12th May 2018

Notes from the Head:

Today has been very quiet in school with most of the children at the Spaceport.  However I took the opportunity to catch up with our younger children.  I can’t believe how quickly the youngest in our school community are growing and learning new skills. I really enjoyed having a few moments away from the office to sing nursery rhymes with them.

Next weekend is the royal wedding and in true British style we thought it would be a great opportunity to dress up and have a special lunch-time party.  Scott our cook is keen to have a street party style lunch and so we are hoping that all our children will chose to have school lunch next Friday.  

We are suggesting the children come into school dressed for the occasion, this can be as a guest, a bride or groom, maybe mother of the bride or photographer.  Alternatively the children may wish to come as part of the royal household, a royal guard or police.  I look forward to seeing our very own ‘royal wedding’ next Friday and let’s hope the sun shines.

The Good Food Gang have been very busy and have begun to draw up the winning design for the canteen, on the walls.  The GFG have also planned a lovely treat for all the children with help from the catering department at NEWydd.  The GFG will be running a ‘hydration station’ where they will offer each child a drink of water infused with fresh fruit.

A few weeks ago our many of our Year 6 applied to the Children’s Commissioner of Wales for a place on the advisory panel.  This proactive group help to bring the ‘voice’ of young people from across Wales to the Welsh Government.  We are immensely proud of all our children in Nannerch and every one of them has their own unique gift to give to the world.  We were delighted to hear that the applications of our Nannerch Year 6 were very well received and that Simon has been elected as one of just 17 young people to sit on the panel representing young people across the whole of Wales.  We are also absolutely delighted that Georgia has also been invited to attend workshops to help bring the voice of our young people to the Welsh Government.

Have a lovely weekend and let’s hope we have some more of last weekend’s wonderful sunshine.

Mrs Downes


News from our Classes

Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion

It was a short week this week with a lovely sunny day off for the bank holiday on Monday and our trip to Spaceport on Friday.  The Spaceport was great fun with lots to see and to do.  We did things like found the weight of different planets and tested gravitation.  We all loved the simulator roller coaster ride through space.  We fired rockets and watched the planetarium show.  We loved the Star Wars exhibition with models and costumes from the films.  It was great and everyone was happy.

On Tuesday we looked at prime and composite numbers in Maths.  We wrote more of our biography using our homework.  In Science we are finding out about light.

We are exploring how the Jewish religion and Christianity are related through Abraham.  We put events from Abraham’s life into a time line and looked at a modern day painting of Abraham and the three visitors.

For Welsh we finished work about Wncwl Em and Year six made a video using iMovie of themselves reading the story.  In PSHE we have been finding out about puberty, we played a funny game which made us all laugh

Have a good weekend everyone.  

Miss Robert’s Class: Owain

Although it’s been short, this week has been busy in year 3 and 4. Emma and Magnus are sharing some of their highlights from the week- 

On Tuesday we had our last test, it was a maths test. We also did lots more maths this week. We looked for number patterns and found the next number in a sequence. To do this we had to add, take away or use times tables. Also we learnt that parallel means two straight lines in a pair and perpendicular means two lines meeting on at a right angle. We wrote out names in capital letters and looked for parallel and perpendicular lines. Magnus thought this was really fun! 

In Language work we completed our final instructional writing piece. Miss Roberts was very impressed with the connectives that we used. 

This week Emma enjoyed our Science work because we did a fun investigation. We have been using torches to sort materials into which ones are opaque, translucent and transparent. 

There have been lots of long words this week! 

Friday was great. We both though Spaceport was really fun and there was loads to do. Emma really enjoyed the interactive games!  

Mrs John's class: Branwen

Yr 2 are happy their tests have finished and Mrs John is immensely proud of their positive approach and determination. It has been a fun week learning the differences between 2D and 3D shapes whilst playing shape games outside. Nursery made shape rockets using a variety of 2D shapes. They were brilliant! We have been continuing to research information about astronauts when they are in space with zero gravity. We were finding out how they ate, washed and slept. We were given a task of making a film about Neil Armstrong using a new app called Puppets Edu. It was great fun finding photos of Neil Armstrong and using our information from last week to record. Once they were finished we transferred them into Seesaw. Some of us are finishing these next week.   We can’t wait to go on our school trip to Spaceport and find out a lot more about our topic! Our homework has been sent home and it is a 4 week project linked to the pupils own questions about space. Have a lovely weekend.

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