Croseo Pawb!


Wel celebrate our links with St. Michael's Church, Nannerch and the community in many ways.


One of these events is Croeso pawb……All welcome!



One afternoon each half term sees the school staff and Mothers' Union working with all the pupils on a biblical theme/ story.


Art and craft, music and drama are the body of these activities.


The session begins with a welcome and chat about the theme - and then the fun begins!


Different groups go off to pursue their activity, groups swap and move around.


There is a general air of enjoyable purpose and the afternoon ends with an act of worship.


This is attended by parents/ relatives who then can appreciate the children's work, which is displayed in the hall.


We all enjoy sharing refreshments (provided by the PTA) andchatting together.


The children go home bearing their art works and the 'helpers' rejoice in a wonderful community occasion.

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