30th June 2018

Updated: Jul 1, 2018

Notes from the Head:

Hopefully, the children are making the most of this incredible weather whilst keeping themselves 'sun-safe' too.  Fortunately, we have plenty of shade available on our school field and in Nannerch.  I have enjoyed hearing about the children's dips in paddling pools after school.  

Some of our Year 5 & 6 visited the children in Bryn Deva school on Monday.  We spent a pleasant day touring the school and noting the similarities and differences.  Obviously, the greatest difference was the general hustle and bustle of a large school.  However, the Nannerch children soon realised it was still very like Nannerch, with many similarities.  We are hoping to maintain links and continue to share ideas with our urban friends in Connahs Quay. 

On Tuesday we hosted the Senedd Outreach visit in readiness for the Year 6 trip to Cardiff next week.  It was great to see our friends from Caerwys, Cilcain and Lixwm.  We had a great playtime!

The children throughout Ysgol Nannerch enjoyed the Space Rocket Roadshow this week. Steve taught us so much we didn't know and it was great fun exploring some of the laws of physics.  www.spacerocketroadshow.co.uk

It was a joy to see Revd Daniel in school this week, he visited the Year 5 & 6 to share with them some of their 'spiritual art'.  It was also a great opportunity for the children to get to know more about Revd Daniel's life in America.  The highlight for us all was seeing Revd Daniel on the football pitch.  Very impressive 'pass and move' skills!

I'm looking forward to accompanying the Year 6 to Cardiff next week.  It will be a very long journey though so I'm going to make sure I've packed lots of healthy snacks for the bus and am taking my laptop to catch up with some work.  I'll look forward to sharing photos of the trip on next week's blog.


11th July - Leavers Lunch (Year 6 parents are invited to join us for lunch)

Mrs Downes




News from our Classes

Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion

On Monday six children from the class went to visit Bryn Deva, a very big school. We found they have very much the same things as we do but on a larger scale. One of the things we did like was their year five design their own uniform for the next year, year 6. We are planning a follow up visit in the next term. In school we tried solving maths problems, identifying each step before getting the final answer. In the afternoon we all logged on to explore Hwb. We saved and retrieved a piece of work.

We had a lovely morning with Mrs.Hodby, from the Alun, investigating trajectory with pop rockets. Very messy but great fun. Children from Lixwm, Caerwys and Cilcain joined us for a talk about the Senedd in the afternoon. Year five went outside for lessons.

On Wednesday we had great fun with the Rocket Roadshow. We learnt about spacesuits and launched rockets, they were brilliant.

Another busy day on Thursday. Year 6 went to the Alun for a maths morning and Year 5 played rounders and created characters using the iPad. 

Reverend Daniel came to talk to us. We asked him lots of questions too. He is an amazing footballer, he joined us before home time on the pitch.

The Year 6 have been preparing for the end of term service and had their photo taken today. We played bench ball outside. It was so hot.

Miss Robert’s Class: Owain

Hi Peter and Oscar here!

Last week Oscar asked Miss Roberts if we could do World Cup maths, and we did! We used a calculator because we were using very big numbers! They went into the millions. We had to find the capacity of the different stadiums. 

We got to decorate our DT Space Pencil Case. It was really hot  so we did it outside. it was good because the paint dried so quickly we could do another bit of the design quickly. 

On Wednesday we had a great treat! Mr Blaksley came in and we had a Rocket Roadshow. We learnt all about space suits and we even had enough facts to design our own spacesuit, including all the important bits like pinch points and a water cooling system.

We really enjoyed playing rounders in PE this week. Everyone is getting so good and it's really fun. 

Our stories are coming along well. We have just about finished our own story board. We just need to learn it now so we can perform it to our friends. 

This week we have a new My Maths homework and new spellings. 

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Mrs John's class: Branwen

This week we have finished our presentations and evaluated each other’s. We have enjoyed listening to each other’s projects and finding out what our friends had learned. We all have targets for our next presentation and most of us is to speak with a louder voice and plan on what we are going to say.

We have loved being outside this week, our infant yard is in the shade most of the day so it’s been lovely and cool. We used chalk to write topic words and practice our handwriting. We painted on a giant scale, and whilst doing this collaborated with our friends which was fun!

We helped Sphero paint his very first painting! It was amazing. We tried different coloured paint and directed Sphero through it making a lot of colourful patterns. We are going to do this next week and invite every child in school to paint with Sphero. We can’t wait! Sphero has also been swimming which has been funny directing him up and down ‘water slides’ and pipes.

Nursery enjoyed cooling down with ice-pops after taking part in the rocket workshops! All pupils in school loved the activities and we had a super rocket fun filled afternoon!

Nursery loved exploring in Forest School again this week. It is a real privilege seeing pupils have so much fun working together in mud kitchen and making pies and cakes with elder flowers. Nursery have really enjoyed raking leaves and grass, filling wheelbarrows and working together creating a new compost heap!

Pupils continued to make elder bracelets or key-rings using tools to hollow out the elder. Orla decided to make a whistle which was looking super. We are currently working out how to drill the holes into it safely.

Thank you to Bethan from The Dogs Trust who has spent another morning with us. She brought in a recipe for us to make dog biscuits! It was so much fun and very messy. All of us had to weigh ingredients and use our hands to mix the mixture. There were a few surprised faces! Thanks Bethan our dogs are going to love these treats.

Pupils in Yr 1 and 2 have Mymaths homework this week. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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