15th March 2019

Notes from the Head:

It has been a pleasure to welcome both pupils leading our service this week and Mr Halsall and Mr Cook visiting our service. Mr Halsall was so impressed with the pupils attitude and work ethic towards the historical iBeacon digital trail project, he has donated a beautiful painting of the station in Nannerch before it closed. Mr Jeff Cook also joined us to photograph the presentation and his fabulous remembrance photo album book was also presented to our pupils by Mr Halsall. Our whole school is very touched by such kindness. The painting and photo book will be treasured and enjoyed by the whole school community for many years to come.

Thank you to Magnus and Rowan for performing a puppet show in service about friendships. This was a lovely surprise!

I am enjoying reading ‘You are Awesome’ by Matthew Syed which is opening up discussions around growth mindset and self belief. This is a current priority in our school which is supporting pupils in their attitude to making mistakes, working hard and making our brains grow without the fear of failure!

Callum finished off our service with a prayer which he had read in the family Church Service. Diolch!

A working party from Nercwys and Nannerch came together to create a federation name. This was very productive and it was researched that both Nannerch and Nercwys mean ‘dappled stream’. With this in mind 2 names were proposed, Afonffydd (river of faith) and Nantlwys (amalgamation of stream and church which encompasses both school names). We would like the whole school community to vote so if you have a preference please let us know!  

Mrs John

Acting Headteacher



News from our Classes

Mrs Pierce's Class: Gwydion

2019: Our topic for the Spring Term is ‘People of the Past’


On Monday we started learning more about fractions, we very much enjoyed these tasks about fractions. We had many work sheets on this topic some were easy and some were quite difficult! 


On Tuesday in language we focused on Direct speech, we started off by writing sentences and added the right punctuation. we also learnt that Direct speech means words spoken. We all loved that task. We also filmed our teeth animations, that was lots of fun too!


On Wednesday we thought about all the work we've done on teeth and decided to put it in to a poem. We read some funny poems and listened to some silly songs about brushing our teeth before writing our own. Since we are still on our topic of Tudors we did some puzzles, we started off by finding knights titles. We had four clues so we used the clues to find the answers, most of us started thinking it was quite tricky! Next we moved onto some problem solving of hunting in the Tudor times, that was quite simple using our maths times tables.


On Thursday we did some more fractions, this time we had our Abacus books, we had to divide our fractions to our numbers and then times the  answer  to find the final answer, its was easy once we got the hang of it. After break time we then started some more puzzles in topic, these ones were very hard! This time we had Seven clues which were not so clear as the last on! But it got all of our brains working for sure. In the afternoon we had a very special and important assembly with Miss Roberts. we had to decide what our name would be for our two schools Nannerch and Nercwys since we will be working together a lot more, we had only two options, they were Afonfydd, which means river of faith in Welsh or Nantlwys which means river church in welsh, then we voted for which one we wanted at the end of Assembly.



On Friday we did even more work on fractions, it was quite tricky but we managed! We completed our poems and then worked in our committees.

Grace G and Ollie


Miss Roberts Class: Owain

2019: This term our topic is People of the Past

This week Year 3 and 4 have been busy starting to learn out a new genre of writing: newspaper report. We have been looking at different articles find the main features. We decided that they are: Headlines, paragraphs, photos and captions, 5Ws, connectives and quotes. We are looking forward to creating our own news reports!

 In Mathematics we have been practicing measuring distances. Year 3 and 4 have been measuring to the nearest millimeter. The have been predicting the length of classroom items before measuring accurately and recording the results in a table.

One of our big projects this week has been on self-portraits. At the beginning of the week we each took a photograph. The photographs were printed on A4 and the children used their numeracy skills to help them to draw a self-portrait. This included using measure, shape and symmetry! The results were amazing! Following this we used the measurements we had taken to create a car chart using J2data on HwB. The children we able to answer lots of questions about the data they had collected, and several children challenged themselves to

find the mean length of Year 3 and 4’s face! Fantastic work!!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Miss R 🙂


Mrs John's class: Branwen

2019: Topic for this term ‘People of the Past’ ‘Castles’

This week we continued learning about time, using the analogue clock. We also learnt the days of the week and months of the year through song!

We have continued to use non standard and standard measures and Yr 2 have had to estimate lengths of classroom objects.

We began looking at the good Samaritan and what makes a good friend. This is important to us when we are thinking of being a good friend and following our school values.

In Welsh we used fflic and Fflac to learn foods and what we would put in our basket. Da iawn!

In language we began to write our instructions, ‘how to make welsh cakes’. Instructional writing is our current genre which we are developing and learning important success criteria in order to improve our writing.

In PE we practiced some partner work safely and we created a simple gymnastic routine. In guided reading we all used the higher order reading skills, visualisation and questioning. We enjoyed reading texts and answering questions in a variety of formats and picturing a text which was read out to us!

We were very excited on Thursday when Reverend Daniel came to visit our class! We wrote him a letter and asked him a lot of questions so he decided to visit and answer our questions in person. We loved listening to Reverend Daniel about St Michael’s church and his favourite gravestone and the meaning of angel! He even shared with us what his favourite treat is at Easter! We thanked him for coming to see us and hopes he can come again soon.

Miss Douggie and Mrs John


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