20th May 2018

Notes from the Head:

Good to see the sunshine this week, and it made our very celebration Royal Wedding school lunch even more special.  So many thanks to our fabulous Good Food Gang for all their hard work organising this event.  A huge thank you to Rob and his team at NEWydd our school meals service for supporting the children.  It was lovely to have a 'Hydration Station' and so beautifully stocked with a wonderful array of fresh fruit.  We will all be trying out our own flavoured waters from now on!

The Good Food Gang have also begun to paint their design on the canteen wall.  It's looking great, we have some very multi talented young people in Nannerch.  The School Council committees have also been busy with designing a 'new look' for the girls toilets and the Play Ground Committee are well on the way to ensuring we have the Play makers Bronze Award.  The Play Ground Committee are looking forward to welcoming pupil;s from Bryn Deva next week to share ideas. 

This week was our moderation with our local consortia, these are schools which all feed the Alun and as such share the statutory transition planning.  As a group of schools we meet to ensure the standards of work are consistent across the schools.  This is a rigorous process which ensures accountability of our teacher assessments.  We were very pleased that our Nannerch pupils work continues to be of a very high level and our range and coverage is broad and well balanced. 

We have another busy week next week on Friday the children will be finding out about the meaning of the Eucharist and and the juniors are looking forward to their visit to Deeside Skatepark on Friday afternoon

Mrs Downes


News from our Classes

Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion
  • Monday: In Maths we are looking at prime and composite numbers. In language we did biographies on an astronaut of our choice, we really enjoy doing this.

  • Tuesday: In Welsh Year 5 did Wncle Em and Year 6 made videos in Welsh, we also wrote scripts. In the afternoon we did some art. We had to draw a picture based on the question, ‘what difference would it make to believe the universe is a creative project of a good God, instead of just happening on its own?’

  • Wednesday: In language we wrote our biographies again most of us finished :). In Maths we did temperature and fractions, it was quite hard but fun to do :).

  • Thursday: On Thursday we did committees and finished off our art pictures they all look beautiful. We gave special titles for our paintings.

  • Friday: for the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle we dressed up as wedding guests. We had circle time and played ‘hunted and huntsmen’. Then we had a lovely dinner thanks to Scott and Good Food Gang. Later we did story writing.

Names we called our paintings:

Jasmin: Eye of the World

Jack: Time Changer

Markel: The Land

Megan J: Cat

Morgan: Peace Love and Joy

Evelyn: Flower Spirit

Callum R-J: Holy Spirit

Grace W: Landscape

Simon: Explosion of Colours

Seren: H.E.L.P.

Evie: Time

Georgia: Alice

Martha: The Creation

Ewan: The Creation

Callum M: Earth’s  Creation 

This weeks blog was by Grace Gomm and Jasmin Clough.

Miss Robert’s Class: Owain

It’s Osian and Tilly writing the blog this week! It has been a very fun Friday!

  • Today we celebrated the Royal Wedding. We had a fantastic lunch party outside in the sun and the Good Food Gang gave everyone a water bottle filled with fruit. We are so happy that we get to keep the bottle! The water was delicious, especially if you shook it first! Today we took part in a Royal Wedding and Not So Royal Wedding Quiz. Did you know that one Prince Harry ran away from an interview to chase an ice cream van!?

  • We have done lots of other things this week too. In Science we did a shadow investigation outside. We found that our shadow got shorter throughout the morning. The shadows were facing West at 10am, because the sun was on the East.

  • In Language we learnt about biographies. A biography is some writing about someone else. We looked at different biographies and looked at all the features. We are researching things about Tim Peake to write a biography all about him.

  • In Maths we learnt a new song by singing all about 3D shapes. We found how many edges, vertices and faces each shape had. We also got to choose how we wanted to sort the shapes, we both made a Venn diagram. After we learnt about congruent shapes, which is a shape that is the same as another shape but turned a different way or reflecting.

  • We do not have new spellings this week as we are going to the skate park next Friday (please return your slips!). We do have a NEW BIG HOMEWORK PROJECT to begin, all about SPACE.

Have a lovely weekend.  

Mrs John's class: Branwen

  • Pupils have enjoyed becoming authors this week. We have all made our own story boards, creating 2 characters and a setting in space. Pupils have created their ideas and now planned it ready for writing the beginning next week.

  • In Maths we have continued to identify 3D shapes and their properties. Yr 2 have been learning what a right angle is and now know what 90 degrees is!

  • We all had an introduction to Sphero and our digital leaders were a fantastic help showing their friends how Sphero works. Well done! Pupils who have attended coding club have become confident in basic coding and we are looking forward to our last coding club course after half term!

  • We have enjoyed the fresh air on the bikes and playing space games in P.E to support our passing and control with a football. Nursery also played space games enjoying listening to instructions to go on a space mission.

  • The Royal Wedding celebration was wonderful, Scott made a delicious feast and school council had worked so hard on the rehydration station! Good Food Gang has provided us all with a fruit flavoured water, made by themselves and our new bottles are amazing!

  • We really enjoyed celebrating Simon and Georgia’s exciting news, Simon has been selected to be Young Commissioner for Welsh Government, he will be in this post for 2 years! We are very proud of him and we all ate cake to celebrate!

  • Georgia has been invited to attend workshops for the commission during the summer which is such an honour. Well done both of you!

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