25th November 2018

Notes from the Head:

A lovely week despite the cold dark days! School is lovely at this time of year. Very busy leading up to Christmas with a variety of projects being led in each class.

The School council and committees have been busy planning out their actions for the term ahead. It was a treat visiting Yr5 and 6 in Forest School where tools were being used and marshmallows cooking over a fire. All the pupils were telling me how much they loved their new fire circle seating!

In school we undertake rigorous monitoring and on Tuesday myself and our GwE challenge advisor visited all classes on a Learning Walk where we observed Guided Reading. Each class demonstrated high levels of engagement and challenge. Higher order skills of reading were evident throughout and pupils were keen to share which reading behaviours they were focusing on. It was a real privilege to engage with classes at this level and have excellent feedback from our advisor.

PTA are engaging with us on the next fundraising event and it has been fun seeing the pupils paper cup creations! Each one so original and unique and I am looking forward to seeing them all out on display for sale at the Christmas Fayre.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Mrs John

Acting Headteacher




News from our Classes

Mrs Pierce's Class: Gwydion

This Terms Topic: "Where we live"

We all read chapter 15 of 'The Wilderness War' in Guided Reading this week and used the skill of PEEing, (point, evidence, explain), to make connections between ourselves and some of the characters. We also read aloud 'Anrheg i Aled' with our Talk Partner, finding and using new words and phrases.

We continued with multiplication this week, using the skill of approximating before working on our sums. We have been able to multiply a three or four digit number by a one digit number with regrouping and multiply a three digit number by a two digit number, tricky!

We continued with techniques for our story writing, making exciting starting sentences. We have begun to write our own episode for The Wilderness War.

In science we looked at all the results for germination, put our results on to a graph and looked at good examples of a conclusion and evaluation.

We had a cold morning in Forest School, but enjoyed hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows around the fire. We have all now used the saw to cut pieces for our wooden stars, hopefully to finish over the next few weeks.

Miss Roberts Class: Owain

This Terms Topic: "Our World"

Today doing the blog is by Rosie and Emma. This week we have been reading James and the Giant Peach and we did work on chapter 11, first we highlighted the word that we did not know and then we highlighted the describing words. Then we went into the dictionary and found the words that we did not know and wrote what they meant in our books.  

Then the next day we all learnt about sentence starters, and we wrote 10 sentence starters in our books.  

Also this week we had Mrs John in our class and we learnt all about volcanos and why their name is volcano? The answer was: There was a god Vulcan and he lived in Italy. 

Suddenly this week we got a letter from Mrs John and she gave us £5, and we had to make money for the Christmas fair, also she said we had to make more money than £5. At the start of the letter Mrs John said have you seen The Apprentice? This is what we are doing... it is a bit like The Apprentice. Next day we did our times tables with Numicon.   


Thanks for reading. 

Rosie and Emma

Mrs John's class: Branwen

Pupils had an exciting letter this week  delivered in service. Pupils are now the new apprentices for Mrs John! The challenge has been set to make some money grow. Mrs John has given us £5 to spend and we have decided on some super ideas. Our creations are going to be sold at the Christmas Fayre.

In Maths we continued partitioning and working practically using numbers to a hundred. We have been using money to buy and sell working out change ready for the Christmas Fayre.

In Language we have been developing our oracy skills and speaking confidently and with expression. We have been retelling our story ‘Oliver’s Milkshake’ and next week we will begin recording the story through story mapping.

In P.E our body schooling has been fun, using shapes to support our strength and co-ordination.

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