19th January 2019

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Notes from the Head:

It has been another busy week in school. On Tuesday, all of key stage 2 headed over to Holywell to go swimming. All children swam very well and I was very impressed with the standard of swimming. There must have been lots of practising!

Wednesday was real highlight for me. Our iBeacon event was a great success! Thank you to everyone who came and shared, supported or spread the word! Both scanners copied over 50 photos or articles each. The children were busy interviewing the public. The wealth of knowledge about our village is quite amazing and it is lovely to share that with children. They used a variety of skills; recording interviews electronically, noting down responses and sharing what they have learnt so far. The amount of information gathered in 2 weeks is fantastic! I hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse of what we have already achieved towards the digital trail. The Year 5 & 6 have content uploaded onto the app, Year 3 & 4 are working on their Q&A about the Old Mill and the railway and the Foundation Phase has some super facts and drawings of the church. 

A special thank you must go out to Jo, Lorna, Jonny and everyone else who volunteered and are supporting us in our iBeacon challenge. 

Next week the whole school is taking part in a healthy food workshop with Warburton's bread. I am certainly looking forward to tasting some samples! A letter and form has been sent home today. Please complete the form about food allergies and return it to school on Monday morning. 

Have a lovely weekend! 

Miss Roberts

Acting Deputy Headteacher



News from our Classes

Mrs Pierce's Class: Gwydion
This week in Welsh we worked a lot on our profiles. First we answered questions on Jack then we wrote questions in welsh to ask each other. After that we wrote the first draft of our own profile. We have been reading a poem which we will be learning for homework. We recorded each other saying it, that was funny.

Maths has been symmetry and co-ordinates. We have cut out shapes, moved them round on grid paper and written the new co-ordinates then predicted where a point will be if we turn it again. We have also played with symmetry and shape puzzles, they were great fun.

In Science our new topic is going to be teeth! We know a little about keeping our teeth healthy. We watched a short film and talked about different types of teeth.

PC Mark came to talk to us about cyber bullying on Thursday morning. In the afternoon we started to plan our new topic - Tudor Times. We had a funny puzzle to complete that was a picture of a plague doctor, he was quite scary. We have decided on 7 questions, including I'm a celebrity get me out of here!

Megan and Peter

Miss Roberts Class: Owain

Hi! This week doing the blog is Sam and Rosie.

On Monday we started our spellings again, they have got harder. Also this week we have started swimming in Holywell. After everyone had a swim we were sorted into groups. This year there are only 2 waves which is great! The water was very cold when you first got in but it got warmer as we stayed in. The deep end group did front crawl. 

Also this week we performed our story board, it was recorded onto Seesaw and then our class mates colour coded how well we perfomed it. We were all very exited when PC Mark came in, he taught us how to be safe online by showing us a video. Then we did a task on passwords. A top tip to make sure your password is good enough is it has 8 characters and lower case and capitals and numbers.  Also this week we looked at The Railway Children book. The first version we looked at was the original by E. Nesbit. We thought it was too long so we got a Ladybird version. We then compared the two. 

The same day we looked at artist's work from the 1800s. We chose our favourite one, our favourite one was Vincent Van Gogh, our second favourite was Salvodor Dali. Then as Vincent was our favourite we did a fact file on him. We found out his age, full name and his date of birth. We also found out he chopped of his ear. Also this week we watched some of Pod Antur Season 2. We were so so exited for the iBeacon event, on our stalls we had a jigsaw of the railway and The Old Mill. We asked people questions about the railway and The Old Mill. Also we had a table which displayed our information and Year 5 and 6 did interviews. 

On Friday it was snowy so didn't play hockey. Instead we played lots of team building games in the hall. One of them was to try and get 1 person in your team to hold as many tennis balls as possible. The winning team had 65 balls!

This week we have Maths of the Day homework.    

Mrs John's class: Branwen

This week we have been busy writing up all the information we have found out about Nannerch church. We have been embossing and have made copper designs that are from Nannerch church. We have made a lovely display in the classroom. The children have been building and measuring castles and have enjoyed reading inside our role play church. 

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