10th November 2018

Notes from the Head:

It has been a whirlwind of a week! It started with a fantastic workshop with Mrs Jo Danson from North East Wales Digital Trails where the whole school came together to hear about the project. All our pupils and staff had some fantastic ideas to take forward for developing a digital trail around Nannerch. Pupils were keen to share their knowledge of our lovely village and historical events. We have asked pupils to document some research about Nannerch for homework. Next week we are holding a community evening on Thursday 15th November 6-7pm so please come along to hear about the project and how you can be involved.

Christmas cards have been sent home this week so please order online at www.apfsordets.co.uk if you wish to order. The pupils have worked very hard with their teachers and it all helps our PTA pot! 

I was lucky enough to have been invited to a new Headteachers development programme in Swansea where I met some inspirational people including Sir John Jones a previous Headteacher from the Wirral. It was wonderful hearing his passion for leading and making sure everything was focused around every individual child. 

Well done to Miss Roberts and our football team who played against Venerable Edward Morgan on Thursday! We sadly lost, however, played with determination and with true Nannerch spirit! Thank you to Haf for coming to referee and helping at football club this term. 

Thursday evening we met with council representatives and director of Education from the Diocese to answer any questions parents and our community may have regards to our proposed federation with Nercwys Primary. Thank you to those who came  and asked very important questions. Our Governors are here to help and answer any further questions you may have. 

The consultation period ends on November 30th so please respond either on the document itself or on the link provided https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/NNF006

Mrs John

Acting Headteacher




News from our Classes

Mrs Pierce's Class: Gwydion

This Terms Topic: "Where we live"

We started this week with guided reading. Year 5 read all about growing food at home and year 6 read a myth about Jupiter and Mercury, answering true/false statements and summarising. In maths we had to solve the mystery of the firework filcher! We had 5 clues and had to use our maths skills to find answers. We had to find the value of an emoji and change it into a letter, we had to answer questions on shape and use the first letter of the answer, we worked out calculations to give us the height of the suspect, we measured angles to give us the name of the suspect and did dot-to-dot using different sequences (prime, cubed and triangle numbers) to give us the get-a-way vehicle.

We completed our investigation about germination and now need to record how many seeds germinate each day to analyse our results next week.

Jo Danson came in on Monday to tell us about the iBeacon project, a great project for us to research and produce by Easter.

In language we have started to work on skills to write exciting stories and in Welsh we practised prepositions and used these to describe places in North Wales. Some of us played in a football match on Thursday, we were able to watch some of it too. In Forest school we cooked a giant marshmallow each and had hot chocolate. Some of us used a saw to cut a kite shape, part of a Christmas Star. We finished the week with PE, great.

Miss Roberts Class: Owain

This Terms Topic: "Our World"

Hi, this blog is by Sam and Tommy.

This week we got a new cook called Janice she is very nice.

On Monday Lucy’s mum Jo came to school and told us about a digital trail that we are going to be making.  It is going to be an app all about NANNERCH. We are really looking forward to this. The week our homework is to gather lots of new information all about Nannerch which will help us in this new project.

On Tuesday we had our school photos taken, the lady that did the photos was very funny.

In Maths this week we have done column addition and we checked the answer by subtracting. We used Unicom and blocks and some were easy and some were hard. We ended up using numbers in the hundreds and sometimes thousands!

On Thursday we had a football match against VEM, we lost 4-1, it was very intense. Miss Roberts said we played really well though and did ourselves proud.

On Friday we researched the natural Wonders of the World, we used laptops and iPads to find information about the different wonders of the world.

Also we’ve been reading James and the Giant peach. One of the tasks we did in guided reading was tried to predict what would happen in chapter 9. Lots of us gave far too much information! Sam predicted correctly though!!

In P.E. we have started to learn the rules of dodge ball and practice some of the important skills. So far, it’s really good fun!

Mrs John's class: Branwen

Our first week back after our half term break has been fun! 

We read a lovely story called Oliver’s Vegetables and planned to make vegetable soup which we all thought would taste ‘yucky’! We were amazed at how yummy it was, most of us had seconds and even thirds! 

We then set to write out a recipe for our soup, we had to first write a list of the ingredients we needed. We had to write instructions using bossy words and we had to do this unaided. The following day we spent time editing our work and we used a new ‘flip and a flap’ method which showed our improvements to our work. 

In Maths we have been partitioning 2 digit numbers and used Numicon to find how many tens and units were in teen numbers and numbers beyond 20. Reception were focusing on numbers to 10 and their order and value. 

We now have a grocers in our classroom so come and buy your fruits and vegetables! We are using money to buy and work out change from 5p, 10p, 20p and beyond £1. 

We have started learning some of our Christmas songs ready for our Nativity. We have all been given our parts, it’s so exciting! 

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