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Review of the week: 23rd March 2018


A lovely end to our Spring term on Thursday evening as we celebrated at our ‘ICT’ Party, which provided a great opportunity to share with our parents all the exciting resources which have been funded by the PTA recently. We really are fortunate to have such a wonderful school community who are willing to give so a much time, commitment and creativity into hosting such a range of events.


So again may I say a very big thank you to everyone for supporting the fundraising which has enabled us to purchase so many wonderful resources, it has really enriched the children's learning and we look forward to continuing and developing the digital curriculum next term.


The children return to school on Monday 9th April, our Foundation Phase pupils will begin working on our collaborative project ‘Gorilla Dawn’. This exciting whole school project will launch the collaborative phase of working between the two village school’s of Nannerch and Nercwys. We are very pleased to be able to have the opportunity to work collaboratively in such a creative way.  We shall be performing the ‘Gorilla Dawn’ project on Wednesday 25th April at the Alun School in Mold. Please do note this date in your diaries; it will be a very special occasion as all the children from both schools will be involved. 


Once again I would like to thank you all for supporting Ysgol Nannerch and we look forward to seeing you at the beginning of our Summer Term as we launch our exciting summer topic ‘Out of this World’.  Wishing you all a very happy Easter. 


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Mrs Downes




Review of the week: 16th March 2018


Thank you to everyone who supported the special ‘Mother's Day Café’ last Saturday.  Mrs John and our Governors tell me the afternoon was another example of just what a fantastic community we serve here in Nannerch.  Afternoon tea with prosecco sounds a perfect treat, and an extra special thank you to those parents who worked so hard to organise this wonderful event.

Some things in life are difficult to put into words and that feeling is how we ended our week in school this Friday, with a very special celebration of the weeks learning.  The children in Years 5 and 6 have produced some amazing homework which was stimulated by Gandhi’s quote ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’.  The powerful words produced ideas unique to each child.  Whilst reading the homework it seemed only fitting to share their thoughts and so we found ourselves in the church on Friday afternoon. 

Mr Weston our Chair of Governors and Mr Wright joined us in the church.  The children had written their ideas on copies of footprints.  We lit candles, sang, thought about challenges we face, who is with us on our journey and how we grow up to take our place in the world.   We had moments of stillness and felt a real sense of peace.  We ended our special service with’ Shabbat’ where we ate bread and drank wine (grape juice) a real favourite of the children’s. Then returned to school in the sunshine!

This term has flown by, we finish for Easter next week!  Please remember the children are in school for just four days as we have a teacher training day on Friday. 

Please join us next week for our ‘ICT’Party, an opportunity to see the work that is taking place in school with resources purchased with funding from our PTA.  The event will start in the school hall at 6pm with light refreshments available.

Our joint project with Nercwys school starts next week.  The will be a whole school creative arts project, involving all the children from both schools, from Nursery to year 6.  The work will be centred around the themes in the book ‘Gorilla Dawn’. An inspirational story from award-winning storyteller Gill Lewis. Set deep in the heart of the African jungle.

The project will be celebrated in an evening performance at the Alun School in Mold on Wednesday 25th April at 6pm. Please remember to ‘save the date’!


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Mrs Downes



Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion

This week we have been busy and have had lots of fun.

Monday- We began to look at balanced argument.  We are thinking about the question ‘Is your right to won a pet?  Year 6 were making parachutes and year 5 worked on some maths problems. 

Tuesday- We had to design a duck that would fly over a canyon, we used a computer programme. After that we had to think of a question about birds such as ‘which bird is the heaviest out of all?’ we had to use all our numeracy skills to create a fact file to find the answer.

Wednesday- We were excited because we had a letter from our MP David Hanson and we are going to London to visit the Houses of Parliament.

We watched a cartoon in Welsh and had to translate it.  It was difficult listening to the different voices and working out what they were saying.  Then we had to read the script ourselves practising our pronunciation.

Thursday- We practised our Welsh and then we had football with Steve from Wrexham.  Then we read a poem which was really sad called ‘Footsteps’…we had to think about different times in our lives that had been happy and sad.  We thought about who was with us during these times.  It made us cry! 

Friday- we played some fun games in circle time and we also ran a mile!  Then we talked about this week’s homework which is to plan for a debate- ‘should people be allowed to vote at 16?’  We are continuing to work on our committees and Ewan and Georgia have been in touch with a school who are coming to visit us to hear about our Playground Committee.

In the afternoon we went to church for a special service.  Then we were able to play outside because the sun was shining.




Miss Robert’s Class: Owain

This week Daniel and Peter have written the blog! 


Our favourite part of the week was when we got to play with the Spheros! They are the new robots which we have in school. There are good fun and we were able to make them change colour and control where they move to on the iPads. 


In Circle time we had a lovely chat about being kind and we all told each other what we think we are good at and about a time someone in our class was kind to us. 


Also this week we had a cricket lesson from a guy called Rob. It was interesting and we played a game called stars and planets. We also practiced our aim. Some of us want to sign up to be All Stars cricketer now! 


In maths we have been working with money. We were able to work with a budget to write a shopping list for the food you would need for a pet goat! We also look at Green Wood animal rescue center. We did some problem solving about the amount of animal which the rescue and this perimeter of the different enclosures. Lots of us enjoyed this. 


Remember, for homework we have to write the Toy Stories!


Have a nice weekend.  



Mrs John's class: Branwen

We have had a productive week continuing to work hard on our number bonds to 5, 10, 20 and beyond. Nursery have counted recognising numbers and practically shown more than. 

We have used Beebot this week who is our friendly robot. We are learning how to look after him safely and how to programme a sequence  of instructions to make him move. This is a basic way of coding and pupils have enjoyed creating the instructions to make him move in different ways. 

We have listened to the Easter Story this week and have made some Easter baskets as well as thought about how Jesus felt when he was betrayed. 

This week's homework is to find out whether all animals can be pets. We will be discussing this next week as well as safely researching answers to our own animal questions. 

We will be weighing next week using standard and non standard measures. Peter Rabbit needs a new meal making so we will be busy measuring and creating a special recipe for him! 

Please note week we break up on Thursday as Friday is a training day. 




Review of the week: 11th March 2018

Good to see a few glimpses of blue sky this week, despite the continuing winter conditions.  I was so relieved that the snow didn't stay with us too long...looks very pretty but it just causes so much disruption.


It was a treat to be away with Year 5 at Glanllyn earlier in the week.  The setting is stunning looking out onto Llyn Tegid and the beautiful hills and Aran mountains.  It was so good to be out of the classroom environment, seeing the children challenge themselves and discovering their own resilience and problem solving abilities. 

The instructors at Glanllyn are highly skilled and encouraged all the children to take risks, have a go, have FUN, and enjoy learning new skills with lots of laughter. Of course there were some tears too, however I was so proud to see the children’s smiles and sense of achievement.


We had our local MP David Hanson visit the school on Friday.  The children were super hosts and I think Mr. Hanson enjoyed being with us.  Thank you to Evie, Simon, Martha and Georgia for showing our visitor around the school. 

Grown ups- we should be very proud and feel huge confidence in our young people; these youngsters all spoke articulately and were interested in hearing all about how the system of democracy in our country works and how important it is to use our vote and our voice, certainly at their age I would never have had the confidence to put myself forward in the way the children of Nannerch do so naturally.  


The children were also keen to share with Mr. Hanson all the actions which they have taken forward to improve the school through the School Council and also the children’s committees.  I was really impressed with how keen they all were to share their committee work.  

We all smiled at Joe’s questions to our MP and it was good to hear some of the funny stories Mr. Hanson had to tell in reply.  I think Joe would be a great chat show host!  


Ysgol Nannerch is without doubt nurturing leading stars of the future. 


Happy Mothers Day- I would like to wish all our mums, step mums, grandmothers, and aunties, friends in the WI and Mother’s Union, staff and governors a very Happy Mothering Sunday…and a big thank you for all you do for our children...who are our future.


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Mrs Downes



Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion

It was great to hear that the Year 5 trip to Glanllyn was going ahead despite the weather, and we all were excited as we got on the coach with pupils from Trelogan and Gronant. 

Our first activity was orienteering this gave us a chance to explore and after that we went canoeing on the lake.  Next day we had raft building, climbing archery and high ropes.  It was all good fun.  Our favourite activities were canoeing and high ropes. 

The food was really good and we all ate plenty!  We had a great time; it was good to get home too.


Year 6 were kept busy whilst the Year 5 were in Glanllyn.  We had fun using our maths, science and technology skills as we designed and made parachutes with Mrs Pierce.  We were very proud of ourselves as we learnt alot about parts of circles.  we measured the circumference using string and learnt about the radius and diameter.  We found that the diameter of a circle is twice the radius and we found the area of a circle using Pi.


On thursday it snowed again!  We practised our handwriting and practised using our Welsh in a conversation and also translating an email.  Then we were busy with our committees.  We have been emailing other schools, our MP and Flintshire County Council.  Mr Hanson our MP came after Evie had e-mailed him.  He says we should ask our County Councillor to come in. 


It was fun meeting Mr Hanson, we asked him about how many famous people he had met.  He talked quite alot and told us some good stories about meeting the presidents. he has invited us to the House of Commons!




Our homework is to think about ‘how we can be the change we wish to see’, we can choose whether to find some inspirational quotes, write a poem or a paragraph about what we would like to see or do, or we can make a model or draw a picture of our future.  




Miss Robert’s Class: Owain

Hello everyone, it’s Sam and Tommy here. We are doing this week`s blog…

On Monday we made Mother’s Day cards with Miss Douggie.

We did a class debate about whether zoos should be banned. We had to think about 3 main points, plan our opening statement carefully and then decide who is going to say it. We were split into 2 groups, For and Against! Miss Roberts filmed us. We enjoyed thinking of our comebacks and as we did the debate we really enjoyed it.

We had the chance to watch our debate back and decide who won! It was very close and we decided to compromise. The zoos should stay because the breeding programmes are good but lots if changes need to happen so make the animals happier.  

On Thursday we did a number chase in maths of the day. It was good, it was like a treasure hunt for numbers.

In maths we have also looked at symmetry, we did a symmetry investigation and another number challenge.

Also on Friday we were very lucky Year 5&6 met with Mr David Hanson so we were able to do the football number challenge with Steve from Wrexham F.C.

It has been a lovely week with lots of visitors. We had a super afternoon with Bex from size of Wales who taught us lots about the rainforest.



Mrs John's class: Branwen

It has been a busy couple of snowy weeks! We had Bethan in last week from the Dogs Trust and she helped us all think about how we would approach a dog we didn’t know. She played lots of games with us and she is coming back next week to show us how to look after a dog. 

In Maths we have been continuing to learn multiples of 2 and 3 and using our times tables. 

In Literacy we have written up instructions for our homework presentations. Everyone’s was different and we all had to think of bossy words as well as writing in a list. 

The presentations pupils did for their homework were so informative and everyone chose a different animal to research.  We have all evaluated each other’s and feel very proud of ourselves. 

We have been learning how to use 2 new Apps called Switch Zoo and ChatterPix. We have created our own animals and given them different features, names and habitats. It’s been so much fun, especially having to talk into the iPad about our animal. Mrs John then showed us how to transfer the animal into ChatterPix where our animal actually spoke! 

P.E was great this week as we had large apparatus out to begin using our body schooling actions onto different heights and surfaces. We had to work safely and carefully and we enjoyed climbing, balancing and using our skills to travel in different ways.

Nursery have enjoyed playing in the snow with diggers. They have made some beautiful Mother’s Day cards and are enjoying exploring different areas of the classroom and hall. In P.E   Nursery and Reception played parachute games and had to listen carefully to instructions, bendigedig!

We are continuing to learn mini yoga techniques which are helping us become stronger, more balanced and supporting our mental well-being. 





Review of the week: 4th March 2018

The last week certainly wasn’t my favourite week of all time, however despite the weather there were plenty of positives.  Thank you all for responding so well to the ‘snow day’ closures.


It was with mixed feelings that we made the decision to bring our Years 3 and 4 back from Pentrellyn, a day earlier than planned.  Concerns around the weather meant we couldn’t be certain that the coach company would be able to navigate the lanes if conditions continued to deteriorate.  We never take the decision to alter arrangements or close the school due to snow lightly; however the safety of the pupils is always the most important consideration.  Apologies for the inconvenience caused. 


Big thanks to our caretaker Ian during our recent icy and snowy conditions.  Ian is at school very early every morning in his faithful Land Rover, so was able to contact me bright and early in order to feedback how accessible the school was from the surrounding area.  This made the job of deciding whether to open or close far simpler.  In addition Ian has spent much of the last week transporting local nurses to duty at the local hospitals.  Well done Ian!


Hopefully our Year 5 trip to Glanllyn will take place as planned this coming week.  Friday of next week is looking exciting with workshops for the children about the rainforest.  Also in the morning our local member of parliament David Hanson is visiting Ysgol Nannerch to hear how the children are working together on their committees.  I think he will be pleasantly surprised at how much they have achieved through their very proactive ‘pupil voice’.


I enjoyed being with my class on Monday morning as they rose to the challenge of creating a television schedule.  It was a challenging task as the children had to consider times of day and audience as well as calculate the amount of time needed for each programme.  They all did very well.  I think we have some potential candidates for a career in broadcasting and media.


Date for diary….March 10th is the PTA’s Mothers Afternoon Tea café in the village. 


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Mrs Downes




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