30th November 2018

Notes from the Head:

Pupils are full of excitement and Christmas cheer this week. The classes are all in competition with each other whilst they plan and create stalls at the Christmas Fayre.

In service this week we used our special prayer tree for people we love and know. Children and staff add to this as they wish and we think and pray for our loved ones.

We have been trialing new ways of coming into service on Mondays. Pupils are able to make music suggestions during the week and this music is then played whilst we come into the hall. Pupils are able to sit wherever they like and it’s lovely seeing the older pupils nurture our younger pupils. Services remind me how special our little school is and what a caring family we all are.  

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Mrs John

Acting Headteacher




News from our Classes

Mrs Pierce's Class: Gwydion

This Terms Topic: "Where we live"

We have had a very busy week preparing for the Christmas Fayre. Mrs John sent us a letter, challenging us to make £5 grow! We have all been researching and making different things to sell; leather pouches, willow wands, friendship bracelets, decorations and some children have even written and illustrated a book! We also managed to stretch our money to fill a jar with sweets, so we can ask you to guess how many. Working out any potential profit or losses, and how much would be reasonable to charge for our products was quite tricky too.

We also worked hard in science, investigating the changes we can make to a paper spinner to influence how it falls and in language we finished the first draft of a chapter which we could include into The Wilderness War. 

Miss Roberts Class: Owain

This Terms Topic: "Our World"

This week the blog is by Tom, Osian and Alfie.

This week we made lots of things for the Christmas fair. We researched ideas on the computers and iPads. We were in five groups of two to do our research. When we decided what we wanted to make we had a vote. The Christmas puddings won. We told Miss Roberts what we needed to make them. We each ended up making little Christmas Puddings made out of felt. We had to do a lot of sewing. We all learnt lots of new skills.

We researched some games and found 3 we really liked. Pin the tail on the Rudolf, noughts and crosses, using H and O and a memory game. We have made all the games in our own design.

Maths. We have been looking at divide this week with high numbers up to 100. We had to show Miss Roberts how we all worked out this answer. We had a choice of what we wanted to use, numicon or blocks we then wrote out our maths question out on a white board for Miss Roberts to see. It was important to show how we shared the big number into groups.

Guided Reading: Visualising James and The Giant Peach. We had an A3 sheet of paper with chapter 11 on. We had to highlight unfamiliar words in pink, highlight describing words in green. We had to change the describing words with happy describing words to make James happier. When we had reread it we drew what had happened and made lots of notes.

Our homework this week is to learn our lines for the Christmas service and the Christmas poem!

Mrs John's class: Branwen

A busy week learning our story Oliver’s Milkshake. We had the story taken away from us this week and we performed it using lovely expression and actions. We have started developing our story maps on paper and this process has been challenging. We are trying to remember all the story detail.

In Maths we have continued to use money to add together and subtract when we work our change.

It has been so much fun being Mrs John’s apprentices, our plans, research and designs are flourishing and we are nearly ready for the Christmas Fayre. Before Tuesday we need to work out the cost of our items we are selling and predict how much money we will earn!

Our singing is improving for our Christmas production. Mrs Biddle and Mrs Whitehead have been amazing getting all our costumes ready for us, thank you!

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