Notes from the Head

Review of the week: 28th January 2018

Another busy week and despite the stormy weather I do think we are finally starting to feel the benefit of the lighter nights and mornings.  It was certainly good to see a few blue skies this week!

We welcomed our police liaison officer P.C. Marc into school on Monday.  It is great for the children to have this opportunity for positive interaction with our community police.  P.C. Marc spoke to each class on aspects of safety and how to stay safe and helping others stay safe too. 

Some of our Year 6 pupils joined with their peers from local primary schools in a maths quiz organised by Liverpool University this week.  The children all enjoyed the event; Mrs Pierce was pleased with their team approach.

Once again I enjoyed spending time with both my own and the year 3&4 class this week.  It is a treat to teach and observe the children’s learning as they explore their creativity through writing, drawing, painting as well as using and developing their thinking and reasoning skills through maths.


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Mrs Downes



Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion

Monday: The top class did guided reading we had different questionnaires which were about frogs, chimpanzees and giraffes.

Then later in the morning Police Constable Marc came in and taught us about cyber bullying and that it’s wrong and shouldn’t be done because it can hurt other people. 

In the afternoon we did division and multiplying.


Tuesday: In the morning everyone went swimming for the second week. We practised our strokes and some of us did life saving. For topic we coloured a key and used a map of the world to locate where different animals live.  We continued to practise our division in maths. 


Wednesday: In the morning everyone did their guided reading. After break we did a spelling test and completed the worksheets.  In the afternoon four pupils went to Mold library to take part in a math quiz organised by Liverpool University. While Year 3 and 4 came into our class and Mrs Downes taught us about time.


Thursday: We read some of Sky Hawk and described the character of Callum in the story from what we found in the book.  Then we wrote a story describing our feelings as the character.  In maths we looked at time and converting from digital to analogue.  Some of us converted hours, minutes and seconds.  We also worked on time problems.

Friday: We played a game in circle time where we had to catch someone while we were blindfolded, we laughed a lot.  Then Steve and Luke came in for football.  Later we worked on our paintings and worked on our actions for the Toilet and Playground Committees and the Good Food Gang.

By Seren, Megan and Will



Miss Robert’s Class: Owain


Hi, it's Oscar and Tilly.


On Monday PC Mark came into class to talk to us about keeping safe online. We looked at what makes strong and weak passwords. We watched a short video about it.

We watched a TV show called Animals at Work. We watched a springer spaniel being trained to be a pet detective to find missing animals. It also told us about rats making a good pets even though in the Middle Ages rats brought the black death by caring fleas.

On Tuesday morning we went to Holywell swimming baths and had a fun time. In the afternoon we were with Miss Douggie, we looked at sacred animals around the world.

On Wednesday we were with Mrs Downes. We have been looking at a book called Blodeuwedd, we painted 8 parts of the story and we have been training our brain.

We have looked at letter writing; we had to organise a letter and put it in the right order. We then had to highlight the different sentence starters in the letter. 

On Thursday Miss Roberts gave a sheet of paper with different statements all about animals. We had organise the information into a chart to say whether each statement was a fact or an opinion.

We have looked at an artist called Sharon Cummings and her colourful pictures of animals.

On Friday we were with Miss Douggie doing P.E.. We played warm up games and ball skills. We finished with a football match.

Our new homework has been set. It is a project on animals! We also have new spellings. Thanks for reading! 


Mrs John's class: Branwen

This week we have begun our new genre ‘instructional’ writing. We were given a task of making bird feeders using a set of instructions. It was great fun and once they were made we hung them outside for the birds. We have been talking a lot about birds this week, birds which migrate and birds who have adapted to live in our country.

Our enhanced role play area ‘Percy’s hut’ has encouraged a great deal of independent collaboration between pupils. Pupils have created a play between themselves including props and ‘snowfall’ on a pulley system! They have also agreed what they need to do to improve it. A very mature approach and I’m looking forward to seeing how this develops next week.

In numeracy we were using strategies to work out time problems based on Percy’s day. We have also made a seasons wheel this week so pupils understand the changes during the year. 

Nursery have had a lovely week exploring woodland animals, painting and creating. In P.E we had to move around safely following instructions before collecting and matching coloured cones.  We performed animal shapes which was fun, there were a lot of giggles!

Older pupils are performing simple gymnastic sequences focusing on how their movements link together. We have spent some time on our Mini Yoga and we are learning important techniques to support us emotionally.  Our favourite yoga pose this week was ‘Giggle Breath’, one to use if we are feeling upset or need cheering up


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Review of the week: 20th January 2018

Another busy week here in school, and the children are again immersed in their new topic of ‘Animals’. Already work is being produced ready to decorate the classroom walls as we set the scene for the term’s learning.  

I enjoyed working with the Years 3 & 4 this week, we continued to look at how our brain works and how important the choices we make can be.  It was interesting to think about the story of Goldilocks and how her choices affected the three bears!

The children thought about some choices they make every day and how making the right choice can be difficult sometimes especially when it is about ‘getting out of bed’!  We thought about how taking responsibility is a sign of growing up.


The Year 5 & 6 were busy at the end of the week planning school actions.  The School Council oversee the different committees: Toilet, Playground and Good Food.  All the committees have some very good ideas for making sure our school continues to be a pleasant place.  The children have been busy emailing their peers in local schools to share ideas and also some of the county council departments who work with schools to find information on how to take their ideas for improvement forward. 


Dates (see calendar for all dates)


Wednesday 31st January – Dogs Trust Workshops for Years 3-6

Thursday 8th February – PTA Valentines Disco

Thursday 22nd February – PTA Book Swap Café 3-4.15pm

Thursday 1st March – Dogs Trust for Foundation Phase

Saturday 10th March –PTA  Mothers Afternoon tea Café

Thursday 22nd March – Celebration Event 6.30pm tbc

Mrs Downes



Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion

Our topic this term is ‘Animals’ and in Science we are thinking about all living things and what they have in common.  This week we looked at classification of animals sorting them into vertebrates and invertebrates.  We researched facts about invertebrates groups of animals.

We are asking the question, ‘is it your right to have a pet?’ as we consider what is a right and what is a privilege.  In guided reading we read about animals in zoos and how their keepers care for them.

We found a picture of our favourite animal and used it to inspire a piece of artwork in the style of artist and designer Sanna Annukka.  We explored how Sanna uses colour and pattern to create her work and used these techniques to produce some wonderful paintings. 

In maths this week we have been learning about multiplication and division by powers of 10. 

For language we have continued to explore narrative and using the class book Sky Hawk we explored how the actions of characters are used in a plot.  We also worked together to create and build our own stories.

The 25th of January is World Religion Day, we learnt about six of the main world religions and the symbols, holy books, prophets, and other facts.  

On Tuesday we went to Holywell swimming baths and on Friday Wrexham Football Club came in and we began to collect facts for writing a match report.



Miss Robert’s Class: Owain


It was been a very busy week for us!

At the start of the week we had our first swimming session. Everyone enjoyed the trip to Hollywell Swimming baths and our first session getting put into groups and practicing our swimming. 


In class we have been finding the difference between 2 numbers. One way you can find the difference is by subtracting the smaller number away from the big number. Instead we decided to add on from the small number.


In Language we have started a new genre of writing, formal letter writing. 

We have looked at different letters and found which features they all have in common. We have also completed a formal letter which had lots of the important parts missing! 


We have an exciting art project which we begun looking at. Our homework is to take a photograph of a pet and bring it into school so that we can use this to help us create a pet portrait! So far we have investigated the 7 elements of art and what each one means. 

We also have MyMaths is it have not yet been completed. 


In our Topic work we have been learning about 'Animals in Work'. We have discussed the different jobs which animals do for humans and we thought about whether we think the animals would enjoy the different jobs. We also created a Venn diagram to show some of the jobs animals did in the past and the present. 


Another busy week coming up so I hope you all get a chance to rest and recharge!


Mrs John's class: Branwen

What a fantastic week we have had! Pupils have really embraced the new topic and their learning. I am so impressed with our new nursery pupils settling in and engaging in a range of activities. In P.E Nursery listened really carefully responding to games which promoted movement and numeracy. We had so much fun!

Our older pupils have completed guided reading tasks, visualising, questioning and self monitoring. The sessions were all linked to our animals topic in particular hibernation and woodland animals. 

We were busy editing our recounts to produce a final piece of writing. It was tricky finding where punctuation was missing and having to remember finger spaces and alternative connectives. 

We have continued learning how to tell the time using an analogue clock and Yr 2 have been converting analogue into digital time as well as learning quarter to and quarter past. 

Mrs John was telling us mini stories about Percy and we had to work out what time he finished different jobs. 

Our new Percy Hut is full of lovely books to read and we are enjoying role play in Percy’s kitchen. 

The homework which has been set is to have fun creating a mini project about a chosen animal. This is to be presented in class week beginning 22nd Jan. 


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Review of the week: 14th January 2018

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

Happy New Year


As always it is good to see everyone has returned to school safely following the Christmas break.  We do currently have a number of children and staff a little ‘under the weather’ and I sincerely hope everyone is soon well and we can say goodbye to these dark winter days.  Already in our forest school area signs of spring and new shoots are beginning to be seen.


Both Mrs John and I have had a busy start to the term attending meetings.  So it has been especially lovely to have time to be in class with the children.  I particularly enjoyed having the opportunity to work with the Years 3&4 this Friday, exploring our ‘team brain’ and discovering how this vital organ helps us make decisions, choices and stores memories.   We also began to look at one of the legends from the Welsh Mabinogion, Blodeuwedd a wonderful story and we were able to practise our welsh too.


Whilst I was happily working in class with Years 3&4, Miss Roberts worked alongside our colleague Steve from Wrexham Football Club to coach the Years 5&6.  It is a great way to share expertise and we will continue with this team teaching approach every Friday morning up until Easter.  


Due to the cold and unpredictable weather, our extra curricular clubs will resume after February half term.  This is a very short and busy half term with school finishing for half term on Friday 9th February.  Please note: the children from Years 2 to 6 will be taking their Welsh National Tests between the period 2nd to 9th May.




Wednesday 21st February – First Aid training all juniors

Thursday 22nd February – First Aid – Foundation Phase

Friday 23rd March – Staff Training Day

Mrs Downes



Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion

Tuesday was our first day back after Christmas.  In the morning we did English and started to read our new class book which is called ‘Sky Hawk’ by Gill Lewis.  We looked at the cover and explored words which describe a hawk, and then we compared the prologue to chapter 1. We wrote a comparative analysis and used a passage from the book to practise our use of punctuation. 


In maths we looked at place value and rounding numbers to the nearest thousand. 


Our new topic is ‘animals’ and for homework we are writing a metaphor poem about an animal.


On Wednesday we did maths and in the afternoon we looked at the stories we wrote before Christmas, we read them aloud to the class and gave each other feedback.


On Thursday we watched a clip of a film and used it in our story writing workshop.  We used the dictionaries and thesaurus to find exciting ways to create atmosphere in our writing.  We continued our writing on Friday.


We enjoyed playing a game called ‘Five Pins’ in circle time and also we worked with Miss Roberts and Steve from Wrexham Football on our passing and retrieving skills.  With Steve we also looked at how match reports are written.

 Blog written with help from Callum M and Callum R-J



Miss Robert’s Class: Owain

Happy New Year! It’s Osian and Finlay, we are writing this week’s blog.

What an exciting first week back, catching up with all our friends and teachers.

One task which we have done in Language has been t write a reflective poem about Christmas day. We had to complete a sheet with describing words and verbs linked to our five senses, what we could see, hear, taste, smell and feel. At the end we had to put a sentence beginning with I wonder…. Osian wrote ‘I wonder how my yummy Christmas dinner is going to taste’. Finley wrote ‘I wonder what other families are doing right now’.

We have done a Maths games in Maths of the Day called Supermarket Sweep. We were working with money.  Miss Roberts hid some shopping items around the hall, working in pairs we had to collect as many items as we could and work out how much our shopping totalled to. 

In P.E. we played lots of football training games and then we had a football match. It was great fun!

Mrs Downes came into our class for some of Friday morning, which was a lovely treat. We did some Welsh and we looked at the book Blodeuwedd. We also did some brain training. We looked at different parts of our brain and have started to learn how different parts of our brain help us.

Our new class topic is Animals. We used the app. Padlet to help Miss Roberts find out what we already know about animals and what we want to find out more about. It was great to use the iPads. Osian’s favourite animal is a wild African dog.

Our new class book is Toad Rage by Morris Gleitzen. We have already read up to chapter 4. It seems to be a bit of a sad story up to now because Limpy’s uncles keep getting ran over. There are lots of funny bits too though! We think Limpy is going to get his revenge on the humans and jump on their cars. 


This week we have new spellings and there is also My Maths homework. Unfortunately the children have not been shown My Maths in school but it should be straight forward. 


Mrs John's class: Branwen

Happy new year and a huge welcome to our new Nursery families and pupils Harry, George, Ava, Xander and Jonas! Nursery have been full of smiles and really enjoyed exploring the learning areas. 

It has been a lovely week settling back into a routine. Pupils have been very excited about sharing their Christmas news and beginning their new topic ‘Animals’. 

Pupils were given opportunities to talk about what they already know about animals and what they would like to know as we explore the topic. We created some beautiful mind maps and our older pupils organised and sorted animals who live in different habitats. 

Our class book Percy The Park Keeper was a lovely introduction to woodland animals and this led us onto thinking about hibernation. 

Pupils are helping create Percy’s hut and kitchen for role play and have begun creating woodland animals. 

In P.E we enjoyed learning how to get the large gymnastic mats out safely. At the end of our lesson we performed a short sequence of 4 body schooling movements. Our friends had to give us 2 stars and a wish to help us progress further next week. Nursery enjoyed listening and taking part in circle games before engaging in the coloured hoop game showing super control! Da iawn. 

Reading homework only this week. Have a lovely weekend!  


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