21st Sept to 27th Oct 2018

Notes from the Head:

21st September: Next week we will be joined by our Mothers Union to celebrate Croeso Pawb, Harvest. Pupils will engage in a wide range of activities and will come to church on Friday 2.30pm where our parents and carers can join us to celebrate this lovely time of year. Could pupils please provide any of the following non-perishable gifts on Friday, such as:


Tinned food




This weeks staff meeting comprised of maths training from our Maths Adviser based on a method developed in Singapore. This approach can be used with all ages of pupils and the ‘bar model’ way of breaking down a problem solving activity was very effective. We are looking forward to receiving more training in order to begin using this approach with pupils. 

Please remember to sign your child up to Mad Science if you would like your child to take part with this extra curricular club. 

27 September: This week I was lucky enough to take 4 pupils to St Mary’s Nercwys who represent our school committees. 

We arrived and joined in straight away with the juniors lesson based on the ‘Rights of a Child’. They showed us this lesson through a method called Mantle of the expert. One of their pupils took on a role as a refugee and he talked about his life. Our pupils joined in with deciding basic human rights and the powerful message of why everyone should be treated equally. 

Later on our pupils delivered Mini Yoga to our Nercwys friends and we had a lot of fun showing breathing techniques, different actions and the reasons and benefits to these. The whole school and all the teachers joined in. We all agreed Mini Yoga helps us calm, be strong and helps us focus. 

Nercwys pupils were very keen to share with us a presentation on a residential trip to Kingswood. They described the outdoor adventurous activities and favourite parts to their trip. They have kindly invited Nannerch pupils to join them on their trip next term. 

Our pupils now will take back all the information for discussion with their friends, teachers and governors. 

This trip was an excellent collaboration activity sharing best practise. Both pupils and staff gained experiences and built upon professional development and friendships. 

5th October: Last week ended with our lovely Croeso Pawb service where our community came together to celebrate harvest. Pupils engaged in some lovely activities linked to Harvest and looking after our world. Thank you for all the Harvest gifts which will go to the food bank. 

I was lucky enough this week to join other Headteachers at a conference where AFL (Assessment for Learning) was a focus and also the new curriculum. It was good to hear techniques which can improve pupils learning through feedback and feedforward. Strategies of which we already use in Nannerch, but ones we now can build on for more effective collaborative learning. 

Thank you to everyone who attended the ASC and PTA meeting on Monday. Pupils and parents were treated to a yummy selection of meals which are from the school menu. Thank you Newydd Catering! 

Pupils enjoyed their film night whilst the meeting went ahead. We have a thriving community and so much support. I enjoyed feeding back on our term so far with our pupils and staff. It has already been so busy! 

ASC have their new committee and have been supported with Mrs Cathy Fowles our secretary on the new booking system. Please get in touch with the office if you have any questions. 

We are looking forward to the year ahead with the PTA’s plans and a big thank you for all your fundraising as it is having a huge impact on our lovely school. 

Don’t forget our ‘Eco service’ on Monday 2.30pm start in the school hall. All welcome. 

12th October: This week started with our Eco Service and thank you to all the parents and grandparents who were able to join us. It was a great opportunity for the pupils in each class to present what they had achieved in their Eco Week and how they had led their own learning. 

At the end of the service pupils took their parents for a walk about to show them the areas inside and outside they have developed. 

This project had shown excellent engagement and motivation from the pupils, collaborative learning and the 4 purposes being at the heart of the process. 

Mad Science ended our week with a fun filled hour! I joined in at the end wearing the special glasses to see the light reflections. There was a lot of excitement! 

Have a lovely weekend everyone. 

19th October: We welcome Mr Marc Owen as Chair onto our Governing body and Vice Chairs Mrs Jo Moore and Mr Kevin Weston. We hope you have all received the Governors Annual Report to Parents via your email. 

The report reflects last academic year 2017-2018. Our Governors work hard ensuring our school is working at its best and continuing to ‘Learn together and Reaching higher’. 

Thank you to Mrs Whitehead for running Chatterbox sessions on Thursday mornings for parents and their children. It is a lovely morning to have a cuppa and chat about school life. The last one for this term is next Thursday 25th October. 

Staff and pupils have had a super term enjoying their topics and working inordinately hard. I am very lucky to work with such a fabulous team and we are looking forward to the Christmas term with you. 

I know our pupils are looking forward to their Pumpkin Party next Thursday evening, an exciting end to a busy half term! 

Thank you once again to our PTA, ASC, Governors and Church community for their continued support. 

25th October: It has been an exciting end to the term with the fun filled pumpkin disco! It was lovely seeing all our pupils having so much fun and thank you to our parents for putting so much effort into it as always. 

It was the last Chatterbox for this term. Thank you to all the children, parents and carers for coming along and to Mrs Whitehead for running this worthwhile morning. We hope you enjoyed it! 

The consultation for federation is now in progress and we hope you can join us for the meeting on 8th November 5.30-6.30pm at school. Change can often be hard, however, our Governors have led this process to strengthen Nannerch’s community and future. We are looking forward to continuing our collaboration with Nercwys primary and strengthening our partnership further. 

It has been a wonderful first term back to school. Thank you all for your continued support and to your children for making Nannerch so special. 

We hope you have a lovely half term. 

Mrs John

Acting Headteacher

UPDATED FOR 2018 - 2019



News from our Classes

Mrs Pierce's Class: Gwydion

This Terms Topic: "Where we live"

21st September: Another busy week. We have started our new class book, The Wilderness War, we have met the main character Noah who has a special wild place where he plays with his friends. We have investigated how instructions are set out and how we sometimes use symbols to make them clear. Mrs Pierce gave us instructions to draw a picture, it was tricky and they didn't all look the same!

We have been using our knowledge of place value in maths to help solve riddles and problems. We got them all right! In Welsh we listened to what some famous people say about being welsh and discussed what was so special about Wales. We made up our own acrostics. We finished the week with Forest School (tying knots) and PE.

27th September: This week we have been looking closely at instructions, how they are written, who they are written for and why we need them. We tried out instructions to play card games, some were not easy to follow but we really enjoyed playing them! In maths we have shown each other how we solve problems in ordered steps, using addition and subtraction strategies and bar models. 

We enjoyed the football session with Laura from Dragon sports. Some children from our committees went to Nercwys school to talk to their school council on Tuesday.

We have started to plan, design and make our main display board in the classroom, based on our book The Wilderness War.

In science, dissecting a flower was fun, we used a magnifying glass to look in detail at the different parts. Some of us got as close as bees and ended up with an orange nose. In Welsh we have used our ICT skills to show how we feel and think about living in Wales.

Friday was a creative day, painting, stories and Croeso Pawb.

5th October: This week we have read some more of The Wilderness War. We had to visualise what Noah was thinking then answer questions on the chapter. We have evaluated our draft instructions, edited them and looked for pictures or drawn them. In maths we have been looking at number patterns, some of us had to predict what the 20th number in the pattern might be and why. We have researched the function of parts of a flower.

We have worked some more on our main display for The Wilderness War and have had a busy morning in the forest school. Some of us made a leather pouch, some have started to make a dangling tree and some of us practised using our knots. By Finlay

19th October: A lot of our work this week has come from our book The Wilderness War. We have taken notes whilst listening to the story, written a pen portrait of one of the characters for our display wall and looked at the text in Guided Reading.

We have looked at how symbols were used in a painting of the baptism of Christ and listened to the story. In science we have researched the life cycle of a flowering plant and are thinking about which comes first, the seed or the flower!

We have looked at 2D shapes this week and chosen our own problem to investigate. In Forest School we have done lots of team building games and maths! We had to work out a solution for the Tower of Hanoi, which we all did. We have worked well in our committees, lots of planning, and enjoyed PE on Friday afternoon.

Miss Roberts Class: Owain

This Terms Topic: "Our World"

21st September: Week three of the year! It has been lovely to get into a routine and start to look at new topic! This term our topic is Our World. Year 3 & 4 are going to be planning what they want to learn about themselves. We have started to think about this and lots of the class would like to learn about the ocean, recycling and fishing.

This week we were introduced to our new class book, James and the Giant Peach. So far we have read chapter one, and unfortunately it seems as though poor James doesn't have a very happy life. We really enjoy Roald Dahl books in Year 3 & 4 but there is often new words! We spent one guided reading session finding out what words like 'ramshackle' and 'desolate' mean.

The first genre we are looking at in Language work is instructional writing. We began by thinking about why and where we would use instructional writing. The children had a go at following instructions too! The read some instructions and then listened to another set of instructions. There was much discussion about which the children found easier! 

In mathematics we are working with number bonds up to 30. We have been using lots of equipment to 'make' number bonds using models and drawing pictures to represent the different ways to make a total, e.g. 12 + 8 = 20 

In Welsh we have been working hard to remember the days of the week. We played matching games and learned a new song. Miss Roberts sang along too and cheered 'hooray!' loudly. 

On Friday we had a blustery PE session. We practical speed skills and team work. The lesson was finished off with a football game with Year 3 - 6. 

Thanks for reading what we have been up to this week in year 3 & 4.

19th October: A lot of our work this week has come from our book The Wilderness War. We have taken notes whilst listening to the story, written a pen portrait of one of the characters for our display wall and looked at the text in Guided Reading.

We have looked at how symbols were used in a painting of the baptism of Christ and listened to the story. In science we have researched the life cycle of a flowering plant and are thinking about which comes first, the seed or the flower!

We have looked at 2D shapes this week and chosen our own problem to investigate. In Forest School we have done lots of team building games and maths! We had to work out a solution for the Tower of Hanoi, which we all did. We have worked well in our committees, lots of planning, and enjoyed PE on Friday afternoon.

Mrs John's class: Branwen

21st September: This week in Cymraeg, Fflic and Fflac came back to our welsh lessons, we started looking at pwy wyt ti describing our faces and talking about who we are. Bendigedig!

We went on a nature walk, collecting Autumn leaves, conkers and acorns. We used our senses to see, touch, and smell the change in season. We thought of some beautiful adjectives to describe what we found! 

We began looking at The Lost Words book, having a look at the pictures and noticing the acrostic poetry. Together we began to write our own acrostic poem. We are looking forward to continuing this next week. 

In Maths we continued to look at our 2 and 5 times tables and also looked at our number formation and number bonds. 

We loved our new planters fixed onto the wall and we are very proud of them. We have started to plant all our wellies and painted pots. They look great!

27th September: This week we continued to look at acrostic poems, we made our own acrostic poem looking at autumnal objects and creating a poem from there, we also did research on our chosen autumnal object!

In maths we continued to look at number bonds to 10 and 20, where we were able to show these practically using counters! We also continued to go over our 2 and 5 times table!  

We started looking at the life cycle of a plant and looking at what a plant needs to grow. We are looking forward to continuing this next week!

In Welsh we played the sut wyt ti game, understanding welsh emotions in class and using them around class!  

In RE, we looked at pollution and animals,  whether it is fair and how we can help. 

In PE we made up our own gruffalo dance, which we loved! We were able to listen to the music and create a dance to match the music! Da iawn pawb! 

In Numeracy we had a problem to solve! The rubbish hadn’t been collected and we had to sort it all out. We classified and sorted the rubbish and then produced tally charts to record our information. Next week we will use this to create block graphs and pictograms. 

5th October: We have been busy this week learning what an even and add number is. Yr 2’s have been using place value and 100 number squares to find where numbers sit between 0 and 100. This was tricky but fun! We have also been practising our number formation. 

In Language we have read Oliver’s Milkshake and have planned our own milkshake we are going to make next week. We are thinking of lovely describing words using our senses. Oliver’s milkshake was ‘yummy, scrummy, fruity, icy, nicy, tip-top tasty, dreamy, creamy! We are looking forward to ours next week!

We have painted and created using the Lost Words Book and picked herbs to bundle together. Wrapped into the bundle we have created the name of our poem using magazines and newspapers. We tweeted our work to the authors of this beautiful book and they loved it! We had a super reply from Robert Macfarlane and we were all very excited! 

12th October: What excitement this week when we made our yummy, scrummy, frothy, fruity, icy, nicy, tip, top, tasty, dreamy creamy milkshake! 

We enjoyed chopping and peeling our fruit. We added ice and milk and put it in a blender. Everyone’s looked a different colour and the blender whizzed so loud! We described how they looked, smelt, tasted, felt and sounded! We discovered some super vocabulary and typed this up a computer programme called 2publish. We drew our milkshakes on the computer too!

In Maths we went outdoors to make leaf strings. Reception had to thread 10 leaves, Yr 1 up to 20 and Yr 2 up to 30. Pupils had to work with a partner and group their leaves into 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. We noticed the colours of the leaves and made repeating patterns. 

Cymraeg was fun, we sang a new song to help us remember our feelings in Welsh! Then we made puppets which described how we were feeling that day, bendigedig, hapus, ofnadwy and sal. 

Forest School was great, the juniors had left their dens so we could hide and shelter from the rain. We made leaf necklaces and began learning to tie sticks together with string. 

19th October: This week we wrote our poems about our smoothies. We used describing words and some alliteration. Da iawn pawb! In Maths we were doubling and halving practically which was fun using Numicon and Rods. 

Nursery have been matching numbers to 5 and ordering them using giant foam numbers. 

Pupils have worked really hard on their speed sounds this term, Nursery and Reception knowing which are stretchy and bouncy sounds and Yr 1 and 2 blending more complex sounds ‘ch, sh, th, qu, nk, ng’. 

We have used the lovely text ‘Leaf Man’ this week to create Autumn sculptures outside and we have begun making our Christmas Cards for PTA to sell! 

P.E was active with Numeracy as a focus. Pupils worked collaboratively to steal treasure from the pirates chest not knowing how much the different coloured treasure was worth! We ended PE with listening games and ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’ in Welsh. Bendigedig!

Forest School was fantastic with clear skies and Autumn sunshine. Lilly had a giggle when a leaf blew down from a tree and landed in her drink! We made hedgehogs and continued to learn how to tie a know using sticks and string. 

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