2nd March 2019

Notes from the Head:

I have enjoyed our last week of term seeing all of our pupils happy and engaged, Yr 5&6 discussing internet safety and how they can keep themselves safe whilst gaming or on group chats. Yr 3 and 4 creating digital story animations which were fabulous and Foundation Phase aiming arrows onto a bullseye for a numeracy challenge!

Congratulations to Megan who has had her hair cut off for the Little Princess Trust. A very special decision which will make another child smile in difficult circumstances. Megan has also raised over £480 which is incredible! Well done Megan.

Congratulations to Grace who has been coaching gymnastics at an event for disabled children. Another example of excellent community engagement and making others smile!

We welcomed the High Sheriff into our service who talked to our pupils about keeping our country litter free. Lady Hanmer presented our school with a certificate to acknowledge our pupils litter free promise. Congratulations to Albert for being presented with a Highly Commended certificate for his litter free poster!

The hockey tournament was exciting in the sunshine! Our team played with determination and true team spirit! Nannerch drew with 4 teams, won 2 and lost 1 so we are hugely proud of them all!

Thank you Mr Weston for providing all our pupils with some half term chocolate! We have attached the whole school homework to the chocolate so please enjoy both.

Have a lovely half term and we look forward to our Eisteddfod the first week back.


Mrs John

Acting Headteacher



News from our Classes

Mrs Pierce's Class: Gwydion

2019: Our topic for the Spring Term is ‘People of the Past’


Miss Roberts Class: Owain

2019: This term our topic is People of the Past

This week doing the blog is Osian and Rosie.

One of the best things we have done this week, was to create an animation about one the story scenes in ‘Don’t Look in this Book’. We have done 4 animations, the animations are about: The Woodland, Spies, Ninjas and Robots. Mrs John and Mrs Meaden watched the animations, they liked them a lot!

There was a tournament of hockey on Thursday and the people who did not go in year 3 and 4 went next door to Mrs John’s class. We finished off some of our work and created the front cover and blurb for our own story. We also created a word search of the iBeacon app.

Also this week we wrote our we did our stories which we have adapted from the Old Mill. Rosie’s story is now called The Old Theme Park and Osian’s story is called The Old Hospital.

We did lots of problem solving in maths.

It was fun when we did a timeline to show our birthdays with Mrs Pradel. Also with Mrs Pradel we got a skipping rope along the floor, we each had a 3 digit number and then we stood up on the line and had to rearrange ourselves into the right order.

Over half term, our homework is to take a picture of something that reminds us of spring. We also need to keep practicing our Welsh poem to perform the first week back.

Have a lovely half term!


Mrs John's class: Branwen

2019: Topic for this term ‘People of the Past’ ‘Castles’

Our last week before half term has been lovely in the sunshine! Miss Williams bought us a bow and arrow set with a score board! We used it to add and subtract our scores whilst pretending to be Robin Hood and Maid Marion! Our aim needed to be accurate and then our Numeracy Skills needed to be even better! We will continue to use this next term.

We finished our letter writing this week and have all persuaded Robin Hood to give us a job. Our skill sets are important to his job requirements!

We had to solve some problems using our mental maths based around Robin Hood and his merry men. This was tricky but a huge amount of addition and subtraction skills were used.

Nursery loved making ‘Feathery Fours’ and learning what a number 4 looks like and counting sets of 4. Nursery have made the most of the lovely weather and used the bikes outside to pretend to be emergency services.

We found out and researched what a ‘Coat of Arms’ meant and created designs based on our family, friends and hobbies. We then made our own shields with our designs, they look fantastic!

We have a fun homework this week which is to take a photo of something which reminds us of Spring. These photos will be judged in our Eisteddfod competition during the first week back after half term.

Have a lovely half term!


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