Notes from the Head

Review of the week: 15th December 2017

It has been a very traditional run up to Christmas this year, and especially more so with the addition of snow.  Our local area looked very beautiful with a thick, white blanket of glittering snow however the deep snow and freezing temperatures made the paths and roads more hazardous than we felt comfortable with.  Hence the decision to close the school, I do apologise for the inconvenience this closure may have caused, however we are pleased both pupils and staff have returned safe and with no injuries. 


We planned a busy end to our autumn term. This week we combined our annual theatre trip with the Christmas lunch.  This made for a very exciting day!  Everyone who went to the 'Chester Story House' appeared to have enjoyed the ‘Secret Seven’ show.  It was made even more exciting for the children to return to school for Christmas lunch.

As always Scott our school cook made a great job catering for our whole school including children, school staff, the Nursery children and some of our local community including Revd Daniel Stroud. It was a very friendly, happy atmosphere.  

Thanks to Callum for helping to decorate the dining hall.



Next week we will be holding our Christmas productions on Tuesday and Wednesday, the children have been busy rehearsing.  This is to be followed by the PTA’s Christmas Fayre on Thursday afternoon taking place from 3pm till 5pm.


School will finish for Christmas on Friday 22nd December and the children will return to school on Tuesday 9th January 2018.

Mrs Downes



The staff, Governors and I wish all our children, families and community a

very happy Christmas and a peaceful 2018. 

Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion

This week we have been determined to learn and practise our Christmas play, also recently the stage has been put up so that means we can practise when to come in and where to sit on the performance day. We have thoroughly enjoyed working together with the year 3 and 4 over the past couple of weeks.

On Wednesday we went as a whole school to the Story House in Chester. We saw the Secret Seven play.

We loved watching it. In addition we had an amazing school Christmas dinner thanks to Scott and all the teachers, staff, 

Reverend Daniel, some of our school governors and also our lovely school council.


On Thursday we had a bit of finishing to do before Christmas, we have finished some Welsh letters for Lixwm and also we have been writing a story.


On Friday we went to Wrexham football ground for the day. Some people have really loved the football themed numeracy challenges over the past 5 weeks, we have also been football training with the Wrexham coaches. We have enjoyed playing mini tournaments and warm up games.

By Gracie and Markel



Miss Robert’s Class: Owain

We have had a wonderful term and would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas



Mrs John's class: Branwen

Another fun packed exciting week with snow and a special outing! 

We learnt so much about snow on Tuesday. To save us getting cold and wet in the morning, Mrs John brought the snow inside for us to play with! We made mini sculptures and painted it. Slowly the snow melted to coloured water and we had a lot of discussions around freezing temperatures and how heat melts snow. At lunch time we went outside and made giant snowmen! We worked together with our friends and had so much fun. 

On Wednesday we went to see The Secret Seven at the Storyhouse in Chester. What a lovely story, we really enjoyed it! When we arrived back to school, Scott was ready to serve us a magnificent Christmas dinner. It was yummy! Our day ended with a little Service and prayer. 

On Thursday we were set a task to research interesting facts about reindeer. Yr 2 had to research using the computers or iPads. They made fantastic fact-file posters with super information, pictures and even reindeer jokes! They worked hard all day and enjoyed creating their masterpieces! Yr 1 and Reception were finding out all about reindeer’s from our class Christmas story. We found out how reindeer fly at Christmas and we giggled to know they love ice-cream! 

We are looking forward to next weeks Christmas concerts where we can share with you our lovely nativity. 
We wish you a very happy Christmas and  a happy new year. 


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Review of the week: 10th December 2017

Count down to Christmas has begun here in school…. with so much happening it is impossible not to be caught up in the festive spirit.  The rehearsals for the concerts are going well and I am so impressed with how well the children know the songs and their lines.  Thank you to all our parents for helping the children with this.  I love the Nativity plays in school, especially more now my own children are grown up.  


We have Christmas Elves dotted around the school; they are helping raise money for Nightingale House Hospice and look really Christmassy in their bright green and red outfits.


And on Friday we had a ‘snow day’ hence no class blogs this week!

Apologies for any disruption caused due to the closure of school.  I do hope parents were able to organise care for their children.  Thanks to those who were able to quickly inform other parents of the closure via the PTA Facebook page.  I hope the weather conditions improve and school can continue as normal next week.  I will endeavour to communicate with parents via the Flintshire County Council as soon as any decision of closure has been made.   


We were due to celebrate Advent on Friday with a Christingle themed Croeso Pawb, however this was cancelled due to the weather.  We hope now to celebrate Christingle at school during the week.  Thank you as always to Mr and Mrs Wright for coming into school to help the children create their Christingle oranges.


There is plenty to look forward to over the next two weeks; on Wednesday the children will be attending the Story House in Chester to watch ‘The Secret Seven’.  They will return to school for Christmas lunch with Nursery invited to join us for this.  On Friday 15th the juniors will be visiting Wrexham football grounds as part of the Numeracy and football coaching programme.


On the 19th and 20th December the Christmas concerts will be held.  The PTA and School Council will be holding a raffle at these events.  The School Council will be writing to parents next week to request donations for the raffle hampers, which they will then make up with their class.  An ‘indulgent’ hamper will also be created with items from all 3 themes.


Foundation will be creating a ‘chocolate’ hamper with request for donations of chocolates, biscuits, tree decorations.

Years 3 & 4 will be creating a ‘pamper’ hamper with requests of bath products, soap, bath bombs, and candles.

Years 5 & 6 will be creating a ‘drinks and beverages’   hamper with soft drinks, tea, coffee, and beer/wine.


We will hold our Christmas Fayre on Thursday 21st December from 3pm-5pm, and finally on 22nd December we will finish for Christmas.  It’s a very long term and the children have all worked really well.  The work in every class has been super.  I do think the children are ready for a good Christmas holiday and well deserved rest from school. 


Please note: Tuesday’s Football Festival with Nercwys has been postponed until the New Year.


See Calendar for updated activities and dates

Mrs Downes


Review of the week: 3rd December 2017

As the nights close in and the weather becomes colder our school day becomes busier and busier.  The Advent season has arrived with a lovely whoosh here in Ysgol Nannerch!  We were all thrilled when the postman delivered both the Christmas cards and our ‘Songs from the Heart’ CD’s this week.  We played the songs during lunch, Scott was singing along as he served lunch.  I’m looking forward to playing the CD in my car as I drive to work every morning.  A great way to start the day.

Mr Weston our Chair of Governors was in school this week to meet with Simon the Chair of our School Council.  Simon and his team on the school Council had plenty to tell Mr Weston about all the recent events they have led in school including last week’s charity event and the links the children are making with Nercwys School Council.

The Edible Car Challenge was very successful.  The children throughout the school worked well and produced some fantastic designs.  The ‘Edible car Challenge’ is a first class example of the innovative learning taking place within our school curriculum.  I was so impressed observing the children’s creative achievements.

Rosa had a special birthday this week, we sang happy birthday and presented her with flowers and a special gift.  Rosa is our longest serving member of staff here in Nannerch.  She originally set up the After School Club provision when her own children were in the school.  Thank you Rosa for your commitment and for being such an important part of our school.

I spent Thursday working at the Alun School in Mold with teachers and headteachers from within our local consortium of schools.  It was good to work together and have the opportunity to share the work taking place with pupils.  The local schools work together as a collaborative group to ensure standards across the consortium are high and transition to high school is smooth.

Next week is our Christingle Croeso Pawb.  Please join us for a short service in the church at 2.30pm on 8th December if you are available.  Tea and cake will be served in the church at 3pm, an ideal chance for a catch up over a cuppa.  


See Calendar for updated activities and dates

Mrs Downes


Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion

This has been a busy and of fun packed week as we took part in the ‘Edible Car Challenge’.  Lots of our work in class has been linked to this.  In Guided Reading some of us read about the world’s fastest cars.  Year six read a report about young drivers and their approach to driving.  We believe young people have fast reaction times but tend to overestimate their ability to avoid hazards.  Something to think about as we get older!

During the edible car challenge we designed our cars and created a ‘shopping list’ of what we would need.  Mrs John and Jack went to the supermarket, Jack said it was hard work looking for everything on the list!  We used our knowledge of force, friction, acceleration and gravity to help us design a prototype for a carbohydrate car.

Racing the cars was such fun.  We were judged on cars that were: fastest, most creative and most durable.  ‘Broc Bro’ designed by Callum R-J and Markel was the car which travelled furthest at 2m 80cm.  The most durable car was ‘Fast food’ designed by Megan and Morgan and the most creative car Titane was designed by Joe, Callum M and Will.

We used our skills and knowledge of formula in Maths to find the volume of compound shapes. Later in the week we worked on using data from Wrexham football Club to produce bar graphs and line graphs.

On Friday we visited our friends in Lixwm, this was part of the Festival of Welsh History.   We watched a play about the eisteddfod poet Hedd Wyn during the First World War, it was funny and sad too.   

We have been busy practising songs for the Christmas Concert and learning our scripts. It is important that we work together as a team for the play.  It is a very exciting time of year!



Miss Robert’s Class: Owain

This week the children have been very busy! So unfortunately there is no blog from the pupils. Instead here is an overview of some of the things we have been up to!



  • Christmas play practice

  • Making an advent calendar

  • The Edible Car challenge- Planning, designing, making, adapting and testing our cars! Reflecting on the results and discussing whole process.

  • Circle time

  • Our Voice Matters questionnaires

  • Listening to our first CD!

  • Kahoot spelling quiz

  • Football practice with Wrexham FC

  • Decorating our classroom


We hope you enjoy looking at the photographs of the Edible car challenge. 

All of the children have new spellings to learn.


Enjoy your weekend, Miss R :)


Mrs John's class: Branwen

A very exciting week had by all with the Edible Car Challenge which took place throughout the week. Pupils had to begin by designing their vehicle with a choice of fruit and vegetables. Pupils had to write a shopping list of all the ingredients they needed and predict the distance they thought their car would travel once it was sent down a ramp. Pupils had a choice of using standard or non-standard units of measure. 

The day of the competition...
We spent time in the morning making our cars using cocktail sticks to fix all our parts. We joined the juniors in the hall for our big moment, taking it in turns to roll our cars down the ramp. We waited with anticipation as to whether our cars would survive the journey and how far they would travel! The longest journey was Orla's car which went 1m. The most creative cars were Alfie and Iris'. 

We had to evaluate our car and work out the difference between the predicted and actual journey. It didn't stop there, Mrs John then asked us to cost our cars using price lists. This was a fantastic Numeracy challenge which everyone participated in and seeing Nursery make their car with Mrs Whitehead was wonderful. 

The Christmas Nativity is progressing and children are enjoying their singing. Thank you to Mrs Biddle and Mrs Whitehead for making and organising all the costumes, they are doing a sterling job!

No homework this week. 



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