4th May 2018

Notes from the Head:

Happy Bank Holiday!  Let's hope we are blessed with some sunshine for the long weekend.

Well done to all our children who sat the Welsh National Tests this week, they all looked very 'grown up' sitting in exam conditions with test papers in front of them, some of the children did display signs of anxiety, we know everyone tried their very best.  Thank you to Mrs John for providing the children with a few small treats to remind the children of their 'mindfulness' practice. 

One more test next week and then we will resume our 'Out of This World' topic.

The children from reception to Year 6 are out on a whole school trip to Spaceport next Friday. Which will provide an interactive exploration of Science and Space.  

Well done to the children who won the Good Food Gang's design competition.  They were presented with their prizes this week.  First prize was family cinema tickets with two runners-up winning stationary. These were donated by NEWydd who provide our school lunch menu. Good food Gang have been very busy working with NEWydd to plan a 'hydration station' on Friday 18th May, the GFG will be providing details about this next week.

I spent Friday in Birmingham this week, training to bring into our local schools a very exciting resource which draws on children's creativity using the work of artist Emma Yarlett in order to explore the Bible and develop the children's abilities to connect, critically reflect upon and apply their learning to their own growing understanding of spirituality, faith and religion.  It was good to have the opportunity to meet and network with educational professionals from dioceses across England and Wales including Cornwall, Brecon and Cardiff.  I'm looking forward to exploring the resource in class. 

Mrs Downes


News from our Classes

Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion

This week we have learnt about the difference between proportion and ratio using blackcurrant and orange juice! We discovered how many cups of water are needed to go with one cup of juice. We have been learning how to write a good biography, we looked at Mae Jemison as an example and now have to research another space explorer for our homework, ready to bring in on Tuesday. 

Year Six have read about the International Space Station and Space Tourism in Guided Reading and Year Five have read 'A Holiday on Earth'; they had to visualise the text before getting the picture to compare.

In science we have been investigating the length of the day in a year. We used data and drew a line graph to show the difference of daylight hours.

On Wednesday we did our reading test which wasn't too bad and in Welsh we looked at all the welsh words related to books. We did mini yoga with Mrs John. On Thursday we did Uncle Em and what he wore in welsh. We also did PHSE. 

Friday, the last day of the week. We had a visit from PC Mark. He came to talk about drugs and whether they are illegal or not. We all tried the beer goggles on, they made everything look wonky.  

Miss Robert’s Class: Owain

This week: PC Mark came in and he told us about the dangers of strangers and that we shouldn’t judge them by their looks because they might be very colourful but might be very dodgy.

When we did our mile run, Ollie felt pumped up. Rowan felt tired but happy she was doing it.

On Thursday year 3 and 4 did some work n proverbs to use in our instructional writing, it was fun but challenging, thought Ollie and Rowan. We chose a bossy verb, drew a picture then we added a proverb (a word to describe doing word).

This week we also had a couple of tests. There was one Maths test and one reading test.

In topic we learnt that in the International Space Station there is no gravity. You have to eat vacuum packaged food and the astronauts don’t get to eat much fruit. So we then decided to make something which would store 5 things we would want in space to keep them safe and to stop them floating away. This is our Design and technology work! There are lots of good designs.

We had some super news today. Rowan and Peter’s Toy Story book arrived, they are now published authors! We are so proud. Even more exciting, after hearing how well Peter and Rowan did, the rest of the class entered another competition and all of us have received a letter to say that we are going to be published in August! We had big celebrations in class today!

Enjoy the bank holiday everyone. We both want to spend time with our family and eat chocolate in the garden. 

Last week: Hello, it's Rosie and Harri.

This week we have been learning about light sources and if they are primary or secondary sources of light. 

The biggest thing we did this week was Gorilla Dawn, our performance with Nercwys school which took place in the Alun. 

We really enjoyed it when Nercwys came to our school for a full rehearsal and had lunch with us. Harri felt fine but Rosie was a little nervous for the show, but excited for the arrival of Nercwys in Nannerch. 

Also this week we looked at instructional writing. We watched a funny video f a man acting like a robot, trying t make a jam sandwich! It went very wrong and taught us to make sure our instructions are clear. 

We then decided to make our own instruction on how to create a paper airplane. We did it on iPads using iMovie. This was great fun and everyone did a fantastic job. 

Mrs John's class: Branwen

This week has been fun albeit tests for Yr 2. I am so proud of them all for being so positive and determined whilst answering some very challenging questions. We only have one more next week. Well done Yr 2. Yr 1 and Reception have made some fantastic rockets using different materials. We followed this up by researching Neil Armstrong on children safe search engines. Pupils found out what he is famous for, how old he was and where he came from. They printed pictures of him and recorded their information. In Maths we continued measuring with string and rulers and finding out distances of the solar system. In Welsh we enjoyed explaining what we were wearing and what colour our clothes were. In P.E we had our games lesson outside. Can I remind parents children need their pumps or trainers for Wednesdays. Nursery loved their P.E lesson and listened very attentively. We played games with beanbags and the parachute. Nursery have painted their names and played in their homemade moon rock. We used the giant spinning top to work together in pairs, pretending to fly off into space.

A space project homework will begin next week, this week spellings and reading only. Have a lovely bank holiday weekend and let’s hope the sun shines!

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