29th March


Notes from the Head:

We have been so lucky with the spring weather this week, sunshine in full flow! We held our 2nd Mother’s Day lunch on Wednesday which was wonderful! Mum‘s joined their children for a lovely lunch cooked by Janice. It was followed by a presentation of flowers and a beautiful poem read out by Rowan this week and Sam last week. Thank you everyone for making this celebrations so special. We have one more Mother‘s Day lunch planned in for next Thursday 4th April. Please book a place if you haven’t already.

Yr 5 and 6 have had a super trip to Venue Cymru to watch Terrible Tudors. A great way to consolidate understanding of their topic and it goes without saying - a great deal of fun and even a play on the beach!

We were contacted by Bryn Deva Primary School and were asked if we could share good practice and demonstrate Mini Yoga. It was with great pleasure our pupils showed off their yoga poses and shared with the staff from Bryn Deva the benefits of this initiative. Bryn Deva were also keen on hearing how we were approaching Growth Mindset and the use of our current text ‘You are Awesome’ By Matthew Syed. Bryn Deva have since sent details to us on a Growth Mindset activities book they use. A lovely way of staff and pupil collaboration! Thank you for visiting Bryn Deva!

Next week Yr 6 will travel to Cardiff with myself and our local small schools. We are looking forward to visiting the Senedd and experiencing our Capital city.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Mrs John

Acting Headteacher



This week has been a lot of fun! Mrs John set us on a measuring challenge! Nursery, Reception, Yr1 and 2 were all divided into teams and were given a 30 minute task of building a castle. Teams were given a variety of building materials! The teams then had to measure the height and width of their building masterpieces! A fun collaborative Numeracy task where pupils had to work together to reach their end goal. Da iawn teams!

Pupils were given an independent learning task to do based on their topic and had to use their homework research to support their objective. Their objective was to create a fact file on some information they have found out on castle life. Pupils began using large sheets of card to work creatively, reflecting on their homework and using digital means of finding out extra information. Yr 2 are continuing to develop their fact file digitally. These are already looking great.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Mrs John


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