Notes from the Head

Review of the week: 30th April 2017

We have enjoyed our first week back, it was exciting to start the term with such an exciting new topic, 'Magical Me!'  The theme lends itself so well to the summer term as the children prepare for their transition term which takes us forward into a new academic year.  

The concept of a developing a growth mindset is right at the heart of our topic, where creating a work ethic and a mind which thinks...'I can' so important to all of us and especially helps in the development of our children's sense of self.


It is such a joy being around children whilst they are learning.  This week in class we looked at a short film clip which retold the story of a boat which was rebuilt and the question was asked it the same boat now?   This provided a real philosophical exploration and debate amongst the children.  I felt privileged to have witnessed their creative thinking and ideas. 


Next week the extra curricular clubs will begin, this term we will be offering Cookery Club on a Tuesday (must be booked),  Athletics Club for Reception to Year 6 on a Thursday and Football Club on a Friday.

In addition we will be starting a playtime children's running challenge. This will be linked to raising the children's (and staff) awareness of our own health and fitness.


Over the next two weeks the Welsh National Tests will be taking place for all pupils from Year 2 upwards.  The results of the tests are used to help track pupils progress in reading and numeracy. 

If you do have any concerns about your child please do not hesitate to make an appointment to have a chat with their teacher.  Creating a strong parent/teacher partnership is a key aspect in the building of a successful and caring learning environment for our children. 

Mrs Downes


Dates for your diary

2nd May - Cookery Club resumes

4th May - Athletics Club begins every Thu Years Reception - Year 6

5th May - Football Club resumes tbc

3rd - 10th May - Welsh National Test Period for Years 2-6 

Every Thursday- Foundation Phase Playtime Running Challenge 

Every Friday- Junior Playtime Running Challenge 

3rd & 17th May -  Year 5 & 6 Cricket Club 1-2pm

10th & 24th May - Years 3&4 Cricket Club 1-2pm

16th May - Music Service Parents Eve at Theatre Clwyd 6pm-7pm

26th May – School closes for half term

5th June – Return to school

Wednesday 7th June – Sports Day

3rd to 5th July – Cardiff Year 6

20th July- Children finish for summer

21st July- Training day

Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion

In maths we did fractions and decimals, and we did a chocolate investigation where we had to share out chocolate for different numbers of children.  It was quite hard especially as more children joined and the fractions became smaller and smaller.


This week we started our topic ‘Magical Me’, we watched a film about a boat that was rebuilt and then we thought about whether it was the same boat.  It was interesting having a debate about this and whether we are the same person when we are older. We asked the question ‘what makes me me?’ and had a class discussion. We have started to create some art based on ourselves.

We started to look at healthy living and the food pyramid. For homework we are keeping a food diary, it needs to be in on Tuesday.


Using the class book, ‘There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom’ we drew pictures of the characters and described them, we looked for evidence of what the characters were like in the book.


On Friday afternoon we had fun with team building games in PE.  It made us laugh when we had to guide each other through a minefield with one of us wearing a blindfold, we also played other games.  It was fun and we are hoping to play some more games like this next week!

Miss Robert’s Class: Owain

Cerys and Callum R-J have written this week’s blog;


We have had a very busy week. It was lovely coming back to school and seeing our friends after the Easter break. We couldn’t wait to share our stories on Monday morning!


In maths this week we have been practising and looking back at lots of things like fractions and changing + to -. We have practised with partners using white boards. We have done lots!


We have also been practising our reading and understanding of what’s happening in the story. Then we have been answering questions about what we have read. We read a leaflet all about a Beagle, which was very cute. We had a question sheet and we had to fill in the answers.


In forest school we had to concentrate on our senses. We made notes about what we could see, hear, smell and touch in the woods. We then wrote poems about being in the forest at spring time.


We are starting a new topic, it is called Magical Me. We have started by doing pictures of things that are special and important in our lives.


We have had a quick look at our class book; it is called ‘Bill’s New Frock’ by Anne Fine.


In Welsh we watched Pod Antur, it was about ‘hir a byr’- long and short. We made a chart in our books and measured things around the classroom to the nearest mm and wrote them down using a dictionary to find the write word.


In R.E we watched a video about The Good Samaritan, we had a class discussion what makes a good friend and put our ideas in our books.  


In P.E we have done fast and fun agility games, we had to listen carefully and follow instructions, it was great! We also had a man called Rob from Halkyn Cricket club come in to teach us some cricket. The games were really good and everyone was pretty good! He is going to being teaching us ever other week. Some of us have already decided that we want to join the cricket club in Halkyn.


Thanks for reading! 


There are no new spellings yet. This week there are my maths tasks set again to complete. 

Mrs John's class: Branwen

A cold return from our Easter Holiday but it hasn't stopped us enjoying ourselves! We have begun our new topic, 'Magical Me' and we have already written pen portraits of ourselves. We have started typing these up onto a HWB programme called Jits and through this we are learning new word processing skills.

We have begun drawing self portraits using only pencils and Mrs Whitehead has been showing us how to shade. These are looking fantastic! 

In maths we have been logging the temperature and finding out if it is warmer or colder in the morning or afternoon. We are also comparing  temperatures from inside to outside and have learnt what temperature water boils and freezes. 

We have been trying out some tricky reasoning questions this week which have made us think. We worked together and found that sometimes these questions are a lot easier to answer than we first thought! 

Forest School was cold in the icy  wind and drizzly rain but we still had fun finding wooly worms in teams. The team who found the most wooly worms and tied them onto the stick won. Well done Pink team! Our new pupils in Nursery have already settled in well and enjoyed their first Forest School!

The classroom now has its own hairdressers and healthy cafe role play areas and the pupils have worked well to book appointments, style hair and make yummy food for many customers. Mrs John and Mrs Whitehead have both visited the Nannerch hairdressers this week and we were very pleased with our new styles!


Year 1 and 2 have MyMaths homework and Reception have homework in their books. 

Next week Athletics club will start after school on Thursday which replaces Games Club. This is for Reception to Yr6 and is from 3 - 3.30pm. 

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend everyone!

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Review of the week: 17th April 2017

Last week ended with Croeso Pawb, another wonderful afternoon of activities bringing to life Spring, new life and the Easter story. Thank you to everyone involved, pupils and staff love this special event. 

We have come to the end of term already. It's been a busy and fulfilled term with pupils progress, enjoyment and fun being at the heart of all the planning and hard work. 

Thank you to the school council for organising the Bring and Buy sale. It's lovely to see all pupils enjoying browsing and deciding which purchase it's going to be. The excitement in their faces and the life skills of making decisions, costing and counting out money and change is a fruitful event for everyone. 

Teachers all met this week to plan out the term ahead which is going to focus on our values and what makes us who we are. The whole school topic 'Magical Me' will encompass personal and social development and encourage pupils to think about their lives and the person they are. We are going to look more into growth mindset as a whole school and support pupils in realising their potential without a 'fixed' mindset.

Another exciting term ahead!

The first and second week of May will be set aside for the Welsh National tests. Pupils from Yr 2 - 6 will be sitting 3 tests, Reading, Numeracy-Procedural and Numeracy Reasoning. As always the wellbeing of our pupils is at the heart of what we do and so we will make sure the tests are carried out in a positive manner. We are so proud of all our pupils and know as professionals how hard they have worked this year.

We hope you have a wonderful Easter break and pupils are rested and ready for a busy end to the school year

Mrs John

Acting Headteacher

Dates for your diary

Monday 24th – Return to school

May 3rd – 10th Welsh National Tests for Years 2-6

26th May – School closes for half term

5th June – Return to school

Wednesday 7th June – Sports Day

3rd to 5th July – Cardiff Year 6

20th July- Children finish for summer

21st July- Training day

Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion

Miss Robert’s Class: Owain

Ollie and Sophia have written the blog this week.

Our final week of term! 

We have had a fun filled week, with lots of lovely activities. In maths we went outside to do a maths hunt/ quiz! There were eleven questions hidden around the school grounds on Easter egg shaped card. We worked in pairs to find them and then work out the answers. Some of the questions were very tricky! The winners had a small Easter egg.


In Language we have completed our newspaper reports on either Pentre Llyn or our project about Anderson shelters. We did a draft copy first then when we were happy with it we did a final copy. We made sure we had a catchy headline, a photograph and a quote.


It is the last week with WW2 as our Topic. We had a look at what happened at the end of the war and VE day. We listened to Winston Churchill’s speech. Sophia thinks that Mr Churchill was relieved to have peace in the world and he thanked everyone for their part in the war effort. 


In forest school we had another Easter egg hunt again, this time the questions were about the Easter story. There were 24 cards to find!


We have also finished our class book this week, The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips. Sophia felt that some parts of the story made her feel a bit sad, but overall loved it. Ollie liked the ending best of all.


We have had a chance to watch a couple of episodes of BBC’s ‘Spy Watch’ this week. It’s set in World War 2 and it is about two boys have been evacuated to a farm in the countryside. They don’t look like they are enjoying being there! A pig has eaten a gas mask which belonged to one of the boys, Ollie laughed a lot at this part!


We can not believe it is the end of term already.

We want to wish everyone a lovely break and a very Happy Easter! J


There are no spellings this week- they will begin again after the Easter break. 

My Maths has been set- there are 2 lots of homework to complete. 

Mrs John's class: Branwen

A lovely end to the term making and creating Easter baskets. We went on an Easter Egg Hunt in Forest school which was fun! 

In Maths we continued learning how to add up hundreds, tens and units which we are getting really good at!

Reception have been working hard on their number formation this week and adding number bonds to 10. 

We enjoyed the Bring and Buy Sale and spending our money! Thank you to everyone bringing in all their old toys, games and books. 

We enjoyed welcoming Amy who was on work experience from Ireland. We loved her helping us and we hope she enjoyed her week in Nannerch. Thanks Amy!

Pupils homework is to read plenty of books, going to the library where possible. Most importantly have a lovely break and enjoy some family time. Happy Easter everyone!

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Review of the week: 2nd April 2017

This week began with an exciting week for Year 3 and 4 venturing off on their residential trip to Pentrellyncymer. Miss Roberts and Mrs Daly both said how much fun they had and how well behaved all the pupils were. They took on a huge challenge the first afternoon

canoeing in Llyn Brenig and jumping into the cold water at the end! This was followed up with gorge walking through waterfalls, plunge pools and a meandering river. Pupils climbed and some faced their fears and gained so much confidence and self belief. They ate well and had to keep their dorms tidy, congratulations to the boys for keeping their dorms the tidiest! Thank you to Miss Roberts and Mrs Daly for taking the pupils as it is always a big ask taking pupils away and leaving your own family and home comforts behind for a few days.

I enjoyed going into see the pupils who didn't go on the residential trip as they were embarking on a project, learning all about Anderson Shelters. They were so engaged using the computer for research, designing and making shelters which had to take a strength test as part of their investigation and working together to enjoy such a practical few days. Da iawn pawb!


School council have worked with Mrs Downes this week to plan a bring and buy sale for next Thursday. They are going to plan some games and a cake sale so please support this and bring any unwanted toys and books to school next week. Don't forget some money to spend too!

Years 5 and 6 have 'bikeability' training on Monday and Tuesday so please make sure you have brought your forms back to school.

Next week we have a training day on Friday so pupils break up on Thursday 6th April.

Mrs John

Acting Headteacher

Dates for your diary

27-29th March - Pentre Llyn Trip

3rd - 4th April - Bikeability Year 5 (change from original date)

6th April - Break up for Easter

7th April – Training Day

Monday 24th – Return to school

May 3rd – 10th Welsh National Tests for Years 2-6

26th May – School closes for half term

5th June – Return to school

Wednesday 7th June – Sports Day

3rd to 5th July – Cardiff Year 6

20th July- Children finish for summer

21st July- Training day

Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion

We finished reading our class book Carrie's War this week.  We really enjoyed it. There was a lot of action.  We all wrote a book review and everyone in the class said they would recommend it.  At the end of the week we watched the DVD of Carrie's War.   We then had to think about how the characters and setting of the book were portrayed in the movie.  We compared and contrasted the book and movie.  There were some sad moments in the film but we all thought it brought the book to life.


We talked about the Easter story and what we would feel if we were there at the time and we wrote an eyewitness account.  It would have been very sad.  We enjoyed making nail crosses and Easter gardens during Croeso Pawb.


We learn about Bletchley Park during WW2 and the high percentage of women who worked there cracking enemy codes.  We learnt about 3 sorts of code; the Caesar shift using two wheels of the alphabet, the Pig Pen Code all about shapes and symbols and the Frequency Analysis.  We had to construct a graph showing how often letters occurred then work out which letters they might be.  Tricky!!


In science we tested materials to see which would be best for the blackout.  The data logger measures light.


Our homework for next week is to research parachutes ready for our science challenge on Tuesday and Wednesday.



Have a lovely weekend


Miss Robert’s Class: Owain

What an exciting week we all have had. We have been on our residential trip! Jack and Tilly are here to write our class blog.

It all started with a lovely bus journey. When we arrived, we were met by the instructors Steffan, James, Gerallt and Beana the dog. We were all put in to dorms in our year groups and we decided which bed we were going to sleep in. The sun was shining so we had lunch outside.


Our first activity was canoeing on Llyn Brenig lake.  We paddled the canoes to an island where we had to do challenges.

The first challenge was to listen to instructions in Welsh. They were very fun! We had to all move to the back of the boat then to the front of the boat, to the left then to the right . Then we had do help each other cross over the to the opposite canoe. It was a bit scary at first but we all helped each other. We had to move about lots, making the canoes bounce about. We even put ours noses in the water! 


We paddled back to shore and got out, we were taken to some tunnels where we had to crawl through, the first one was bigger than the second. We got very wet which was great! At the end, we all lined up along the jetty and took it in turns to jump in. It was freezing! We lost a few wellies but Miss Roberts jumped in and helped to find them.


That evening, the night walk was great. It was light when we left, but by the time we had climbed hills and crossed fields to the reservoir, it was going dark. We didn't mind as we had hot chocolate and toast before bed.


Tuesday morning we had a big breakfast! Cereal and a cooked breakfast. Mrs Daly`s group went gorge walking. The water was cold and the rocks were a bit slippy, but we worked as a team and helped each other across. Miss Roberts' group went to the climbing wall. Most of us got right to the top and some even got over the overhang. It was hard work but we encouraged each other to get a little higher.


Later that evening we made pizzas and Gerallt cooked them in a pizza oven for us.


Room inspection- Some of us lost a point for having popcorn on the floor. Oops!


On our last morning we went to the woods to do bushcraft activities. We learnt about the three different types of dens: a safari den, tee-pee den and a skeleton den. In our groups we collected sticks and branches to build our own dens. After Gerallt gave us a Swedish fire stick. We all managed to set a little fire, we also had a go of lighting a fire with a bow and two pieces of wood. We didn't make a fire but we made lots of smoke, it was hard work! We roasted marshmallow over the campfire they were very tasty.


Tilly had a great fun, she loved the gorge walking and wants to go back. Jack had an amazing time and thinks his belly flop into the river was the best part.


The children who didn`t go to Pentre had an exciting few days too, they did a project with Miss Douggie about Anderson shelters. They did some research on the computer, they designed, made and tested the strength of the shelters, they all survived!!

On Wednesday the children decorated the tree of life with Mrs Downes. They made salt dough figures, a crown, a throne and decorated the tree with coloured hearts.


It was a fantastic week, we loved it!


Mrs John's class: Branwen

We have worked very hard this week using standard and non standard measures to help us understand capacity. We have been investigating different sized jugs and bottles to estimate how many litres and millilitres they hold. When we tested to see the actual amount we were so surprised to find out that some containers held more water even though they looked 'shorter' than other containers. We were putting our new found skills into practice using some tricky problems to solve at the end of the week. This took a lot of thinking! Nursery have learnt all about number 8 this week and I love their spider eights and pasta weaving, bendigedig Nursery!

Our final draft poems are super, we are very proud of all our hard work and have finished them off with some lovely illustrations. In Science we had to taste different foods and describe them without knowing what they were. The freeze died strawberries were interesting and the cinnamon was strange!

In Forest school we went on a frog hunt! We found 3 frogs in our pond, one was huge and was staring right at us! We didn't find any frog spawn though.

We are going to look again next week and we might fit in an Easter egg hunt too.

This weeks homework is an activity based on capacity and measures. Have fun!


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The passing place on School Lane is being used as a parking space by some people. This is making it difficult for cars to get through when a car is coming from the opposite direction.


Please be considerate when visiting school and mindful of the health and safety of our school members and local residents.

There is disabled parking at the school with a safe drop off zone. For additional support please contact in advance of your visit

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