Notes from the Head

Review of the week: 26th November 2017

Often life in school is challenging, especially in today’s world of target setting and high expectations…however this week I saw from the children just what can be achieved with real team spirit and a common goal.  In September the members of our School Council made the decision to plan for a charity week.  The leadership skills which have been displayed during this project have been outstanding.   


We have watched the children work together and lead the whole school towards a meaningful outcome in ways that have combined their individual skills.  From the setting of a homework task for the Christmas Boxes, to organising tombola’s and games, the children have had complete ownership and responsibility for their planning and organising.  Mrs Pierce left me a note of what the Year 5&6 had worked on in class this week;


“ … we started on Monday thinking about the word ‘charity’ and what it means to us.  In Guided Reading we discovered that everyone is able to ‘give’ something and Mark Twain’s philosophy was to say, ‘the best way to cheer someone up is to cheer yourself up’.


I think Ysgol Nannerch…you certainly succeeded in both!


I was fortunate to accompany our football team out to the Mountain League on Friday, well done to all who played, it was a gripping few matches, everyone worked well together and displayed good sportsmanship.


See Calendar for updated activities and dates over the next few weeks

Mrs Downes


Homework and learning resources
Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion

This week has been our charity week.  On Monday we did maths.  We compared costs and potential profit, looking at which fund raising event would make the best profit ‘Trash or Treasure’ or a ‘tombola’.  


In Guided Reading we had to answer questions about charity, by reading a text. In the afternoon we collected the Christmas boxes and toys for the tombola.


Then on Tuesday we did a word search in Guided Reading about bias and opinion, then in Science we looked at statements that can mislead us.  In maths we revised the names and properties of 3D shapes.  In the afternoon we had guess the name of the teddy, how many sweets in the tube and had the tombola.


Wednesday in maths we looked at volume of 3D shapes. Later we finished our class book Kensuke’s Kingdom.  Then in the afternoon Grace Gomm did a play with some close friends called ‘a phase of my life’ it was about breast cancer, it was very  an  emotional time for her family.


Thursday we could wear our own clothes or pj’s and Topic we thought about if an angel came to us what would we say?  We also wrote a letter to School Council to say thank you for the lovely week. In the afternoon we worked on a display on Kensuke’s Kingdom.


Friday, Luke and Steve from Wrexham football team came top coach us and with them we did some fun maths games and lots of fun football games.  Then later in the afternoon some of our school went to the Mold Alun for a big football tournament against lots of different schools.      By Georgia



Miss Robert’s Class: Owain

Hi, it is Emma and Magnus writing this week's blog! 


We started the week by gathering facts and information to create a report on a famous inventor. We focused on inventors of transport! Lots of the had invented other things too though. Emma thoroughly enjoyed doing it. Magnus had lot of fun too because he got to use the iPads. 


This week in maths we have been rounding numbers to the near 10 or 100. we also looked at negative numbers. We understood negative numbers best when comparing it to holes in the sand, and comparing positive numbers to sand castles! We were all able to add and subtract negative numbers. 


This week we finished our lovely story, 'The Pony Who Went To Sea'. 

We have created amazing story boards. We are looking forward doing some more work on story writing next week. 


Thanks for reading! 


Mrs John's class: Branwen


This week we have been exploring different ways of sorting in Maths. Younger pupils have sorted colours, shapes and numbers. Older pupils have been learning how to sort into a Venn Diagram and a Carroll Diagram. Pupils have also been deciding on their own criteria and next week we will be creating a Venn Diagram in Literacy. 

We are beginning to learn our parts for the Christmas Nativity. The songs are coming along nicely and we are learning how to speak out with confident voices. 

Our school council have been busy organising a charity week for us and we really enjoyed the games and wearing our pyjamas to school. We thought Grace's play was brilliant, her friends were super stars supporting her and we loved the happy ending. Our lovely Christmas boxes were taken on Wednesday and we are all very proud of ourselves for giving such wonderful treats to children less fortunate than ourselves. 

It is MyMaths homework this week for Years 1 and 2. Reception have a sorting activity in their homework books. 


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Review of the week: 19th November 2017

There was a lively buzz of excitement in school this week which has been very infectious!  Tuesday was the long awaited recording of the children’s singing.  They did so very well and were all tired after a long day of singing their hearts out.  Thank you so much to Sarah Williams for the energy she has poured into this project, also thanks to Mrs Selwyn for supporting us with teaching the music and songs.  I am looking forward to hearing the CD and have already promised a few people that I’ll be gifting them a copy.  


School Council have been busy planning this week, they have finalised the activities for next week’s ‘Charity Week’ in school.  Thank you so much to all parents for your generous contributions into the Christmas Box appeal, these will be delivered to the depot next week.  The School Council have planned  a tombola and some guessing games on Tuesday.

On Wednesday parents and families are welcome to join us for assembly at 2.30pm in the school hall.  Gracie will be sharing her feelings and thoughts about Breast Cancer.  There will be a donations jar available.

Thursday gives the children an opportunity to dress up for Children in Need, cakes will also be on sale. 


On Friday 1st December the annual Advent celebration will be held in St Michael’s church, tickets are £5 and can be obtained from school.  All proceeds will go to the Alzheimer’s Society.


See Calendar for updated activities and dates over the next few weeks

Mrs Downes


Homework and learning resources
Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion


This week in language we have looked at statements in newspaper reports and decided if they are true or false by using a search on the internet.


Maths: year 5

In maths we used time challenge cards to solve and convert the 24 hour clock  we also did pie charts and 2d shapes

Maths : year 6

The yr 6 have been working on converting  measurements.  Fun mathematics fact for you- 37mm is 3.7cm



In welsh this week we have been learning our family names in Welsh and drawing a family tree.



In our topic books we have been thinking about what the peace means to us and writing down our ideas.


On Friday Wrexham football club came for their second week at Nannerch. We all played 'chicken or hero' then everyone split into 4 groups and played a tournament and are looking forward for Wrexham coming in next week.


We also did circle time everyone enjoyed it! 


Everyone has had a great week have a nice weekend everyone.


Blog by Seren, Evelyn and Grace G.



Miss Robert’s Class: Owain


It's Rowan and Ollie writing this week's blog. 

We started the week with our last forest school session of the year. This is an unfortunate event, but it is getting cold and close to Christmas. 

Luckily it was a fun one and we made bridges. Rowan thought hers was amazing, the best! Ollie though his was great too, until it collapsed because it wasn't stable.

Tuesday wasn't your usual day in school! We recorded our whole school CD. It is going to sound awesome. Make sure that you buy a copy! 

We have now all been given our characters for the Christmas play- Some people were very pleased (like Rowan and Ollie!). The play is quite funny.

In football with Wrexham FC we played a game called, Chicken or Hero and played 2 football matches. 

We all worked very well together in the numeracy challenge, finding information about the players. 

Finally. we also learnt about magnetism in Science this week. We had to predict is a material would attract  or repel from a magnet. 


We all have new spellings to learn this week. Our homework is to learn and practice our lines for the Christmas play.

Remember there is no forest school for us next week!


Thanks for reading our blog!  


Mrs John's class: Branwen


Tuesday was a big day having our voices recorded for our school CD. We sang our hearts out and can't wait to hear the finished article!

We have continued to work hard with school council, trying to persuade them that a new uniform for Forest School is a good idea! We received a reply today from School Council to say they had contacted Forrester Sports and we will have a new hoodie and tracksuit bottoms to buy soon! We are so excited, but as usual we have gone to another level trying to design our new uniform with spangly tassels and multicoloured wellies! It's now a job for Mrs John to manage class expectations!

We carried out an experiment this week using ramps and cars. Younger pupils had to predict and find out whether a higher ramp would make a car travel further. Older pupils had to change the surface that the car was travelling on and predict results using centimetres and metres. It was excellent to see how pupils tested their predictions and how they made decisions and questioned their answers. 

In Maths we have been learning number bonds from 5, 10, 20 and 100. Addition facts are important and we are learning a range of methods in order to find answers. 

We know if we make mistakes it helps our brain grow, this helps us stay focused and positive about our learning journey. 

The Christmas Nativity has begun, the first song has been sung and parts given out, very exciting!

Only reading homework this week :)

Next week is Charity Week. Please remember a toy (that you don't play with anymore) to sell in the tombola and bring £1 to school on Tuesday. 

Pyjama day and Cake sale on Thursday so please provide a cake and bring some money for Children In Need! Thank you. 


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Review of the week: 10th November 2017

Welcome back to a new half term, this one being rather dark and cold outside! 

Pupils this term have been working hard on their Golden Rules and following our school ethos. In our service with Mr Wright we reflected on making mistakes which happens to us all. Brennin Yr Wythnos awards were for resilience and perseverance, life skills which are so important yet can be so difficult to endure at times. 

I always say in our services how proud I am of our children and it is them which makes our lovely school so special. 

Chatterbox was a very well attended morning and it was lovely to see new faces. The focus was reading this week and it gave parents more insight into the early reading steps crucial to our children's development. The morning also gives parents a chance to chat, have a coffee and ask questions. Thank you Mrs Whitehead for running these sessions, the last one will be next Thursday. 

Mrs Downes has been away from school this week working with headteachers from across the counties of Flintshire, Denbighshire and Conwy to create strategies for leading high performance teams. 

I was joined by a Governor and representative from our regional school support this week to monitor our standards. This was an excellent afternoon highlighting the progress that children make in our school. A big thank you to Mrs Pierce, Miss Roberts and all staff for their hard work and dedication which shone through yet again. 

We hope you like the Christmas card designs, may I remind you that the deadline to order is 14th November. 

On Tuesday we have the recording studio working with us on our new CD. We are all so excited! Thank you PTA for arranging this and Mrs Selwyn for kindly helping us with the fine tuning.


See Calendar for updated activities and dates over the next few weeks 

Mrs John

Deputy Headteacher

Homework and learning resources
Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion

We’ve had a very busy week back from the half term holiday. We started our week looking at classic car adverts and all the strange abbreviations used. We practised punctuating conversations, remembering to include all the spoken words within inverted commas.


In maths we calculated the area of irregular shapes and then used a formula to help us find the area firstly of rectangles and then had to work out the area of compound shapes – tricky! Year 5 ordered time words and calculated how long a birthday lasts in seconds! Year 6 busily converted units of measure, sometimes using feet, inches and stones.


Year 5 took a close look at how the price of petrol is made up from duty, VAT and production costs using their numeracy skills to compare prices. Year 6 became garage mechanics and were asked to find the cheapest quote for a service for a mini cooper. They had a lot of prices to compare and even had to find out the number of spark plugs needed! They were realistic, their prices varied just like the garages!


In science we looked at reducing friction. We had to plan, carry out and evaluate our own ideas. This meant a lot of soap, polish and fairy liquid being spread on the desks, but we did get some great results.


We have done a lot of singing this week and are looking forward to recording our voices on Tuesday.


We all thoroughly enjoyed Wrexham football visitors today. Taking part in Numeracy activities in the Hall and lots of games on the field later. We look forward to doing this next week!



Miss Robert’s Class: Owain


Hello. It is Osian, Harri & Rosie this week! :)


We have done lots of Science this week. We were looking at Newtons and the force of gravity. We planned a fair test. This means that you can only change 1 thing. Before we did the test, we came up with a hypothesis! Our predictions!

We had to see which ball would land first when we dropped 3 different sized balls at the same time.

The results were interesting!


We have also been looking at each others' work and coming up with targets for each other. 

We were very lucky that Mrs Selwyn came into school to help us practice our songs for your CD! 


In maths we learnt what multiples are. We played lots of games to help us practice.


today we had our first session with Wrexham FC. We had lots of fun doing Maths and a football tournament. It was great!


We have new spellings to learn and a My Maths homework. 


Thanks for reading! :) 


Mrs John's class: Branwen

It has been a busy week getting back into a routine. Pupils have sung their hearts out whilst performing the songs in readiness for the big day on Tuesday! 

In Maths we have been investigating non-standard and standard measures. Alongside this pupils have been estimating which has proved tricky. For pupils to understand this is a reasonable 'guess' is sometimes contradictory when they want to work out the actual answer. 

We have had a lot of fun reading the follow up story to Mrs Armitage! The Queen of the Road has been a big hit. The story begins with a letter so that has been a perfect introduction to our new genre. Pupils have received a letter from Mrs Armitage which caused a lot of excitement! We have written replies to her ensuring we organised the letter appropriately thinking carefully about the content. 

It was our last Forest School session this week and we celebrated Autumn with the fabulous story, Leaf Man. Pupils have decided to request a new uniform for Forest School in the new year. They are going to be busy writing a persuasive letter to our School Council for them to take forward as a priority! Excellent work Branwen. 

MyMaths homework for Yr 1 and 2. Measuring activity in homework books for Reception.


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