2nd February 2019

Notes from the Head:

It has been a lovely return to school this week. I can't thank everyone enough for their kindness during the last 3 weeks and I am looking forward to regaining some normality. 

The snow has been exciting and pupils have enjoyed lunch time playing with their friends making snowmen and snow angels! Pupils have made igloos which looked very cosy. It is a very special time seeing pupils collaborating and creating using so many social and practical skills independently.

Janice and I have been planning some exciting themed lunches for our pupils this term and we are looking forward to a special Mother's Day lunch - watch this space! Janice goes over and above to ensure pupils are enjoying their school dinners and catering for individual and dietary needs. She is always happy to let the pupils try something if they haven't had it before. Janice welcomed my return with a fresh bake of scones for all staff which was so kind. Thank you Janice! 

Hope you all have a happy weekend. 


Mrs John

Acting Headteacher



News from our Classes

Mrs Pierce's Class: Gwydion
2019: Our topic for the Spring Term is ‘People of the Past’

This week we have been busy learning more about area and perimeter and using number skills like long multiplication and division, doubling and halving to help us.

Mr.Wright wrote a letter to Mrs Pierce saying playtimes should be banned! Although we disagree, he did have some good reasons so we are going to plan a reply to persuade him we should have a play time.

We have been learning a welsh poem to recite for St. David's Day and some of us have recorded ourselves to see how we can put in expression, performing the poem instead of just saying it.

We have learnt a lot about our teeth in Guided Reading and Science. 

We are finding out about Prophets in RE and were all given a new name, just like Daniel. 

We are being creative, sewing a dragon and painting Tudor celebrities!

Morgan and Tilly

Miss Roberts Class: Owain

2019: This term our topic is People of the Past

This week’s blog is by Emma and Iris.

We have had a very busy looking at a Pie Corbett story called The Old Mill. We are summarising the story into 7 chunks and learning it. Iris did some research about The Old Mill in Melin-Y-Wern and found is was built in 1805 and it was used to be called Wern Mill. Miss Roberts was very impressed that she found out a new fact!

In swimming this week, we learnt the back stroke, we have to tread water!! It’s a strange feeling and very tiring. Iris tread water for a whole minute. We tried to swim with our faces in the water. When we got back from swimming we visited the mobile library van. We were able to lend a book for 3 weeks. Emma is on page 32 already. Iris borrowed a book about horses and foals, and has read the whole book with her Nanna.

In our science topic we are looking at teeth. We followed instructions on how to create a model of a molar tooth. We learnt what is inside a tooth and the names for the different parts. There is the enamel, pulp, gum, root. We created a KWL grid to show what we already KNOW and what we WANT to learn. Each Science lesson, we add new things on that we have LEARNT.

We have looked at the artist Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ painting. We looked at the shapes and colours, what materials were used and what we thought about the painting. We worked out it was painted in oils. The picture made Iris feel sparkly and Emma felt sleepy.

Thanks for reading!

Mrs John's class: Branwen

2019: Topic for this term ‘People of the Past’ ‘Castles’

This week we have been busy in Maths investigating different shapes to see if they tessellate.  We had an exciting visit from the mobile library and we were able to sit on the bus and choose a book to take home for 3 weeks. We all really enjoyed it and are looking forward to the bus returning for our next visit!

Our new class book is Robin Hood. We have had fun dressing up as Robin and his merry men! We made Robin Hood hats using shapes we had been learning about. In Numeracy we made old fashioned money bags using fabric and string. Inside our money bags we had to count 10 coins and put them inside. We have since used them for counting, adding, subtracting and investigating money. We have begun thinking about the differences between life in a castle and what life is like today.

Yr 2 have been focusing on their letter writing this week and learning what makes a bad letter and a good letter which include all the important features. Pupils have edited their work and this will support their development next week. Reception and Yr 1 have been trying very hard with their phonics, CVC building and words which include ch, sh. Da iawn pawb!

The snow has been fun this week, we built snowmen, lay in the snow making snow angels and found snow crystals. Back in the classroom the snow was just as exiting, we modelled it and painted it in trays. Watching the snow melt was fun, especially the painted snow!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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