28th May 2018

Notes from the Head:

This week has been a roller coaster of emotions. It was a very long weekend for our children and parents who were waiting to hear the outcome of the appeals. I am delighted to hear a positive outcome and the Year Six can all now begin to relax and enjoy their transition knowing they have a secure secondary school place.

Well done to all who gave support and helped fight for these children’s rights. I know it has been a very challenging time for our community and am so proud of the dignity and determination displayed by all.

It was great to meet up with pupils from Bryn Deva on Monday. The children from Playground Committee shared some of the work they have been doing and Bryn Deva School Council told us about how their Buddy System is working. It was so good to see the two schools together and Bryn Deva loved our beautiful outdoor environment, making us feel so fortunate to be in such a lovely rural area of ‘outstanding natural beauty’. We will be returning the visit next month and look forward to comparing our schools, sharing ideas and also having time to play together.

Well done to all who played in the rural schools netball tournament held at Trelogan on Wednesday. It was a really fantastic event and the competition was fierce. Everyone played with real sportsmanship and a really close result with Nannerch in 2nd place.

We had a really great day to end the half term on Friday with activities in the church exploring the meaning of ‘Eucharist’ in the morning. Thank you as always to Mr and Mrs Wright and the friends of Nannerch School for supporting this. It was lovely to have Revd Daniel join us and to explain the meaning of ‘the breaking of the bread’.

Later in the afternoon most of the junior children went to the skate park in Deeside for an extra special PE lesson organised by the Playground Committee. Everyone tried really hard to learn new skills and I was impressed by the stamina shown by all the children. It was an opportunity to say goodbye in style to Harri, we hope you will be really happy in your new school…remember to visit us often!

I hope everyone has a good half term. We return for our last half term of the academic year on the 4th June. The year has flown! There are lots of events planned and it looks to be a busy half term.

Mrs Downes


Updates to calendar:

4th June- Nercwys School Council visiting

5th June- Maths activity (Alun)

7th June- PE transition (Alun)

12th June- Theatre Clwyd trip

13th June- Sports day

15th June – PTA Event for parents/staff/community

19th June – girls football event

20th June – Rounders Festival

21st June – Football tournament

25th June Playground Committee to Bryn Deva

27th June – space Workshops

28th June- Foundation phase Dogs Trust workshop

2nd July- Anti Bullying /Inspirational Workshop for KS2

9th July – Yr 5/6 Parliament trip

13th July- Healthy schools Celebration event

13th July PTA Disco for pupils



News from our Classes

Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion

This week we have been very busy. On Monday Bryn Deva came to visit it was great to hear about their school. They loved our school and think we are very lucky to live where we do. We agree but said it’s hard because there aren’t any shops near and not many buses. They thought it was strange to have a post office just once a week in the village hall!

We are all enjoying our Space topic and we are learning lots of facts. We are all getting on with our TASC Wheel homework and some of us have made a good start. We are choosing how we will present it. Lots of people want to make models.

On Wednesday we took part in Share a Pencil Day. It was hard and we got a bit frustrated. It made us think about how much we take for granted. We watched inspirational videos about people who have taken steps to ‘be the change’ and what they have done.

We learnt about how to keep our brain healthy, and we know that our hippocampus needs lots of good food and water and our prefrontal cortex needs lots of exercise and positive thinking. We also learnt that hugs are good for our brain too!

On Friday we went to church in the morning for Croeso Pawb and in the afternoon we had great fun in the skatepark..

Miss Robert’s Class: Owain

Hi Peter and Daniel here.

This is our blog. So this week we have done a LOT of Maths. We’re learning about pictograms. We had to find the frequency before we could do the pictogram by turning tallys into total numbers!

This week we finished our class book: Toad Rage. It was brilliant!

We’ve been doing a lot of mini yoga recently. Mini yoga helps us to relax. It calms us down if we have a tough day. We also created a mandala both on paper and with our bodies.

Lately we have been planning a biography on Tim Peake!

We’re looking forward Friday when we have Croeso Pawb AND the skate park! Have a good half term!

Mrs John's class: Branwen

It has been a busy last week of term. Pupils have begun writing their story ensuring adjectives were added and some alliteration. Pupils were given a task to design and create a game for Astronauts in space. This was a Numeracy challenge and pupils had such a great time planning their games! Pupils spent time making and planning a variety of strategies, ideas, scores and we played each other’s games during the afternoon. It was great fun! In P.E we all went outside to try out our Sports Day races, we were really impressed with Nursery! Bendigedig pawb. We have continued to learn our Judaism topic with Miss Douggie and we are really enjoying learning about different faiths and cultures. Remember pupils to continue your homework project over half term through answering your key question. You will be presenting these to your class after half term so we are looking forward to hearing and seeing your lovely work. Have a lovely half term everyone.

Read about what Branwen are studying

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