24th March 2019

Notes from the Head:

It has been another busy week in Ysgol Nannerch! Growth Mind Set is an area of research in our school and we launched it with a day full of fun activities. It is amazing to see in such a short time the positive impact it has had on pupils attitudes to new skills and resilience. This was especially evident in Yr 5 and 6 when they were being put through their Bikeability training! Not only did we see pupils show determination even though they were nervous and very apprehensive, we saw pupils showing kindness and support towards one another. Diolch pawb!

Our Criw Celf are busy keeping an ear out for Welsh language which is being spoken around school! Another part of our school development plan, ensuring the Welsh language is led by our pupils.

We have a busy few weeks approaching before Easter, including parents evening and a residential trip to Cardiff in which I am attending with Yr6. Nercwys are inviting us all to an Easter Bingo on our last day 11th April at 6pm, we will confirm next week the details. Once we return from our Easter break all of our junior pupils will be attending a residential trip to Kingswood with Nercwys pupils.

There will be an Foundation Phase  trip planned for after Easter, information to follow. Thank you for your votes on our federation name. This will be an overarching name of the federation, whilst the school names and logos will remain the same. The 2 proposed federation names are Afonffydd (river of faith) or Nantlwys (amalgamation of steam and church). If you would like to vote there is still time! Pop into the office with your preferred choice or email it in.

Thanks everyone and have a lovely weekend.  

Mrs John

Acting Headteacher



News from our Classes

Mrs Pierce's Class: Gwydion

2019: Our topic for the Spring Term is ‘People of the Past’

This week we started to do some story writing, we enjoyed writing  our own stories. We also did maths this week, we were looking at Negative numbers, with our supply teacher Mrs Orme. it was not a tricky task, thankfully! After lunch we did some Topic,we had to do Tudor maths, we used data from 1563-1565 to produce a pie chart and bar chart. On Wednesday we had a Growth Mindset day where we worked on believing in ourselves and failure is what makes you a bigger person. We had stories and did a variety of activities. In the afternoon we learnt about the brain, we had lots of sweets and created a Neuron out of the sweets, we were so tempted to eat them all! At the end of the week we had bikeability. It was lots of fun and we all learnt lots about the bike and how to handle it, but most importantly how to ride our bikes safely!  We all enjoyed it very much. This week was a lovely calm week and we can't wait for next week when we go to the Theatre to see Terrible Tudors! 

Grace G


Miss Roberts Class: Owain

2019: This term our topic is People of the Past

This week we have changed the way that we write the blog! Normally we do it in pairs, but we are all working together to write it as a class instead. 

One of the things we have done this week is to learn about connectives. Samuel's Top Tip is to use the best connectives you can, some good connectives he knows are, 'although', 'as well as', 'despite' and 'in addition to'.

Despite it not being Mother's Day, we still asked most of our Mum's in for our Mother's Day lunch. We celebrated it early! 

Sam also read a poem in the middle of the lunch to all the Mums! His Top Tip is to keep going and not to be embarrassed, especially when you have an audience! 

Surprisingly Tom loved having lunch with his Mum. The best bit for him was eating half of his Mum's cake! All of the Mums enjoy Jan's food and the loved their flowers. 

The best bit of the week for Dan was a lesson on 'quotes', because he didn't know he could use "" and "" and he did great! 

Emma's favourite bit was creating a bar chart, even though she had some trouble with this iPad. Iris had a Top Tip for Emma. It was to never give up! This is because growth mindset is really important and we have been learning lots about it this week! Iris had to keep going when she accidently deleted her work twice, but when she finished it she was really happy and proud! 

For Orla, she enjoyed making a Venn diagram best. We had to compare our self portrait to Vincent Van Gogh's self portrait. She said that one of the differences was that Van Gogh had a beard and she had a clip in her hair! 

The best bit of the week for Osian was the work on the emergency services in the past. This is because we got to choose what we wanted to do and he chose the police because he had heard lots about them in the past. One fact he found was that they used to use guns like the drum pistol. 

We hope you have enjoyed read our whole class blog! 

Thank you! 🙂


Mrs John's class: Branwen

2019: Topic for this term ‘People of the Past’ ‘Castles’

This week we had our Growth Mindset day where we heard all about how we can keep our brains growing. Making mistakes are good for exercising our brains!

We have continued to learn about time and Mrs John has had us in teams this week answering tricky questions! We loved the competition!

We have also continued sorting into Venn and Carroll diagrams, Yr 2 had to think of their own Carroll diagram which was a challenge!

Nursery have enjoyed the sunshine playing on the bikes and playing hot potato. We impressed Mrs John writing our names and have started our Mothers Day cards with Mrs Daley.

In P.E we were learning different rolls, log, teddy bear, cat and forward roll! This required a lot of skill and concentration. We will be using our rolls into a sequence next week.


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