples. A multiple is an answer to a timetable. We have looked at x2, x3, x4, x5, x6 and x10.

Tuesday we had our Christmas fair. It was great fun and really busy. We made £27.40 from the crafts we made. We made large Christmas puddings out of felt which we had to saw by ourselves. We charged £1 for large ones and 50p for the smaller ones. Lots of people played our games that we made.

We had lots of visitors for Croeso Pawb yesterday. Mr and Mrs Wright had arranged some lovely craft for us to do too. Our class made lots of stars out of lollypop sticks and Christmas decorations with modelling clay . Mrs Downes came to see us as well as Mrs Selwyn with the ladies form the WI. Rev. Daniel came to see what we were making before doing our service at church.

Our Elf on the shelf has been cheeky this week causing lots of excitement, not only has he climbed our Christmas tree as well as our giant peach he’s been giving Motty our class mascot big hugs.

We have read up to chapter 18 in our class book James and the Giant Peach. A centipede has chewed the stalk, the peach rolled down a hill into the sea and is floating away. Sam likes the adventure that is happening in the story. Dan thinks the story is funny and Iris thinks they will find an island and get out.

Thanks for reading! Have a good weekend 

Mrs John's class: Branwen

We have had so much fun completing our Apprentice challenge! On Tuesday we worked out how much to sell all our items for which we lovingly made for the Christmas Fayre. We had to calculate various problems, if 5 people bought a Santa, 3 people bought a wood cookie and 2 people bought a candle holder, how much would it be altogether? Lots of thinking and challenges going on!

On the night we sold many of our crafts and our profit was £26.10. We were thrilled! On Monday each class are going to announce in their profits and the winning class will get a treat. We are very excited!

In service we had a surprise, we unveiled a box to find 3 cheeky elves busy playing in the icing sugar! Each class were given an elf to have some fun with. Every day our elf has got up to mischief!

We have finished our story maps now and are ready to begin writing our stories.

We are looking forward to our Nativity concert on Tuesday and we hope you can all come and watch.

Have a lovely weekend.

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