Notes from the Head

Review of the week: 30th September 2017

Just four weeks into this term and already we have covered so much in our topic of ‘Transport’. The feast of St Michael has led many events in school this week as our local church, St Michael & All Angels is named after this very special saint. 
Rev’d Sue came into our school service on Wednesday to share with us the story of St Michael who is an archangel. On Friday the children used their crafting skills to make different types of angels during our Croeso Pawb. There were angels made from lolly sticks, pegs, folded paper, doilies and we even made angel cake!
On Friday evening a special service was held in St Michael & All Angels church, a really lovely community event followed by a Harvest Supper in the village hall.
The School Council have been busy this week, making sure the membership of the children’s sub committees is equally distributed.  Martha has been busy making sure that all those who wish to sit on either the: Toilet, Playground or Good Food committees have signed up.
One idea the children have requested is ‘a special birthday table’ to be laid for children with a birthday to sit at during school lunch. This is just one of their many interesting ideas.
On Monday two of our School Council members are attending Nercwys School, to meet with their School Council and hopefully bring back plenty of exciting ideas.
On Tuesday next week we have our whole school trip to Liverpool. The children will need to wear their school uniform and bring a packed lunch. We intend to return to school before 3pm.
Please note:

·       Online Nursery forms are available from Flintshire County Council, parents have until 23/02/18 to apply.
·       Mad Science is due to start on Wednesday 4th October at 3pm-4pm.

Mrs Downes


Homework and learning resources
Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion

In maths this week we have been exploring number patterns and sequences using both whole and negative numbers. We also started to classify 2D shapes according to their properties.  We had to remember lots of vocabulary such as: parallel, perpendicular, names of regular polygons and recognise some basic angles.


We used our skills to investigate flags from around the world and described the shapes we could see in them.  In science we used force meters to measure weight and force using Newtons. 


We continued creating our news reports and filmed one another. We are on Chapter 5 of our class book Kensuke’s Kingdom.  We wrote letters/postcards as Michael, describing to his friend Eddie the places he had visited.  We used the information we collected last week on the different countries to add facts into our writing.


Croeso Pawb was fun, Mr Wright told us about some of the archangels, Michael, Raphael and Gabriel. We looked at painting of them, then we made some of our own angels in the craft session….and angel cake too.  Mrs Selwyn came to help us, that was really good!!


Well done to both Evie and Ewan this week who have performed really well. Evie in her drama/dance at the Albert Hall and Ewan at his rugby.



Miss Robert’s Class: Owain

This week has been arty and fun.

There was no forest school this week because we had our photo taken. Emma was sad, but Magnus didn’t mind.

We have been looking at hot air balloons in Art.

The artist this week was called Amanda Lanford. Emma and Magnus thought the picture was good, because it had some more detail than the others we have looked at.

In Language we looked at persuasive posters, we found the features and also had a go at planning our own slogan and intriguing question to persuade people to go to Liverpool.

We had a special visitor – Rev. Sue. She told us the story of Saint Michael and All Angels. It was fantastic. On Friday we had Croeso Pawb to celebrate Saint Michael and All Angels day.

There have been lots more going on this week but these were our favourite bits, especially the art for Magnus and having our photo taken for Emma.


Mrs John's class: Branwen

Marshmallow sandwiches have been the order of the week in forest school! We all helped build the fire, making firefighters and watching the flames glow as Mrs John added 5 different sized sticks. We whittled sycamore sticks ready to cook our marshmallows and we listened very carefully to instructions about 'blood bubbles' and tools. Whilst we took turns to whittle we continued making our see-saws and built dens. At the end of the afternoon our sticks became marshmallow skewers and they melted into our biscuits...yum! 

We consolidated repeating patterns this week and pupils were really challenging themselves! Well done to Reception with their homework efforts. I think you all had a lot of fun!

Our stories are developing well and the middle sections are being written. Reception are creating the story in a very multi-sensory way. 

Nursery have been enjoying learning some transport songs and we have had a lot of fun in P.E moving around safely in different ways. 

We are holding a competition in school for children to design a poster to keep our resident hedgehog safe. This is being sent home as homework and is due back next Friday. School Council will judge the posters and the chosen posters will be displayed around our village. Enjoy finding out information about hedgehogs! 

Have a lovely weekend. 


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Review of the week: 22nd September 2017

Our warmest congratulations to Miss Anna Williams whose little boy was born on Monday.  We are all absolutely delighted to hear all went well and her beautiful baby arrived safe and sound.  Let’s hope Anna is able to bring baby to visit us here in Ysgol Nannerch very soon.


Despite having a great deal of meetings to attend this week, I was really fortunate to have the time to visit the classes to watch the children’s learning. It is always a treat to be with the children.  All were totally engaged, from the older children acting as detectives looking for evidence in a strange case of flying frogs…to the younger children excitedly visiting the village to count and tally cars then returning to class in order to produce a bar chart from the information.


One of my meetings this week was with our school governors, we are so fortunate here in Nannerch to have such a wealth of experience and skills to draw upon from within our governing body.  I often think of how the school has changed and grown due to the vision of past governors and members of the village community. 

This week in class with the Year 5&6 we noticed all the features which show the history of the school, from the old Victorian school bell and trace of the fireplace in the classroom.  I’m so pleased I don’t have to light a fire before the pupils arrive each morning!

We are planning to celebrate the past and present of Nannerch VC in a few weeks.  We are hoping to contact past pupils, parents and staff for their memories.  Please do let us know if you or a family member have any Nannerch school memories we can gather!


Croeso Pawb takes place on Friday 29th September. Please do join us in St Michael & All Angels church in Nannerch at 2.30pm if you are able to celebrate both St Michael’s day and the Harvest.  We are requesting donations for the Flintshire Foodbank be brought to school on Friday morning.  

Please note the After School Club AGM on Monday 25th September has been postponed due to a clash with the Alun Open Evening.

Mrs Downes


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Homework and learning resources
Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion

Nannerch School blog by Simon & Jack


On Monday we started looking at being detectives and writing newspaper reports about incidents.  To help us we watched a film clip called ‘Tuesday’ and then we based our scripts on the clip. We are going to film each other as reporters.  Then we will write our report up as a newspaper report.


With Mrs Pierce in Maths we are looking at number and at rounding up numbers. Yr 5 did rounding to 10, 100 & 1,000 and Yr 6 did 10, 100, 1,000 & 10,000.


Maes Garmon came in to tell us about their school.  We enjoyed meeting them and trying out our Welsh.  We thought their school sounds really good and liked their uniform!


In topic we have been making our own maps of the island from our class book Kensuke’s Kingdom, we read the book to find information describing the island. Today we plotted the journey from the book using Google earth then we each chose a country which Michael visited on his journey around the world. We found information about the place such as traditional food and official language spoken.  We searched for the information both online and from books and then shared our work with the class. We created a file on the computer to save our work.


We watched an animation about a girl from Zimbabwe who became a refugee, the story was very sad.  For homework we have been asked to think about what we would pack in a small bag if we had to take a long journey to an unknown destination.   



Miss Robert’s Class: Owain

This week’s blog has been written by Harri and Ollie.

We have had a very creative week, in art we looked at the artist Emily Stalley. One of our favourite paintings on hers was of a hot air balloon. We recreated it using pencil first to draw all of the details, and then we painted it using water colours. We let them dry and went over the details using a pen.

In maths we have been multiplying by 10 and 100 using place value. This is what our homework is all about this week. It is up on My Maths and due in on Wednesday.

In topic we helped to plan our trip to Liverpool. We looked at a table with different types of transport on and considered the best option. To do this we had to work out how much it would cost, the time we would spend travelling and how long we would get to spend in Liverpool. We have decided that the coach is the best option, even though we would have liked to travel in the back of pick ups!

Science this week was all about forces. Miss Roberts told us about Sir Isaac Newton and how an apple fell on his head and discovered gravity. Gravity is a natural force. A force is a push or a pull and friction is when two things rub together.

We watched Pod Antur in Welsh, we also looked at different family members and what their Welsh names are. We drew them and labelled them.

In R.E we drew a map of our life journey so far. Some of us started from when we were born others when they were around 5 or 6.

The weather was great for P.E and we went out on the field. We played connect 4, toilet tag and then did some football skills. All great fun,

This week new spellings have been given out as well as My Maths.


No forest school on Monday, Tempest photographs are at 1pm on Monday. 


Mrs John's class: Branwen

What a fabulous afternoon we had with our bikes and scooters! We were so lucky that the sun shined for us and enjoyed using road signs to help us slow down! It was a great way of using our topic to full advantage and we will certainly do this again soon. 

In Numeracy Mrs Downes came to watch our lesson and we showed her how we use the Gruffalo to support us with our learning. He sets the task and asks us to assess our own and others work at the end of the lesson. Our task was to find out how many coloured cars there were in Nannerch. We learnt how to use a Tally Chart and then put the information into a pictogram. We enjoyed peer assessing using stampers and telling our friends how we thought they had done. Reception were working with Mrs Biddle to find some hidden coloured cars in the hall. They sorted them into colours, counted them and made a pictogram. 

In Literacy we have finished our story maps of the text Mrs Armitage On Wheels. We have begun writing and creating the first part of the story already! 

Nursery really enjoyed P.E this week and listened very carefully. We played a coloured hoop game and a coloured cone sorting game. We are trying hard to take our shoes and socks off by ourselves. It's very tricky getting them back on.  A great effort!

Homework is MyMaths for Year 1 and 2. Reception have an activity in their homework books. 


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Review of the week: 17th September 2017

Every class is now engaged in the topic of ‘Transport’.  The Foundation Phase have a really lovely display on their wall based on the story book ‘Mrs Armitage’s Bicycle’.  The children are engaged in their learning, with plenty of listening and concentrating taking place.  The whole school trip to Liverpool on October 3rd will be supporting the children’s learning in the Transport topic.
We were all pleased to welcome Cosmic Ceri from the ‘Mad Science’ team into school on Wednesday.  Ceri delighted us with a show based on how molecules react to heat.  It was so much fun watching and helping her with the investigations.   A letter has been sent home explaining the cost and how the Mad Science sessions are run.  If you would like your child to take part in the interactive science workshops please contact the Mad Science group direct or enquire at school.
A letter has gone home this week explaining that payments made to school with regard to school dinners and trips will in future need to be made via the School gateway.  If you need any help with this please contact Ms Emma Deeley our school secretary who can advise and offer support if you are unsure or have any problems setting this up.  Emma is available in the school office on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8am - 2pm.
The Autumn Term is a time when secondary schools hold their annual open evenings for parents. It does seem strange to be thinking so far ahead at this point in the term however this is the time the local authority request that parents complete the preference for their children in Year 6.  

Nannerch pupils will be offered over the course of the year opportunities to take part in a number of transition activities with the Alun School in Mold.  In addition our local welsh medium school Maes Garmon will be running activities to explain the possibility of joining Year 7 as a part of the successful immersion programme.  Please do ask if you have any concerns or questions regarding your child’s future transfer to secondary school.

Mrs Downes


Homework and learning resources
Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion

This week we have been exploring the science theme of ‘Forces’ as part of our Transport topic.  We used balloons to explore and experiment how pressure is exerted on the inside of a balloon.  In Maths we are working with Number using place value to solve problems using both whole and decimal numbers.


In Language we have been looking at the different features of a newspaper report.  We focused on the picture and captions and how these are used to capture the readers’ interest.  We also continued our class book ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ working on chapter 3 which has left us all wondering what will happen to Michael who has been swept overboard. 

We have been practising our handwriting and used the acronym MINTS to remind us where we should be using capital letters in our written work.


In Welsh we have been learning a poem, Bwyd y Byd (Food of the World).   With a partner we used the vocabulary in the poem to write a script talking about different countries and the food we ate there. 


We all enjoyed the Mad Science assembly, there was plenty of excitement.  We also had a visit from PC Marc this week who spoke to us about anti-social behaviour.

Our homework is to develop a character describing their appearance and their strengths and weaknesses.  



Miss Robert’s Class: Owain

This week Rowan and Tristan are writing year 3 and 4’s blog.

We had a visit from Mad Science this week.  Our visitor did some awesome science experiments. Martha went to the front and held out her hand on something really cool and the visitor got a light bulb and put it on Martha and it light up! 

Some of the boys and I (Rowan) had to stand in the front and pretend to be air follicles, it was real fun.

This week we have started to read our class book; The Great Round-the-World Balloon Race by Sue Scullard. There are beautiful pictures in the book. The detail is amazing.

In Language lessons we have been learning all about verbs. They are doing words. Miss Roberts had a crazy, real life story all about an ambulance being stuck and her pulling it out of the mud with a tractor in the middle of the night! We had to think of loads of doing words which described what happened on Tuesday night. Some of them were panicking, rushing, crying and driving.

We have now all done a small presentation on our holiday box, we gave each other 2 stars and a wish. It was really nice to see everyone share what they had been up to over the summer.

In forest school we painted giant leaves and then in maths we measured them using cm, ½ cm and mms. We made a chart to show the length of some of our friend’s leaves and then we put the data into a bar chart.

We had the climbing frame out for P.E today, it was great fun.

P.C Mark came to us today to talk about bullying. We watched a video and talked about what types of bullying were happening in the video.

This week’s homework has been set and we have our new spellings for the test next week.


Mrs John's class: Branwen

Another lovely week settling into our school routine. Pupils have enjoyed Forest school where we were given a task of making a see-saw. Pupils worked together and accomplished some great work! What was remarkable was the testing process, the changes which were being made to create a stronger and more efficient see-saw. I was truly impressed. Next week we will continue this project and we have also asked pupils to bring in their bike or scooter (including helmets) and we are following in Mrs Armitage's footsteps for the afternoon...!

In Maths we have been learning how to collect data. We then compiled a pictogram from finding out what pupils favourite transport is. Pupils went about this with independence and maturity as they used their clipboards and class lists to find out preferences. Next week we are following this on using bar charts to compile the most popular car colour outside in Nannerch. 

In Language pupils have been orally retelling our class story Mrs Armitage on Wheels using a story map, actions and connectives. We are learning to project our voices whilst following the story map. Next week we will begin drawing our own story maps in readiness for story writing.

Nursery have been very busy creating and painting for our displays in the corridor. Well done to Nursery for sharing their summer boxes which they all really enjoyed! 

We all had P.E on Wednesday, Nursery just took their shoes and socks off and the older pupils had to get their full P.E kits on. We played team games and had to listen carefully to instructions. 

Homework for Reception, Yr 1 and 2 this week is a topic piece of work researching the different types of transport your family and friends use. 

Have a lovely weekend! . 


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Review of the week: 8th September 2017

I am so impressed with how well the children have settled into school routine.  It is unusual to return after the summer break into a full 5 day week however the children have managed well, been a real delight and have all earned their weekend treats! 

This week we introduced the children to our new ‘Golden Rules’:  

We are gentle

We are kind and helpful

We listen

We are honest

We work hard

We look after property

This week certainly has been a week of gentleness, kindness and helpfulness in school…well done everyone. 

The extra-curricular clubs resume week beginning 11th September, please inform your child’s teacher if your child will be attending any of these after school activities.  Our peripatetic music teachers will also be resuming their lessons next week, please note all the music lessons will be held within the school day.

  • Violins on Monday

  • Woodwind on Tuesday 

  • Guitars on Friday   

We are looking forward to celebrating through Croeso Pawb the theme of ‘Angels’ on the 29th September, which is the day of the Feast of St Michael and All Angels (our church name). We will be celebrating this with a very special Croeso Pawb linked to Harvest.  Our new minister, Rev Daniel will join us too.  Please do come along for the service in the church at 2.30pm if you are available, or afterwards at 3pm for a cuppa and a chat.

Later that evening the church community will be holding a service at 6.30pm in church, followed with a Village Supper at 7.30pm.  There will be filled jacket potatoes, salad, many puds (choose as many as you like!) people can bring their own wine, however tea and coffee will be provided.  It sounds lovely I’ve certainly got this date marked in my diary.

Mrs Downes


Dates for your diary
  • 13th Sept – Mad Science assembly 9am

  • 25th Sept – Tempest individual photographs 1pm

  • 25th Sept After School Club - Annual General Meeting 5.30pm

  • 29th September – Croeso Pawb- church at 2.30pm 

  • 13th September – Mad Science Assembly

  • Friday 15th September – PC Marc in school 

  • 20th September – Pupils from Maes Garmon visiting Year 5&6

  • 25th September - Tempest individual photographs from 1pm

  • 25th September – After School Club AGM 5.30pm

  • 29th September – Croeso Pawb- 2.30pm

  • 29th September – Village supper 7.30pm

  • 2nd Oct – NSPCC Assembly 

  • 3rd October – Whole School Liverpool Trip

  • 5th Oct NSPCC Workshops for YR 5/6 

  • 10th Oct – Flu vaccination Rec-YR 4 (morning)

  • 10th October – Christmas Card Club

  • 16th October – Nannerch Past & Present- school open day

  • 24th October – Parents Evening

  • Fri 27th Oct – Mon 6th Nov – half term

  • 13th Dec – Reception to Year 6 trip to Christmas Play ‘Secret Seven’

  • 19th December Foundation Phase Christmas Concert

  • 20th December Junior Christmas Concert

  • Friday 22nd Dec- 8th Jan Christmas break

  • Training day 8th January 2018

  • 9th January pupils return to school

  • 12th-16th February half term

  • Friday 23rd March training day

  • 26th March – 9th April - Easter break

  • 28th May 4th June – half term

  • 19th & 20th July training days

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Homework and learning resources
Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion

We started our new topic of ‘transport’ this week by hearing about Edwin Shackleton aged 82, who travelled in 136 different types of transport in one year.  We tried to think of the transport he journeyed in.  They included a lifeboat, a gypsy caravan, an executive jet and glider.  He also had rides on a bin lorry, fire engine, police car and a tank!
We began our class book this week, Kensuke’s Kingdom, we used the book in our Guided Reading and English lessons.  In the story Michael’s parents have been made redundant and so decide to sail around the world.  We had a class debate about whether it would be a good thing to sail around the world.  Some of us would like to see the world and have adventures however most of us thought it would be too dangerous!
In Maths we have been looking at number, and place value.  For Welsh we used the past tense to talk about what we did during our summer holidays and we wrote a diary entry.
It was fun to share our Summer Homework task with the class, as we presented our poems.  We peer assessed our work and decided how they could improve.  The poems were really good, it was nice that everyone had chosen something completely different.
Our homework next week is to write a short paragraph about someone alone on a dessert island, we watched some clips from Robinson Crusoe to help us.
Foe P.E. we played a game called ‘Corner Bench’ we went into teams and when our number was called we had to play against people with the same number.  The aim was to score a goal.  It was quite competitive and we had to keep concentrating.  We were all tired afterwards!    



Miss Robert’s Class: Owain

Welcome to the new Year 3 and 4. Phew! What a busy week we have had. I am Rosie and I am enjoying being in my new class with Miss Roberts and Mrs Daly. I am Bronwyn and I use to be in year 3 but now I am in year 4.

In maths Miss Roberts taught us a new maths game called Beat the Teacher. Year 4s helped the year 3s. We played it later in the week but changed it to Beat you Buddy. We also had to build a tower using different times tables. We wrote our answers on the blocks, the one with the tallest tower was the winner.

In our topic books we have designed a new front cover for our topic on transport. We then had to think of 3 different questions about transport which we would like to find out. Rosie would like to know when the first Mini was made? Bronwyn would like to know who invented the first car? I am sure we will have the answers by the end of our topic.

We have looked at Europe this week and where we have each travelled to. A display has gone up outside our classroom with all our postcards. We have pinned on the map all the different places we have all been. Wales was very busy over the summer!

We are half way through out Summer Box presentations. Each morning this week three of us have presented to the rest of the class and talked about the things we have been up to over the summer. Bronwyn was a bridesmaid in France and Rosie is telling us all about hers next week. We did a star and a wish for each person who has talked about their box.

We have also had a little think about what we would like to achieve over the next year. We have thought about three or four different things that we would like to do.

Thanks for reading our blog, Rosie & Bronwyn! J


Mrs John's class: Branwen

Welcome back after a summer break! I am very proud of my class this week. Pupils have settled back so quickly into a routine and our younger pupils have been wonderful. A big welcome to our new starter Albert who too has enjoyed his first week in his new school. 

We have been enjoying our new class book 'Mrs Armitage on Wheels' which links to our topic 'transport'. Pupils have had fun creating a giant bike which is being assembled on our display board. 

We have been thinking about our Golden Rules which are important to maintain a happy class. We are trying very hard to listen, be gentle, work hard and look after our property. Da iawn pawb! 

Pupils have been taking it in turns to share their summer homework box. This is a lovely way to hear what the pupils have been doing over their holiday. It also encourages pupils confidence in speaking in front of an audience. We are continuing this over the next week so if your child hasn't  brought a box in yet they still have time! 

Reminder that PE will be on Wednesdays and Forest School on Thursdays. 

There is no homework this week.