10th May Notes from the Head

The end of another busy week at Ysgol Nannerch. The older pupils breathe a sigh of relief as test week comes to an end. Only the computerised tests left and they are much nicer! I really enjoyed seeing the Year 3&4 completing their ‘Maths of the Day’ activities. They were moving around the hall solving Mathematical problems whilst enjoying their P.E. This was exactly what Professor Graham Donaldson had in mind whilst planning the New Curriculum. Well done Miss Roberts, he would be saying “Well Done” or a Scottish equivalent. Year 5&6 were busy writing to Kingswood to thank them for their visit. They were feeding back the positives and negatives of the Kingswood visit in their letters. The positives were the exciting activities and the enthusiastic staff. Their highlights were ‘laser tag’, ‘climbing’ and ‘nightline’. The negatives made me chuckle, as they were unanimous in complaining about springy, bumpy mattresses. I hope Kingswood address this! Foundation Phase are enjoying learning about the ‘Water Cycle’ and I loved Grace’s fantastic painting of a cottage next to the stream. Mrs Biddle was so impressed that everyone had a look at her work.   I also got to meet Mr David Wright, who regularly gives up his time to lead worship. He told the children all about Peter helping Dorcas, and asked the children to follow Peter’s example. The children have been a delight once again this week, continually reflecting the values of the school.  



Although Yr 2 have had their tests, we have had a lovely week extending our knowledge about ‘water’. Pupils have researched the difference between ponds, rivers and oceans. Pupils will be extending their research over the next couple of weeks.

We read a lovely book called ‘Splish, Splash, Splosh’ and this helped us understand where water comes from and how it ends up in our taps! Pupils as part of their own enquiry have now begun to find out their own topic key questions. Pupils have begun designing and creating a water cycle for our display. We found it very amusing learning all about where the dirty water goes!

We have had so much rain we decided to measure how much has fallen using our rain measures. We created a class table and up to now Erin and Robbie’s have collected the most rain at 70ml! We are going to measure again after the sun shines to test ’evaporation’. We have all decided that there will be less water in our rain measures if the sun shines. We are looking forward to testing this!

We are so proud of all our pupils and in particular Yr 2 this week in tackling their first very challenging tests. Only one more left which is on the computer next week. Da iawn pawb!

In P.E we played team games with a Numeracy focus which was a great deal of fun! It became very competitive but pupils remained supportive of their opposing teams!

Have a lovely weekend!