6th July 2018

Notes from the Head:

Most of the year 6 and I spent a good part of the week in Cardiff.  This is our annual residential, where we spend time exploring our Welsh capital with the neighbouring schools of Lixwm, Cilcain and Caerwys.

 This year we travelled via Aberystwyth where we visited the National Library of Wales.  We were all astounded at the number of books and documents stored in the library.  We saw the actual poem written by the Welsh language poet Hedd Wyn during WW1, just before he died in battle.  We also were able to see the first Bible written in Welsh.  After leaving Aberystwyth we made our way to the Urdd Centre in Cardiff.

In Cardiff we unpacked and went for our tea, followed by bowling.  By the end of the evening, the children and teachers had all got to know each other and we made many new friends.  It was also good to see old friends too and to have the opportunity to spend time together.  Many of the children will be going to the same High Schools so the trip provided a good transition opportunity too.

We spent three very busy days; the general consensus on the ‘highlight’ of the trip probably has to be the speedboat ride.  It was perfect weather to be out on the water and it was fun creating waves to ride!

Another highlight was meeting the Assembly Member Ken Skates, who was very friendly.  We discovered that he had lived in Pantymwyn and had been a pupil at the Alun School.  He explained to us what brought him to politics and his role with the Welsh Government.

The weather was glorious, and the staff at the Urdd looked after us all well, as did Mike our coach driver.  Year 5 & 6 are now looking forward to continuing our theme of capital cities and politics with a trip to Westminster on Monday.

Mrs Downes




News from our Classes

Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion

On Monday and Tuesday Year 6 worked on a multimedia presentation about their science investigations, ready for their first term in High School. They were also busy preparing for the end of term service before setting off for an exciting few days in Cardiff. Year 5 have also been very busy. We have looked at a Pot Potpourri of Poems,  identified good examples of a scientific conclusion, investigated square numbers and compared episodes of Dr.Who, an original black and white 1963 version and a modern colour one.

We researched all about the Houses of Parliament ready for our trip to London. We finished with a game of rounders - it was hot!

Miss Robert’s Class: Owain

Mrs John's class: Branwen

This week has been fun using our climbing frames outside. We have enjoyed playing cooperatively and making up our own games!

In Maths we have been challenged using Maths of the Day. We worked as teams to collate many maths questions before answering them. This was done whilst dribbling a ball and aiming beanbags into targets!

We then played a pirate and shark game whilst being given a number and having to order ourselves along the ship without falling off! Great team work!

Forest school was fun, albeit a little hot. We ate ice pops to cool down after taking part in the barefoot challenge. Mrs John said we were very brave!

On our moving up day we loved making our wishing wands with Miss Douggie and creating our intergalactic passports with Mrs John. We began creating 2 displays for our school. One with the whole school, painting with Sphero using only our school colours. This looks amazing! We also drew around and painted our arms to make a display called ‘Reach for the Stars’. This will be our reminder to try our very best.

We finished the day with a lovely Service in the hall with singing, thoughts and prayers.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

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