Notes from the Head

Review of the week: 29th October 2017

The eight week half term finally caught up with us all this week, we are certainly ready for a break from school routine. My class were all happy to snuggle down and listen to stories being read to them by Friday… a chance to step back and begin to wind down.  

The week began with a visit from Nercwys School Council. The pupils from both schools are enjoying the opportunity to share ideas and compare their two schools. Martha our Chair of School Council has said the they are all keen to develop more opportunities to meet.


Our Autumn Term parents evening took place on Tuesday, providing an opportunity to discuss how the children are settling into school and their class.  There was plenty of work available in books and children were proud to share their learning with parents. The next parents evening will be held in the Spring Term however please do contact your child’s teacher if you have any concerns.


The children enjoyed the Pumpkin Disco on Thursday Evening, thank you so much to the PTA for organising this popular event and for all parents and staff who helped. Special thanks to Mr Tucker for acting as DJ. Well done children your costumes were super and special well done to those parents who dressed up for the occasion too!


We have been busy producing art work this week ready to be produced into a range of Christmas card designs. Again thanks to the PTA for coordinating this, I am looking forward to choosing my own Christmas cards from the children’s designs. The children’s images are all lovely and very bright and colourful.  

In addition the practising of singing in readiness for the recording of our Nannerch CD is going well, thanks to Mrs Selwyn for helping to keep us tuned in.  Thanks also to Mrs John and Mrs Sarah Williams for working so hard on the design of the CD cover. The PTA will sell the finished product in readiness for Christmas, a really lovely memento and gift idea.


Please note there will be no extra curricular clubs (excepting Mad Science) in the next half term as we begin our preparations for Christmas. Clubs will resume again in the Spring Term.


See Calendar for updated activities and dates over the next few weeks 

Mrs Downes


Homework and learning resources
Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion

This week we continued to investigate the symmetry of regular polygons and to identify and name the different regular and irregular 2D shapes.  We are also learning to name and classify shapes according to their angles and lines.


For English we continued to use powerful and persuasive language to create an advert.  We are nearly coming to end of our class book Kensuke’s Kingdom and are really keen to find out what will happen to both characters.  We are also working really hard on our handwriting at the moment.  We are doing really well, although our hands and arms ache sometimes!


We have been busy creating art work for our Christmas cards this week; some of us have entered the Bishop’s Christmas Card Competition too.


We have been hearing the stories of different refugees and this week we learnt about the people who have to live in difficult circumstances.  We are keen help by sending Christmas Boxes.  We wrote a must, should, could homework.  We hope everyone will be able to take part and help people in need. 


We have started to practice our ‘mindful breathing’ again, and we have learnt about the importance of training and working our brain to improve its neuroplasticity.  It was interesting to think about how people can focus their mind and learn to concentrate more through correct breathing. 


It was good to end the week by spending time outside on the play equipment.  Have a great half term everyone!



Miss Robert’s Class: Owain

Finlay, Oscar and Tilly are writing this week’s blog… Hello everyone! What a busy and exciting week we have had.

This week in forest school we made up our own forest school songs. We worked in small groups, Oscar and Finlay created a rap. We all practised our songs then we took it in turns to perform in front of everyone. It was great fun, we all used different tunes and different lyrics. Each one was very different, but they all sounded great and told people abut how to stay safe and have fun in forest school.

In Maths we have been finding the perimeter of different shapes. We had our own booklets to work through, there were different shapes for us to work out the distance of the perimeter for and we had to find the perimeter of a tennis court, swimming pool, an island and a football pitch!

In Language we planned out and wrote our first draft of our reports on different animals. Finlay’s report is about horses. Did you know horses sleep standing up? Oscar’s report was on snakes. Did you know a snake sees in heat vision? Tilly;s report was also about horses. Did you know horses wear shoes made from metal? 

In P.E we have been making up our own games and making up our own rules.


Also this week was the disco! What an exciting night we had in the pumpkin party, having lots of dancing and fun. Our outfits were great! Daniel and Iris won the best dressed competition.

We are all looking forward to bonfire night and having a week off.

Stay safe and have a great half term.


We have homework set, but no spellings this week.


Mrs John's class: Branwen

A great end to a busy term with the pumpkin disco! Pupils had a great time, thank you to everyone.

Pupils have really enjoyed creating posters to advertise roller skates from the class book Mrs Armitage. We had to think about the design and special features, the price and the heading. We used alliteration to think of words to describe roller skates...I liked 'Riff- Raff Roller Skates' and 'Rocking, Rushing, Rolling Roller Skates'. Fantastic!

In Maths we have been working on place value and partitioning. We started the week partitioning teen numbers into tens and ones and quickly progressed onto hundreds and even thousands.

Nursery were given a treat on Wednesday when Reception, Yr 1 and  2 invited them to play their own mini games in P.E. It was so lovely to firstly see the older pupils planning and deciding on what their game would be and secondly watching them teach the younger pupils how to play their games. A lot of encouraging and nurturing was being observed from myself along with excellent problem solving and teamwork. 

It has been an extremely busy and long term so please have a good rest over the holiday and we look forward to seeing you all on the 6th November. 


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Review of the week: 22nd October 2017

It has been a very busy two weeks since our last blog, firstly well done to everyone for the research and creativity which was evident in the wonderfully informative hedgehog posters. The School Council judged and eventually after a difficult process arrived with their choice of three overall favourites. Congratulations to Morgan, Finlay and Callum who each won a gift voucher. Also thank you to our neighbour Mrs. Kate Smith for donating the prizes and especially for thinking up the idea of a poster to protect our resident Ysgol Nannerch hedgehog.

Congratulations to our Netball Club who played very well against other Flintshire schools in the Urdd Netball Festival recently. Ysgol Nannerch team went through to the semi finals and made us very proud as they came second!  ‘Well done’ from everyone in school.

The School Council have been busy organising for Wrexham Football club to come in and teach the juniors sessions of football along with Numeracy. It was during a visit to their peers in Nercwys that Martha and Simon saw the sessions taking place and in their role as Chair and Vice Chair of School Council decided to take this idea forward he in Nannerch. The sessions will begin on the first Friday after half term.

There have been a number of community events this week. The celebration of our Past & Present event was very well attended; children and staff enjoyed learning about the history of our lovely school. We were fascinated to meet some past pupils who attended the school during the 1930’s. We are all pleased that we no longer have the ‘strap’ and have indoor toilets in place of the old outdoor earth closets!  

Celebrating the journey of Ysgol Nannerch in this way made all feel proud to be a part of our school, it really was a very special occasion. The children’s creative expressions of ‘what Ysgol Nannerch means to me’ were all so unique and made a wonderful display around the classes. The feedback from the event was really positive and will be used to create a ‘spirit of place’ vision to take our lovely village school into the future.

On Thursday Mrs Whitehead held a Chatterbox session for parents. It was a very successful first session. We welcomed both new parents and existing families into school. Everyone involved had a lovely morning chatting, playing and discussing what will be on the agenda over the next few weeks.

It was a treat to welcome Emma and James’s granddad, Ivor, into school for a singing session this week.  Ivor brought along his guitar and along with Emma and James’s mum taught us all some new songs to sing.  We loved the actions. 

We have been very busy practising our singing lately as we are soon to be producing a CD of our favourites.  Mrs. Selwyn has been helping us with this.  The recording is due to take place on November 14th and the CD’s will be on sale shortly after.  Thanks to Mrs. Sarah Williams for organising this.  Sarah is also working hard to ensure the children’s Christmas card designs are printed and ready to go on sale.   The children have been busy designing cards both in class and during our recent Christmas Card Club. 

The Flintshire Food Bank has written to school thanking our parents and children for their donations which were collected at the recent Croeso Pawb service.  The items of food will be used to help Flintshire families in crisis over the coming months.


See Calendar for updated activities and dates over the next few weeks 

Mrs Downes


Homework and learning resources
Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion

The blog this week has been written by Jasmin.

In maths this week we learnt about angles, some of us measured both the interior and external angles. We measured angles of triangles using a protractor and looked at the angles in different types of triangles.

In science we investigated the effect of dropping a ball the things we changed were; balls bouncing on different floors and different types of balls being dropped. We kept the height the same each ball was dropped from 100cm.

We have been looking at features of adverts. We picked out adverts from a magazine and cut the picture from it and then we used powerful verbs and strong adjectives and put them around the picture. We are beginning to write our own adverts for everyday objects.

Also we have been designing and thinking of an invention to make the teachers come out onto the playground quicker. There are lots of really good ideas such as a conveyor belt, big slide and also designs where the teachers are teleported.

Our class book Kensuke’s Kingdom is good and this week we thought about the events in chapter 5 and how the characters were feeling. We drew a ‘feelings graph’ to show the different emotions felt during the events.



Miss Robert’s Class: Owain

Hello, it's Cerys and Dan here!

On Monday it was a very special day, Our Past and Present event.

All of our parents came to school to watch our service and look at how our school has changed over the years. 

There were even some people who came to our school in the 1930's! They told Miss Roberts some interesting stories and spoke about how the classroom had changed. There was cake, photos and biscuits! 

Year 3 & 4 wrote and then performed an acrostic poem all about Ysgol Nannerch. 

Also this week we have looked at 3D shapes. We can now draw them and describe them, talking about the amount of edges, surfaces and vertices a shape has We're looking forward to making 3D shapes!!

In Language we have been looking at reports. We found the different features of the reports. One report which we read was about sharks. Did you know that they like to swim in Australia, South Africa and Brazil. Also, if they stay still they will die.


In our transport work we have been watching some videos about the important people who invented different types of land transport. We wrote down our notes. 

Some of the first types of cars had big, chunky wheels, and before there were bikes like there are today there was the dandy horse. This was like a bike but without the pedals, so you had to push yourself along... like toddlers! 


It was a lovely week which went very quickly!


Mrs John's class: Branwen

We have had a busy couple of weeks continuing to learn and refine songs for the disc which will be recorded after half term! We are really looking forward to this. 

Our celebration past and present event was lovely and to see families and friends enjoying the displays, cakes, tea and chatter was a real treat. Pupils worked so hard on their creations and they looked marvellous! 

Well done to Callum for winning the hedgehog poster competition, his hidden hedgehog under a leaf 'lift up' flap was loved by the school council. School council though found it very difficult to judge the posters as so much effort had gone into them. Mrs Downes went out to buy all the pupils a gift to say well done as it was so hard choosing the winners. 

We really enjoyed singing with James and Emma's grandad, he came along and played his guitar whilst teaching us a new jungle song! Thank you to Ivor and Liz Newmarch for organising this lovely singing session! 

The clouds burst and the rain poured whilst out in Forest School. We were enjoying a lovely fire and cooked bananas and chapati, yum. 

We were very wet but it didn't stop us enjoying ourselves! 

Our stories are now finished and pupils have worked tremendously hard editing and redrafting. We have enjoyed playing a Maths of the Day challenge working in pairs to complete the task as quickly as possible. Well done everyone! 

Mymaths homework this weekend and Reception have some number formation. 


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Review of the week: 6th October 2017

Martha and Simon from our School Council visited pupils at Nercwys School this week and were invited to take part in their exciting football/numeracy project.  The children are keen to develop their links with Nercwys School Council, Martha has evaluated the workshop and is organising for the pupils of Nercwys to visit Nannerch in the near future.


It was with great delight we boarded the bus to Liverpool for the day on Tuesday.  The juniors went to explore the Maritime Museum and the younger children to Underwater Street.  Journeying to Liverpool is fun as it involves an exciting adventure through the Mersey Tunnel, and then being impressed by the scale of the beautiful Liverpool waterfront buildings.


The juniors had a great time finding out about the maiden voyage of the Titanic from Southampton in 1912.  The Titanic had strong links with Liverpool as the Titanic’s managing company was based in Liverpool and the majority of the staff on board originated from Liverpool.  We had a wonderful time in the museum discovering more about the ship and her passengers. 


We are busy planning for our celebration of Ysgol Nannerch Past & Present; this week’s homework is linked to the event. 

We are hoping to engage the community in this celebration of the role our school has played in its community over the years.  


The After School Club Annual General Meeting has been set for Wednesday 15th November at 5.30pm, please do come along to support the ongoing provision of  our before and after-school care. 

Mrs Downes


Editors note: There will be no blogs next week

Homework and learning resources
Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion

This week we have continued to investigate forces and have explored gravity.  We have also looked at the history of transport in our local area, finding out how changes in local transport have impacted on peoples lives. 

We enjoyed our visit to Liverpool Maritime Museum where we found out more about how people travelled from the port to different countries to begin a new life.  We also found out about the journey of the Titanic as it made its maiden voyage. 

It was interesting to find out about the different people on board the ship.  We dressed up as some of the passengers. 

It was sad hearing what happened on the 14th April 1912, when the Titanic hit an iceberg.


In Guided Reading this week we have used information text to understand the structure of non fiction writing.  We are proud that so many of us are getting 10 out of 10 for our weekly spelling tests.


In Maths this week we have continued to investigate 2D shape and used a branching diagram to sort quadrilaterals according to their properties. 


As we continue our class book ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’, we imaged countries Michael and his family may have visited if they had continued on their journey.  We planned their route and investigated some of the places they could have visited on their trip around the world.


In Welsh we are revising writing personal details as we will soon be writing letters to pupils in another school to tell them about ourselves. 



Miss Robert’s Class: Owain

Hello! We are Tommy, Sam and Peter. We have written the blog this week.

It has been a busy week. We went on our trip to Liverpool. As we got to the Docks we saw the Liverbirds on top of a building. We then went to the Maritime museum and it was super windy. Peter thought the trip was amazing, Tommy thought it was totally wicked and Sam thought it was excellent. Sam was excited about being on the coach; some of the children sang ‘Under the Sea’ as we went through the tunnel. When we came out the other side they started to sing, ‘You’ll never walk alone’.

We had some visitors from Childline in school who talked to us about worries. The number was 08001111 which we can remember easily as we use our fingers to help us.

We worked on our Venn diagrams by comparing our two painting, one by Emily Stelley and the other by Amanda Lanford. We had to write down the differences in each circle then in the middle we put the features which both pictures had. It was quite tricky but interesting. 

We have carried on with our Art projects, we have started to design our own hot air balloons. Tommy’s balloon is very busy with lots of different designs on it. Peter’s balloon has a face on it, he thinks it’s great, and Sam concentrated very hard to get his right.

We have had our new spellings for next week and our homework has been set for next Friday ready for our ‘Past and Present Day’.

Thanks for reading!


Mrs John's class: Branwen

We really enjoyed our trip to Liverpool, we had an action packed day! We made slime, bath bombs and had a great science show making rockets explode rocket 'fuel' all over Mrs John! 

We explored many different forces, including pulling and pushing cranes, levers and pulleys in the construction site. We went inside a giant bubble by pulling a rope, we fired paper planes, caught ribbons from shoots of air and played in a huge giant sand pit. The role play areas were fantastic where children had the opportunity to be a vet, a pizza waiter, shop keeper, hairdresser and a mechanic! I think the favourite part for many of us was getting soaked in the water zone, squirting water pistols and filling buckets of water which tipped over our heads...!

We embraced Forest School this week with making apple crumble after picking our apples from the orchard. We made a fire and worked hard helping clean and cut the apples before cooking them on the fire. We made a topping with biscuits and it was yummy. 

In between all this fun we have been number crunching finding out what 'less' and 'more' means from a range of numbers beyond 100. Some pupils were trying to find out what 2 less than 0 was...bendigedig! 

Our stories are coming along nicely and we are enjoying Mrs Armitage on Wheels. 

We have been looking at Journeys in R.E and this week we planned out our journey to school. 

Thank you for all the super hedgehog posters which have been completed for homework! The School Council will help us judge them next week. There are 2 big prizes to be won so watch this space! 

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy this weeks creative homework. 


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