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Review of the week: 25th February 2018

It has been quite a week, the greatest thanks to you all for your support and response to the recent plea that went out from Flintshire headteachers.  The collective voice of our teachers, governors and parents was heard and the resulting unanimous vote by Flintshire County Councillors on Tuesday was to put alternative strategies into place to avoid the cash flat settlement that would have placed the entire deficit directly onto our primary and secondary schools.  

Of course, there are many challenges ahead as we work together to ensure that our county and country’s education services are able to provide our children with opportunities for a future filled with hope.


The week was filled with politics at every turn however one aspect of this which brought a smile to my face was how one of our pupils engaged in an ongoing conversation with our local M.P. David Hanson through email.

Evie hoped he was ‘having a lovely day’ and invited Mr Hanson to visit her class to see for himself the supportive work of the children’s committees.  He was delighted to take up her offer and proceeded to organise a date to visit, which Evie then insisted could not clash with the football.


Plenty of thanks to our parents this week, the postman brought our ‘Sphero’s purchased with PTA funds.  These robots are a valued addition to our school and we hope to engage the children’s curiosity, creativity and invention through creating programs through coding these fun resources. 

Jonny Duddle our parent governor astounded and left us in awe as he created before our very eyes a character conjured up from our own imagination.  Captain Nannerch, the incredible pirate who now protects our jolly school, is accompanied by his ship mate the rat catching parrot! 

Thursday really was a wonderful day as following Jonny our PTA had organised a ‘book swap café’.  What a fabulous treat for all, including the community of Nannerch.  It was so good to have our neighbours join with us and what a great opportunity for a catch up.  We all had that ‘feel good’ feeling as we left with our books.  I’m keen to find some quiet time now to dig into my books and may even try a few of the recipes from the famous Mrs Beaton!


We extend a big welcome to Ceri who has joined us in the office.  Ceri has quickly become part of our Nannerch team with her infectious smile.  Thanks too to the Nicky Napper who offered her support to help Ceri settle in this week.


Year 3 and 4 are off to Pentre Llyn on Monday, I have no doubt they will all have a wonderful time and many memories will be created.  Remember to pack plenty of warm clothes, gloves and hats too.  The staff at Pentre are highly trained and the activities are well planned, according to weather so the children will be in the safest hands.  We will look forward to hearing of their adventures on their return.


Dates (see calendar for all dates)


Mrs Downes



Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion

Dan from Playmakers visited school on Monday we spent the morning learning new games and how to make these games safe and fun for everyone.  As leaders of playmakers we can now practise all these games and have lots of fun on the playground.

In class we explored animals’ adaptations. We looked at many ways animals fit their environment and watched some examples such as a camel, polar bear and penguin.

On Tuesday we went swimming and it was the last time till next year. When we got back we did maths using timetables to practise how to read these and solve problems. In science we invented an imaginary animal and explained how it suited and adapted to its surrounding

We had another important visitor Steve from St John’s Ambulance.  We spent the afternoon demonstrating how we can make a difference and possibly save a life.  He showed us how to put some-one in a recovery position and what to do if some-one was choking.

On Thursday we did our presentations, we talked about how we had felt when we were given the task, some of us were excited, some of us felt nervous and a bit overwhelmed.  When we shared our homework we learnt lots of facts about animals. After lunch Jonny Duddle came in and shared his work and we helped him create a pirate.

We learnt about the ‘Golden rule’ from all religions and watched a golden rule video after that we wanted to show Mrs Downes the duck song it’s funny!

On Friday we shared the rest of our presentations, then Steve our football coach came in and we created a fact file about a famous person, then went to do football after that it was lunch time.

On Friday afternoon we all worked with our committees, we tidied up after that then it was home time.  Our homework this week has been set by the Good Food Gang and is to design a decoration for the canteen.  This will be judged and a prize of a family cinema ticket will be given to the winning entry.


from Georgia and Morgan




Miss Robert’s Class: Owain

Hello, Emma and Magnus here! This is our blog.

We have had a fun and an amazing week.

With Miss Douggie we finished our Welsh descriptions of an animal. In R.E we have started to look at the Easter story.

We researched all about the life cycle of a frog and collected lots of different facts. Miss Roberts showed us how we can make a small animation film. Next week we are going to make our short films. It was brilliant!!   

It was our last swimming session this week we got to play with the giant floats after we had our swimming lesson. The floats were cool and great fun.

Steve came in to teach us first aid. We learnt CPR and that we mustn’t do it on someone who doesn’t need it. We also learnt how to give the kiss of life. Emma thought it was amazing and Magnus thought it was a fantastic experience.

Miss Masters came into class on Thursday and she helped us work on our debate plan. We also learnt about Chinese New Year. When we had finished we watched a short film about how the emperor made all the animals to have a race and then each animal represented a year. The rat cheated by knocking the cat off the ox and he had to swim across the river. This is why cats and rats are never fiends. We started to make Chinese lanterns.

Jonny Duddle came in to school to share his new book with us. It was really good. Jonny showed us how to draw a pirate. It was cool, we named him Captain Nannerch!

Mrs Downes has been teaching us to be mindfulness. We have learnt the F.O.F.B.O.C (feet on floor bottom on chair). We also had to eat a minstrel mindfully. We have been reading the welsh story of Blodeuwedd , today we did some amazing art work for it.

Have a lovely weekend. We are super excited about going to Pentrellyn next week.



Mrs John's class: Branwen

This week we have been learning how to tell the difference between odd and even numbers. We worked practically on a series of problems which needed investigating. Reception have been ordering the number system and practicing their number formation. 

In guided reading we were learning all about inference using pictures and questioning. This is one of our reading behaviours that supports a deeper level of understanding within a text. 

We have also been using dictionaries to find words and again this is a self monitoring reading behaviour. 
In our Welsh lesson whilst we were writing what we wear in the winter, we had the BBC filming us in action! 

Our homework project presentations were amazing! It was so lovely to see such a variety of ideas, from films, posters, models and PowerPoints. We all took turns presenting our research on our chosen animal. Mrs John was so impressed with all of our efforts and confidence in presenting to the whole class. We had the chance to ask questions and provide feedback to each other before evaluating our project. 

We were so lucky to have a first aid workshop with Steve from St John’s. Pupils were engrossed in bandaging and applying slings on each other. Steve said he had never seen such young children bandage so effectively! 

We had a super afternoon when Jonny Duddle came in to read his new book ‘The Pirates of Scurvy Sands’. He dressed as a pirate and showed us how he develops a picture or story through editing and inspiration. He then drew a special Nannerch Pirate with the help of all of us. It looked amazing!
Thank you Jonny!

Also a big thanks to PTA for organising a very successful book swap cafe. It was a very special community event. Money raised is going towards our ICT resources and we are looking forward to showcasing this in March. 





Review of the week: 11th February 2018

I can’t believe how quickly this week flew by, for me it has been a real mix of meetings, catching up in the office and being with the children.  Thank you to all parents who supported the Valentines Disco on Thursday night the children were very excited and had a wonderful time.


The news, which by now will have reached all our parents regarding the challenging financial situation our schools are currently facing, is not easy to hear.  As parents we hope our children will grow up, secure and with the skills which enable them to find their own path through life.  Indeed for me the reason I chose to work in education was simply for that reason, to work with a school community in order to create a positive learning environment in which children could thrive. 


So hearing that all our schools are facing a financial crisis which will impact so negatively on the provision offered for every child is heartbreaking.  However the good news is that Flintshire head teachers have had the courage to state clearly what a ‘cash flat settlement’ means in the context of our children’s education.   


I would urge all parents, grandparents and members of our local communities to write to their local Member of Parliament and/or Assembly Member to voice their concerns (see attached template).


I am pleased that we will be joined on Thursdays and Fridays after half term by Mrs. Ceri Davies who will be supporting me in the office whilst Emma our secretary is off. 


Clubs will resume week beginning 12th March, please request a booking form if you wish your child to attend.


I am pleased to announce that the final details of our joint project with Nercwys are almost finalised.  The whole school will be working on a drama performance with all pupils of St Mary’s in Nercwys.  The children will be working in their individual schools with Theatre in Education director, Jane Meakin.  On the 25th April the children of both schools will invite their parents to the final production which will be performed in the drama studio at the Alun School in Mold.  Please note the date in your diary; the performance will begin at approximately 6pm.


Upcoming Dates


Tuesday 20th February – final session of swimming

Friday March 9th – workshops & assembly by ‘Size of Wales’

Week beginning 12th March clubs resume:

Mondays – Gymnastics

Tuesday – Coding

Thursdays- Art

Thursday 22nd March- PTA meeting

Week beginning 9th April – Nannerch/Nercwys joint project 

Wednesday 25th April –  whole school performance at Alun School


Dates (see calendar for all dates)


Mrs Downes



Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion

Monday : on Monday year 6 answered questions and asked questions about the pangolin, the only mammal in the world with scales.  The year 5 they did the same but on spiders

Tuesday : we did math and we looked at measure and converted metres into miles.  Also we went swimming.

Wednesday : on Wednesday we read about the pangolin and the year 5 did the spiders questions!

Thursday : we did Welsh with Mrs.Downes and read the replies to our Welsh letters from Lixwm school.  We made our animations using the ipads.  We had fun adding sound effects.  Later Mr Wright came in for Service…and we had a powercut!

Friday : in the morning it was Circle Time and then we played bench ball in P.E. and also we did a circuit course that Miss Roberts set up and then we made our own.   

Then we worked on our committees.  The Good Food Gang are very busy planning a special surprise and Georgia who is on the Play Ground Committee has been sending lots of emails to other School Councils.  She is hoping to meet up with some other School Councils to talk about Buddies.   

The Toilet Committee were excited to open the box with the new toy which is a prize for their competition which will be held on 25th February.  The competition is to raise money for a toilet twinning charity.


By Jasmin, Megan, Mark and Will




Miss Robert’s Class: Owain

It’s the final week of the half term and it’s Rowan, Ollie and Tristan! This week we wrote out letters to Sergeant Stubby. Miss Roberts posted them to Dog’s trust in Liverpool.


In our Language we have been learning about DEBATING. DEBATING is posh arguing. There are 2 sides, 1 side is against the statement and the other side is for the statement. You need to have lots of RESEARCH, plan your OPENING STATEMENT and your COMEBACKS! Ollie thinks it was FUN and Rowan thinks it was FUN talking too.


We had to plan a mood bard of the ideas for how we wanted our pet portrait to turn out! When we finally did our pet portraits we all had a really good idea of how we wanted them to look. We began by drawing our pet. We then had to begin with our base layer of paint or colouring pencil. We waited for it t dry so that then we could add another layer of colour or shading. This helped to add details and show the pet’s features more clearly.

Tristan really enjoyed painting. Rowan enjoyed looking at her finished piece of artwork. She felt very proud.


In Maths we have been looking at number sequences. There were some really challenging sequences, but we worked together and thought carefully about our times tables. Harri impressed us all by working out the trickiest one!


Thanks for reading. Remember to continue with your homework project! This week is to ‘generate’ the real thing!!

Can’t wait to see them on the first day back!


Have a great, fun and safe half term!



Mrs John's class: Branwen

We can’t believe half term is here already. We have worked collaboratively this week on 2 different projects. The first project relied on team work to create a habitat. We had to decide which animals lived in the habitat and why. We were either given the ocean, woodland, Antarctic or rainforest. Our final products looked amazing! Mrs John was very proud of us! We had to then stand up in our teams and present our habitat explaining how we worked together and what we did to create our masterpiece. This was a lovely evaluation which was recorded on our iPads. 

Our second project was a ‘debate’. Mrs john gave us a letter from Percy. He had news from the community council that a leisure centre was going to be built on Percy’s park and woodland. We expressed a lot of emotion however Isobelle questioned whether this would be ‘a good thing or a bad thing?’ Mrs John then split us into our 2 class teams and one team had to think of the good points of a leisure centre being built and the other team needed to think of the bad points. Pupils worked effectively together to draw and write how they felt and what their reasons were. Later Mrs John got us all ready for our ‘debate’ which we called an ‘argument’ and set to work. We took it in turns to express our views. Mrs John recorded us and we did get a little ‘heated’ in our discussion towards the end! It ended up as a good outcome when Robbie asked why the leisure centre couldn’t be built somewhere else...great thinking Robbie! 

A fantastic learning opportunity which was so real for the children.

The valentines disco was great fun and a lovely end to another fantastic half term. 




Review of the week: 3rd February 2018

The diary has been full of meetings for me this past week, which kept me away from the children.  However one meeting was organised by the children themselves.  The School Council and their committees have been very busy recently planning and taking actions to continue moving forward for school improvement. See the School Council updated page.  


Answers to their recent queries and opportunities to network keep arriving into the office email box.  One query by the Good Food Gang resulted in an official visit from a representative of the school meals service who came out to meet with the children. What a response!  Already the Pupil Voice has been heard and the Good Food Gang’s concerns are being taken up by Flintshire County Council’s school meals department.


I also met this week with Mrs Meadon (Head of Nercwys school), Mr Doran (community governor), and Jane Meakin (theatre in education director) to think about a very exciting joint project which the children from both schools will be working on.  We plan to present the performance to parents shortly after the Easter break.  It is a great opportunity to work with Nercwys and an exciting project for our two small village schools to join together to create a special platform to celebrate our children’s creativity and learning. 


I again met with Mrs Meadon on Thursday as we travelled to London to attend a conference run by the Foundation for Educational leadership.  It was fascinating to hear the work being done in different communities around Britain and how local communities have drawn together with their schools to provide some very exciting and innovative opportunities for local people.   I also realised just what a strong and ‘connected’ community Nannerch continues to be.  It was inspiring to have the opportunity to hear of great things happening despite the challenges being faced by all British communities at present. 


I have to end this week’s blog post with huge congratulations to Nannerch’s famous ex-pupil and our parent governor, the brilliant Jonny Duddle who appeared on Blue Peter this week…and it was actually the 5000th episode!  Well done Jonny, Harry Potter looked suitably excited to have been awarded the new diamond Blue Peter badge!


Dates (see calendar for all dates)


Mrs Downes



Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion

Our week started with reading Sky Hawk, our class book. We read a couple of paragraphs and used all our reading skills to explain our answers. We used passages from sky hawk to practise punctuating direct speech and wrote our imaginary conversations using the characters from Sky Hawk. We have been investigating measure, which units to use and how to convert from one unit to another. In science we learnt about habitats and we learnt lots of new words. We watched a video about different habitats.

We went swimming again on Tuesday and continued with measuring. In the afternoon we researched an animal and created a colourful fact card.

After spelling on Wednesday we had a visit from the Dog’s Trust. Bethan was very nice and told us all about how animals have been bred for different jobs and how they have evolved and adapted to the conditions they now live in.

On Thursday, in guided reading, we learnt about the dangers of keeping some pets. We discovered a lot of new words including Salmonella and associated. We had great fun in our maths quiz; in groups we were given a lot of different tasks to complete in twenty minute slots. The puzzles were very confusing to put together and only one person was allowed to touch the puzzle! In Welsh we used a lot of different books to find and sort animal words. We finished the day to find out there are some new clubs starting in school.

We spent the start of Friday morning doing guided reading to do with turtles and making up questions to do with the passage we were reading. After that Luke and Steve came to do football and match reports on a match from our own ideas. We finished the week sketching Ospreys.


Evie, Megan, Morgan     



Miss Robert’s Class: Owain

Hi, it is Rosie and Harri writing the blog! :)

On Monday in RE we learned about Hinduism and their sacred cow. Hindus make a ghee from a cows milk. The ghee is used to keep fires burning for a long time!

In Welsh we were describing what different animals look like. 

In maths this week we have been checking our column addition using subtraction!

In our Topic we classified animals in lots of different ways. We created a Venn diagram, a Carroll diagram and a classification key. We had to ask lots of questions to lead you to each animal. 

In guided reading we have been doing self-monitoring and then answering questions all about a text which we read. It compared frogs and toads, but did you know that a toad actually is a frog!

We had a visitor this wee too! Bethan, from Dogs Trust came in to talk to us about owning a dog today, compared to during the wartime. She talked to us about a dog called Louie and how his owners kept him safe during WW2.

After her visit we did some research on a famous war dog called Sergeant Stubby. We have decided that he was so special we are going to write him a letter yo say thank you!


Our homework is to learn our spellings and to continue with our project. Week 2 is to 'generate' new facts and information! Good luck!


Rosie and Harri. 


Mrs John's class: Branwen

We heard another Percy story this week and it was all about a big storm. We have been talking a lot in school about the weather and how it sometimes keeps us awake like Percy in his story. We had a little letter from him to ask us to check our area outside after the storm. We couldn’t believe how much work there was to do! We first wrote lists of everything that needed doing and then set to work! Mrs John still needs to buy some flowers and plants but she promised she would get some!

Often extreme weather can make us feel a bit anxious or scared although some of us find it very exciting! We set to work thinking of what makes us scared. Pupils are helping each other work through what makes them scared and offer advice to support. 

We had to produce ‘A Day in the Life of Percy’ and decide what Percy might do during the day whilst making a sensible estimation on the time he completes tasks. 

We are furthering our strength and co-ordination in gymnastics. We have been performing 4 different rolls and linking them in within other body schooling movements. Nursery and Reception were fantastic playing hot potato and using beanbags to balance on different parts of our bodies. We used the parachute and had so much fun, giggling the whole time! 

One more week before half term, how time flies when you are having fun :-)


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