Coronavirus - COVID 19

Latest Information 12.3.21

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Ysgol Nannerch Homework Tasks

Please find below some tasks that we would like pupils to do in the eventuality that we should have to close for Coronavirus. We will also continue to update this on the website in due course

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  1. Oracy

Your task is to prepare a TALK to present to the class. This can be on any topic or theme in which you are interested. Just a reminder, this is not a powerpoint presentation so you might want to use a model or items to support your talk. 

You are welcome to film your talk and we can watch this once we are back to school. 

2. Keep a diary

Using your homework book, please keep a diary of your days! Remember to add in times connectives, i.e. Firstly, next, later on, whilst. You can include pictures and your thoughts and feelings

3. Acts of kindness

During your time off school, it would be lovely to show how you are being ‘kind’. What have you done to help your family or friends who need you? 

Display this in anyway you would like, perhaps a photograph or poster or even include it in your diary. 

  • We would also like you to access the following websites and learning platforms!

  • RM Easy Maths – Every pupil is logged onto this system and it is used as part of their learning. Pupils have their own logins so they are welcome to use this as frequently as they wish. Please no adult support with answering questions on this as it is levelled according to the pupils ability. 

  • Reading – Yr 5 & 6 can continue using Read Theory.

  • Reading whole school – please all pupils read as much as they can! Write a short book review after each book or chapter you have read. Enjoy your reading!

  • Spelling – Please practise your spellings and Foundation phase have the Dolch list for them to read and spell. Use this as an opportunity to develop your handwriting.

  • HWB – we are encouraging all families to access this wonderful free resource! It is full of learning platforms, including Just 2 Easy, coding and Minecraft. Login details are sent home again to ensure you have the correct details.


Apps which pupils will love at home:


Maths Bingo





Health Warning! – Being in the outdoors is so important for wellbeing! Please enjoy the outdoors as much as you can! Please Take Care!