18th November 2018

Notes from the Head:

This week has been lovely with visits from Mrs Downes and Scott! Mrs Downes came to see us in her official new role as Education Officer for the Diocese. Mrs Downes chatted to the pupils and staff, had lunch with us and spoke to the school council. She loved the work which we have been involved in this term.

Scott was a lovely surprise for our pupils and he went out to play football at lunch time with them! Thank you Scott!

I would love to welcome Janice our new school chef! Janice has been working for Flintshire schools for over 15 years and already is very much loved here in Nannerch. She has produced a super school lunch photo board so our younger pupils can see what it is they are choosing. A lovely themed day today with Pudsey at the heart of our lunch was enjoyed by all! We hope you will be very happy with us in Nannerch Janice!

On Thursday we held a community evening to provide information on our North East Wales iBeacon project. We are the first school to lead this project so we are very excited! Pupils will be creating a virtual digital trail around Nannerch choosing 10 different interest points. They will be creating the information in a variety of digital formats for people to enjoy. The next event is on the 16th January 2pm-6pm where people are invited to come along and bring any artefacts, photos, information to the pupils to be scanned and recorded.

Pupils will be asking to interview people for audio clips. Pupils have a lot of research to do and find interesting information. The pupils information, fact-files, designs, songs, audios and photos will be put together using an app builder. This is a wonderful opportunity which brings generations together and supports our pupils in leading their own learning.  Very exciting!

The end of our week was a fun filled afternoon raising money for Children In Need. Pupils dressed in their pyjamas or spots and entered into a talent show. It was wonderful seeing talents we had never seen before! Miss Roberts and I were amazed. Huge thank you children for making such an effort and to parents for supporting this worthy cause.

Photos have been sent home this week, if you wish to purchase please send your orders in by Friday 23rd November, thank you.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Mrs John

Acting Headteacher




News from our Classes

Mrs Pierce's Class: Gwydion

This Terms Topic: "Where we live"

We started this week remembering all who have been injured or died in war. We read "In Flanders Fields" and discussed the words and imagery used and how they made us feel. We heard the story about Naaman, from the Old Testament, and how he was cured of leprosy by his faith in bathing in the River Jordan. We have continued to use our skills of multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 to solve problems and needed to work out the answer to coded problems, finding different fund raising keywords. In science our focus was seed dispersal, the many different ways a seed can travel. We were able to handle a lot of different types of seed, a few children also put some seeds in a pot to germinate, we'll see!

Our topic questions are all different this term, we chose our own, so we are busy at the gathering stage of our TASC wheel, with us doing lots of research. Continuing our theme of where we live, we read about Abermawr in welsh and we all wrote a paragraph (in welsh) about Nannerch.

Friday was an exciting day, learning about Crew Cymraeg, making posters and being entertained by all the children in the Talent Show, well done to everyone who took part.

Miss Roberts Class: Owain

This Terms Topic: "Our World"

This week in Year 3&4 we have been working on letter writing. We began the week doing a COLD WRITE letter. This is where we have a go at a new genre without learning new skills or features. All of the children have decided to write to their Mum or their Dad.

Following our COLD WRITE we looked at many different examples of letters. The children organised them into great letters, okay letters and poor letters. They then came up with a list of features which all good letters should have.

In Maths we have been multiplying numbers by 10 and 100. Year 3 & 4 came up with a list of Top Tips to remember when doing X10 and X100.

This week is anti-bullying week. The children all did activities about being kind to each other and how each and every one of us has our own talents.

In Guided Reading this week we each read our own Welsh book. Then we created a short story board to show the main parts of what we have read.

On Thursday evening we hosted a fantastic evening to share our iBeacon project. All of the children are very excited to learn and share lots of information about our fantastic village.

Friday was Children in Need day.  It was a fun filled day. The Talent Show was a particular highlight with many fantastic performances!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Miss Roberts :)

Mrs John's class: Branwen

We have been super stars learning our Christmas songs and beginning to read our parts!

In language we have written instructions, ‘How to make a fruity milkshake’. The previous week was tricky as we had to think about the success criteria and write unaided, this was our ‘cold write’. By the time we edited our work and were shown how instructions include time connectives and bossy words, we were able to write a really good piece of instructions and this was our ‘hot write’.

In Maths we were set a challenge, how much did our soup cost? This was our yummy soup we made last week! Pupils had to work in their Talking Partners to find out how much vegetables cost and then set to work! Some of us had to work out how much 2 portions of soup cost. There were a few hidden problems too, there were no potatoes on the price list! Da iawn pawb, it was tricky!

We had 2 lovely surprises this week, both Mrs Downes and Scott came to visit. It was lovely chatting and catching up!

The end of our week was great fun, raising money for Children In Need. We had a super talent show and enjoyed watching and taking part. We ate yummy cakes which we had already decorated and they were delicious!

Have a lovely weekend.  

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