27th January 2019

Notes from the Head:

It always feels a bit magical in school when the snow arrives and this week was no different. Luckily, it caused vert little disruption and the children were suitably dressed to play on the field and enjoy the snow while it lasted. 

We've had many visitors into school this week. On Tuesday we welcomed Mrs Downes back in in her role as Education Officer for the dioceses, she was very impressed with how all of the children engaged with the big question, 'What do Christians believe God is like?' 

Mr Brian Bennett came to give a very informative assembly, sharing lots of the wonderful facts he has gathered over the years about Nannerch. I was particularly interested to hear about the old duck pond which was once where the war memorial now stands. 

All of the children looked super smart when they dressed up in aprons and hairnets to become professional sandwich makers in our healthy sandwich workshop from Warburtons. There were some elaborate filling choices! It was great to see all pupils, Nursery to Year 6 practicing some real-life kitchen skills. Everyone had a freebie so I'm sure the children will be able to stop with lunch this weekend! 

Next week the KS2 hockey club begins. This will take place 3-3.45pm on a Wednesday for the next 4 weeks. 

Wishing you all a relaxing weekend! 


Miss Roberts

Acting Deputy Headteacher



News from our Classes

Mrs Pierce's Class: Gwydion

This week in Maths Yr5 learnt about area, they did some tasks  and yr6  watched a power point on area and then did a task sheet which we found easy.

In Language we learnt how to identify persuasive writing techniques and we analysed a paragraph called 'Calling all sleepyheads' and looked at two letters. We then had two minutes to persuade our partner that bringing a snowman in to class would be a good idea!

We went swimming on Tuesday which was great fun. We did some life saving and we did some general strokes.

Brian Bennett came in to tell us about the old Nannerch and his school days. Lots of his family came here.

The yr6s went to the Alun for a tour/look around the classes and the facilities such as maths, science and the canteen which was very unhealthy, we saw a huge jar of cookies.

Mr Goodchild very kindly took us around.

In topic we used a family tree to find information about Tudor times. It was amazing how much you can find out from a small document. 

We have been busy sewing this week and enjoyed our hockey with Dan on Friday afternoon.

by Jack and Callum M.

Miss Roberts Class: Owain

Hello! This week it is Orla and Dan here to share our weekly news. 

The snowy weather caused great excitement. We had great fun playing out in it and we had a challenge to see who could build the biggest snowball. It was a draw!

We built a fact file about Van Gogh. We researched information about him using the iPads. We collected pictures and put all the information on Pic Collage. He was very good at art. He died aged 37. Orla enjoyed doing the Pic Collage the most.

In our maths this week we have been looking at < = > which is more than, less than and the same as. It was great fun we had to work out which were correct at the end. We ticked them if we thought they were right. We have also looked at fractions. We used paper dominos to work out the fraction.

Swimming was good this week we worked on our front crawl stroke. Dan thinks he’s getting faster. Orla really enjoys going swimming.

This week’s language was about the Old Mill story. We listened to a story about the mill. We found new words and made new sentences with the paragraphs from the story.

Mrs Downes came to visit us and talked about “What do Christians believe God is like”? We read The Prodigal Son story. Mrs Downes showed us different pieces of art work and we all had different answers for the art but in the end we all agreed that all the art work represented Joy, Trust, Wisdom, Hope and Love. It was really nice to see Mrs Downes.

We have started reading our class book The Railway children. We have read the first chapter. Dan thinks it is going to be an exciting story, Orla says the very first sentence made her want to read on.

Mr Bennett came to give a talk bout Nannerch in the old days. He came to Nannerch school as a boy as did all his family. He showed us lots of pictures. He told us every village had to have a duck pond in case of a fire.

Warburtons bread came and did a workshop with us about eating healthy and we made our own healthy sandwiches using protein, dairy lots of lovely vegetables and Warburton’s bread. Orla loved her, Dan ate half as he put things on it he wasn’t too keen on.

We have looked at teeth. Using a table, we filled in what we know, what we want to know.

Owain came to see Criw Cymreag to tell us about Welsh Music Day.

Dan came from Aura to do Hockey with us. He showed us which side of the hockey stick to use. The flat side!

Mrs John's class: Branwen

The snow has brought great excitement to our class this week. Mrs Downes came to talk about how important God is to us, the children enjoyed making model churches from cardboard boxes, writing special prayers and creating stain glass windows. This week we have introduced our new topic People of the Past- Robin Hood. The children are very excited, it will link in with our learning about castles and churches.

Year 1 and 2 have been learning how to write a formal letter and have prepared some great pieces of work which will then be typed up and sent to Rev Daniel. Reception children have written a letter to Mr Weston asking him different questions about Nannerch church.

Warburton’s bread came to visit and gave a talk on heathy snacks, the children enjoyed making their own sandwich with Warburton thins to take home with lots of delicious ham cheese chicken and salad ingredients, yum yum! We then sang a lovely pizza song with Mrs Padel.

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