17th February 2019

Notes from the Head:

I have really enjoyed seeing the sunshine this week! Pupils looked so happy playing outside. Nursery have had a lovely time on the bikes and trikes!

Thank you for joining us in Church for Croeso Pawb. The juniors did a sterling job acting out the Good Samaritan and thank you to Reverend Daniel and Mr and Mrs Wright for leading the service. School and Church links are so important to us and we thank Mothers Union too for all their support.

As part of our termly monitoring I was observing Yr3 and 4 who were engaged in a lesson based on the philosophy  from Mantle of the Expert. This is where a ‘hook’, stimulus is provided with an outcome to encourage pupil centred learning. Pupils had received a golden box and inside were clues and a book protected by a chain and lock. Pupils had to work our codes to unlock the book! The book was full of creativity and imagination for the pupils to build on. They were given tasks to create a part of the book and act it out using puppets. I really enjoyed seeing their engagement and excitement! Assessment for Learning strategies were built in through the lesson ensuring pupils were taking their learning forwards and continually assessing their own learning.

Our yearly PTA Valentines disco was a huge hit this year after our school council invited their friends from St Mary’s Primary, Nercwys to join them! It was a special evening watching the 2 schools join together and having so much fun. Thank you PTA for their continuing hard work and everyone for supporting this event!

Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs John

Acting Headteacher



News from our Classes

Mrs Pierce's Class: Gwydion

2019: Our topic for the Spring Term is ‘People of the Past’

This week in maths we looked at  the volume of shapes  and how much liquid we could fit in a shape using a container. We used centimetre cubes to make shapes of given volume and estimated volume. Lots of estimating and practical work. Some of us then used a formula to work out the volume of shapes. Different shape containers were tricky to estimate. 

We planned  and started our second teeth experiment. We got 4 pots and put either orange or blackcurrant juice in one, fanta or milk in another, Pepsi in one and water in another. We are going to take it out before the weekend. It will be good to see what the egg shells look like and what effect the drinks have on our teeth, especially if we don't clean them!

This week in welsh we wrote profiles of famous Tudor people by using the Top Trump cards from our homework. 

In language this week we finished our letters writing to Mr. Wright because he wanted to ban play times. We have been swimming as well and we talked about the sort of person  Daniel was and thought about our own personality and what we would stand up for. 

Jo and Lorna came in again, this time they helped us record children from the foundation phase talking about the church. We can edit them and add their voices to the iBeacon app.

On Friday we tried  to beat our welsh loop card record and we worked hard when Mrs Pierce challenged us to estimate the volume of the class room.

by Grace W and Morgan


Miss Roberts Class: Owain

2019: This term our topic is People of the Past

This week the blog is by Tom and Emma.

We made a Year 3 and 4 story this week called the Haunted Hills. We created a story board and then wrote the whole story out. It was cool and fun. Miss Roberts was very impressed that we were using paragraphs and wow words. Mrs John gave out house points too.

We had our second to last swimming on Tuesday too.

On Wednesday we had Creoso Pawb. We did a play about the Good Samaritan, it was fun. It was really good to see our friends acting, they did so good.

We also had a Valentine’s disco with Nercwys. It was really exciting and we thought it was great that they came.

On Thursday we found a golden box on Miss Roberts’ chair. We opened the box and there was a book inside with a padlock on it. We managed to crack the code to look in the book. The book was called ‘Don’t Look in this Book’ and it had 12 unfinished stories in it. We have been working in small groups to bring the stories to life. Next week we are going to be creating an animation. I think you will all love it!

Our homework is to continue to learn our Welsh poems. We must also bring in our library books on Tuesday so they can be returned.

Thanks for reading, Tom and Emma


Mrs John's class: Branwen

2019: Topic for this term ‘People of the Past’ ‘Castles’

With our Eisteddfod approaching we began learning our welsh Poem and used role play and puppets to ask each other, ‘Ble wyt in byw?

This week has been focused around friendship and compassion. Croeso Pawb was a productive afternoon watching the juniors perform The Good Samaritan followed by creating hearts from beads, hats of love and valentines cards. We all enjoyed Church celebrating ‘love’.

We learnt a new song this week about Fred our friend. He is orange with a long green nose. Before we saw a picture of him we sang the song and had to visualise him. We performed the song in service and Mrs Padel played her guitar. We told everyone in service that it doesn’t matter what people look like, we are all different and we should be kind and friendly to everyone.

We were very excited when we received a letter from Robin Hood! He has asked us to apply to be one of his merry men! We needed to write a letter and explain which skills we could bring to his gang!

We completed a comprehension in  guided reading about Robin Hood answering some tricky questions.

We are in the middle of designing and creating treehouses for Robin Hood. These look amazing! Da iawn pawb!


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