15th September 2018

Notes from the Head:

This week has to be full of thanks! Our eco project has been such a success and that is down to our whole school community getting involved in some way.

I am so proud of our pupils and staff, they have given their utmost to ensure a fun and productive week and making our school a lovely place to be.

Each day something new has developed and pupils have smiled all week.

We have a few more plans continuing over the weekend and early next week. Pupils have outlined areas for future development and we have decided that we can plan that in for the spring after some fundraising.

Next week we will be back in our school uniform. Pupils and staff will be evaluating their project and looking to see how we have engaged with the 4 purposes of the new curriculum.

Once again, thank you!

Have a super weekend everyone.  

Mrs John

Acting Headteacher

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News from our Classes

Mrs Pierce's Class: Gwydion

We have had a very busy week ! We had decided to smarten up the benches area.

We started with washing and sanding the diamond den, the benches and the bird hide. Some of us got really wet! We started digging over the vegetable  beds and the planters and weeded in the diamond den.  We cleaned all the green bits off the shed, it looked much better, ready  to paint brown. It looks great now. We painted and sponged the bird hide in camouflage colours, it really blends in. Having painted the boards by the benches white ready for us to paint on our designs, some of the boys painted two of them with blackboard paint. We have made wind chimes, 2 wooden ones and a colourful bead one which are now hanging outside. The year 6 boys researched the birds we might see around school and printed pictures to put in the bird hide. Now we have planted as well it looks much better outside for us to enjoy.

We still have a few little jobs to finish which we look forward to doing soon. We want to thank all the Mums and Dads for helping us too.

by Megan

Miss Roberts Class: Owain


What a week! I am so impressed with the children's work ethic, enthusiasm and attention to detail. Their vision is (very nearly!) complete! Our outside area is now a bright and a lovely space to use as an extension of our classroom. 

The children have been very busy. 

Their first task was to tidy up the area we had. They have painted and decorated old tin cans, which later has flowers planted. We have made windmills out of old plastic bottles. We have decorated pebbles, creating sets of multi-coloured ladybirds and bees, planted and decorated old tyres (which will become our new seats) and made pom-poms as additional decorations.  

We have spoken to Mr John who has very kindly offered to make our pallet sofa! We are really looking forward to seeing it! 

All of these tasks were part of our plan. There has been one change though! The children decided that the wall looked "dull and boring!" So we have added a bright painted picture of a tree and flowers. I must say, it was a great idea.

Back to routine next week! I am looking forward to getting back into routine, whilst continuing to use the children's ideas to continue to develop our outside area. 

Well done Year 3 and 4!

Mrs John's class: Branwen

What fun this week has been! We loved Eco week where we put our plans into action. We began finding suitable pallets and sanding them ready to paint. We chose stripy designs which we had researched last week.

Mrs Whitehead had made Nursery a fantastic planter for the front of the school and they had lots of fun playing in the compost before planting some heathers! Thank you Nursery!

We made planters using old cans which we decorated and we will plant them next week. We all designed pebbles which some have gone in planters to decorate and some will be used for playing games and sorting.

Mrs John read us a book called Only One You by Linda Kranz and it was about little fish going into the wide ocean with wisdom and courage knowing there is only one you. We painted little fish onto pebbles which we are going to use for service.

During the week we made a giant tree out of recycled plastic. On Thursday Mrs John talked to us about plastic and it’s pollution. We decided we had turned something horrible into something beautiful! We were shocked to find out that plastic is going into our oceans and hurting sea life. We all decided on our own plastic eco promise and continued to reuse our plastic bottle lids for art work outside on the playground.

In Maths with Miss Douggie we were continuing learning our times tables and addition facts. Reception have enjoyed using Numicon to identify different values of numbers.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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