Notes from the Head

17th July 2016

Week beginning July 4th 


A jam packed and fun-filled week in school, which began on Monday with a lovely celebration of the children’s work and ended on Friday with the most magnificent Alice themed tea-party.


On Monday the whole school opened up to parents and families, to share the year’s work in the children’s books.  The children were quite rightly proud of themselves; it was delightful to see so many parents in school.  Well done to the School Council who ran competitions and stalls selling refreshments and bric a brac.  The proceeds of their fundraising are being used by the children to provide a ‘whole school’ treat on Monday 18th July.


Friday’s tea party gave another opportunity for our school community to celebrate learning.  This event was hosted by the Years 2&3, from the minute the children began to arrive at school in their ‘Alice’ themed costumes we were all captivated.

The work ethic of the children was evident as they took responsibility for overseeing the afternoon’s activities.  The maths games were super brain teasers and the literacy work available to view on iPads and in the children’s written and oral storytelling was super.  I would like to say a huge well done to Miss Roberts and her class and thank you to all who supported the tea party.



July 11th - July 20th


We had a week of visitors into our school assemblies this week, which began on Monday with Rachel sharing with us the work of the ‘Hospice of the Good Shepherd’ in Chester.  We hope to support the important work of the Hospice in the autumn term.


On  Tuesday Jake told us all about the Summer Play Schemes which are taking place throughout Flintshire, for a list of the Playscheme sites please go to the Flintshire website.


Also available this summer is the Flintshire libraries 'Reading Challenge'  which Nia came in to tell us about.  The theme this year is 'Roald Dahl's Big Friendly Read'. the Reading Challenge is linking up with the global year-long Roald Dahl 100 celebrations, honouring the world's No.1 storyteller.  Details of the challenge are available in your local library and on the Reading Challenge website.


We were delighted that the weather held out and that we were able to hold our sports day on Wednesday.  Well done to to all the children for demonstrating such wonderful sporting behaviour.  Congratulations to Gryfydd the winning house and to Hannah our 2016 sports champion.


On Friday we held  our Leavers’ Service, with parents and families of our Year 6 joining with us in St Michael’s church for this special goodbye.  Thank you to Mrs Selwyn and her daughter Kate who have been supporting the children with their singing.  The children all perfo rmed well, it was a moving and memorable service. Well done to our wonderful our Year 6 and their classmates for speaking so confidently.  We wish Daisy, Hannah, Isabelle and Rosie the very best of luck as they take their exciting next step into secondary school.


We have just three days left in school before we finish for the summer, may I take this opportunity to thank all the children, staff and our school community for working so hard this year, it has been a wonderfully busy year here in Ysgol Nannerch.  I hope you are able to have a relaxing and fun packed summmer break.  We look forward to hearing the holiday news in September. 

  • 18th July – School Council’s Whole School Treat to the cinema

  • 19th July – Wedding themed day, wear your best clothes!

  • 20th July - End of Term

  • 1st & 2nd September - staff training days

  • 5th September - children return to school

  • 13th September - Year 5 & 6 Forest School

  • 20th September - Mad Science Assembly

  • Week Beginning 26th September - whole school drama workshops

News from our classes:

Mrs Pierce & Ms Lewis’s Class: Gwydion

Week beginning 4th July


The days are speeding by now and we are all looking forward to the holidays, however still lots of exciting things happening in school to keep us busy and focussed.  This week we used our Maths skills to solve a challenging ‘murder mystery’!


In Guided Reading we read information text about rivers, planning the journey of a river using our skills of inference and deduction.  We continued the theme of rivers by taking a walk to Nannerch brook which was great fun.  We all enjoyed playing by the river.

Next day in class we used our experience of the river walk to write a class poem.  We called it ‘River Kids’.  We were so proud of our efforts that we took a copy of our handwritten and illustrated poem home.


Working in groups we designed and built bridges this week, working through the design process from our initial research and ideas to building bridges from different materials.


In RE we continued exploring Rites of Passage, comparing a Christian and Hindu wedding.  We were keen to share all our memories of weddings we had been to and had plenty of stories to tell.  We asked Ms Lewis if we could hold a wedding here in school and she said yes!  So we will be having a whole school Wedding Day during the last week of term.  We are looking forward to dressing up in our outfits!


Week Beginning 11th July


Everyone was delighted that the stopped and we were able to hold sports day on Wednesday.  Well done to everyone for taking part and trying their best.  We all enjoyed watching the adults racing too!

This week we have been sorting out and getting ready for the summer break.  It has been fun looking back in our books at everything we have done.  We have been working hard this week preparing for the leavers service, we are sad to see the Year 6 leave however we know they are ready to take this next step and we wish them all the very best of luck.

Mrs John's class: Branwen

It is the end of a busy year and I can't believe how quickly it has gone! We have had an exciting year, full of laughs, fun and learning.

I am privileged to be working with such lovely children and families and not to mention my wonderful staff Mrs Biddle and Mrs Whitehead for all the hard work they put in every day. It is amazing to look back at the pupils work and see just how much progress they have made in a year. They have all worked to their targets and strived for the best outcome possible. I am a very proud teacher who loves working with young individuals and taking them on their own learning journey through adventures which may often be tough, however, through guidance and

the right support pupils will always succeed at their own level. 


Sports day this week was eventful due to the weather teasing me yet again! I'm so glad the sun shone for us in the end! Well done to everyone for their effort and determination. My class were fantastic and I admired Nursery and Early Entitlement pupils for their full participation! Congratulations to Hannah for her Sports Champion award! Thank you to Sally and her PTA crew for providing afternoon tea refreshments for everyone.


We have a few nice days planned next week, including the cinema trip funded by the School Council. Thank you to them for all their hard work. I know I am looking forward to taking you all to watch 'Zootroplois!'.  We have an afternoon planned at the park if the weather is kind so remember to come in your P.E kits

on Monday. Tuesday we will come to school dressed as someone from a wedding to celebrate Ms Lewis's big day and Wednesday come to school in your own clothes.


Have a lovely summer and we will look forward to continuing our learning adventure together in September.

Miss Robert’s Class: Owain


10th July 2016


11th July – Visitor assembly – Hospice of Good Shepherd

12th July – Visitor Assembly – Play Sceme

14th July – Visitor assembly – Library Summer Quest


15th July - Leavers service


20th July - End of Term

Mrs John's class: Branwen

Thank you to everyone who came to our celebration of work on Monday evening. It was lovely for the pupils to share their hard work with you and your family. The pupils have worked incredibly hard this year and I am immensely proud. It was lovely having a sing song with some of our parents in my class. We have had so much fun singing this year!

We took Years 1 and 2 to the Jambori this week and we had a welsh singing session with other Flintshire schools and Martyn Geraint. Martyn had all the  pupils hooked into their singing and he had all the teachers dancing by the end of the session!

Pupils have continued with their summer poetry this week and have been adding 10 in their Numeracy work. We have been playing mini tennis games in P.E and we have worked with partners to send and receive balls using rackets. I would recommend Mold Tennis Club for summer Tennis camps and tennis lessons during the summer holiday. They run 3 days a week every week which is progressive and fun for all abilities.

Pupils are very much ready for a summer break and a well- deserved rest! Homework is minimal for the next couple of weeks and I am hoping to have some fun events lined up for the pupils to finish the end of term!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

News from our classes:

Mrs Pierce & Ms Lewis’s Class: Gwydion



Miss Robert’s Class: Owain

Year two and three have had a fantastic week! It all culminated with our long awaited Tea Party, where I'm sure you will agree the children were fantastic. 

It was a brilliant opportunity for the children to show off their a sample of their work, their cake making and hosting skills!

On first count it seems that they have raised over £75. Da iawn pawb!


In the run up to the big event, a lot of work (and fun!) went into the planning. This weeks final preparations included;


On Monday the children had the chance to read their stories to their peers. The enjoyed hearing each others' stories and considering what they liked and any comparisons to their own and Lewis Carroll's story. The children then wrote a book review for the stories which they read. 


The children's numeracy work this week begun with the children creating oversize playing cards. One they were complete, we played play a range of fun games which help the children to develop their mental arthritics. 

The fabulous Marshmallow Rice Krispie Guards  were made by the children. They read and followed the instructions of the recipe.  This included measuring the ingredients  carefully using SI units. 

Later in the week the children also made a puff pastry pizza!

There has also been another focus on time this week, with links to the unpunctual White Rabbit! The children played games and made flash cards to match an analogue times with the digital times. 

Once the cooking was complete the children created menus. They looked at a range of samples before deciding on their own design. A lot of discussion was given to the prices before the children finally agreed. 


On Thursday afternoon Year two went to the Jamboree with Mrs John. They had a great afternoon. Meanwhile the year 3 children had an afternoon biscuit decorating. 

Before our guests arrived, the children had their own tea party! They all looked super in their outfits. 


No spellings or homework this week. 

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The passing place on School Lane is being used as a parking space by some people. This is making it difficult for cars to get through when a car is coming from the opposite direction.


Please be considerate when visiting school and mindful of the health and safety of our school members and local residents.

2nd July 2016

Cymru am Byth!! 


Due to the weather, we had to cancel our sports day.  We have another date for the diary, hoping to hold sports day now on Wednesday 13th July.  We will keep our fingers crossed on this date being dry and sunny!


The School Council have been busy planning this week.  They are supporting the school in hosting the ‘Celebration of the Children’s Work' on Monday 4th July.  From 2.30pm until 5.30pm the school will be open to parents and family members who are welcome to come and visit the classes and see the children’s work in their books from the past year.  


School Council will be holding a few fundraising stalls on Monday: a raffle, ‘Guess the Name’ competition, How Many Sweets in the Jar, a refreshments stall, and a Bric a Brac stall.  The School council are planning to raise enough money to treat all the whole school to a special surprise towards the end of term.  They have plenty of ideas!


There has been a great deal of activity in the Year 2 & 3 class this week as they have been preparing for their ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’.  This is due to take place on Friday 8th July, the children are all very excited and have invited their parents.

Key dates

4th July - Celebration of Work - 2.30pm-5.30pm

7th July - Yr 1 & 2 Jambori

8th July – Yr 2 & 3 Tea Party 2.30pm

11th July – Visitor assembly – Hospice of Good Shepherd

12th July – Visitor Assembly – Play Sceme

14th July – visitor assembly – Library Summer Quest


15th July - Leavers service


20th July - End of Term

Mrs John's class: Branwen

"This week we have been learning about time and we enjoy learning about time. We had to work out problems using clocks.

We had to write a book review on a story we already knew. The book review had to have a story title and the author. We had to

write about the story's characters and what happens. We had to say if we liked the story too.

In the clicks we made a pirate ship and we used 101 blue clicks to make it!" (Great counting boys!)

"The pirate ship is from our story The Ghostly Galleon by Jonny Duddle. We are reading this at the moment but we had to tell Mrs John what had happened in the story as she wasn't here."

(Thanks children, I'm up to speed again now and looking forward to continuing the ghostly adventure with you on Monday!)

We have been singing ready for our Jambori trip next week, There is a song about the 2 times table in Welsh and this is so much fun,

even Mrs John couldn't quite keep up with it today!" Mrs John thinks we need to learn our 2 times table in English first so that is the plan for next week!

"We have been waiting for our chicks to hatch but nothing has happened so we are going to try again soon." We have all coped with the disappointment so well and as Orla says, "Next time Mrs John, we will just buy some chicks and it will save us so much bother!"


A busy week pawb. Homework this week is to finish off the diaries from last week if they haven't been done and do plenty of

reading please. Today the pupils read with each other in their talking partners and they really enjoyed this new experience. They have even recorded something in their partners reading diary, their name and a smiley face. It was lovely for Mrs Biddle and I to watch the pupils encourage and guide each other in this process. We as adults learnt a lot from the pupils in their own approach to reading and listening to each other. Well done and have a lovely weekend everyone 

News from our classes:

Mrs Pierce & Ms Lewis’s Class: Gwydion


It was a great start to the week as we went to Theatre Clwyd to watch the performance of ‘To Dream Again’ based on the Shakespeare story of a Midsummer Nights Dream’.   We all enjoyed taking part in the workshop.


Maths has been great fun this week as we investigated, ‘do long legs mean long jumps?’  We finally concluded that it  all depends!!  We also enjoyed working with multiplication and used our skills to solve problems.


We wrote poetry about rivers, using many of the technical words to go with our topic in a creative way.  We also enjoyed painting rivers and bridges.  We chose a picture of a bridge and carefully copied it using our chosen media.


In RE this week we continued looking at ‘life as a journey’.  We explored and compared how three different religions: Sikh, Muslim and Christians celebrate the birth of a baby.  There were many similarities.  What we realised is that families and communities all like to come together to celebrate a new life.  


We practiced ‘mindful eating’ ,  as we are learning how to slow ourselves down, to focus our mind and be.  It isn’t easy however the Jelly Tots helped! 

Miss Robert’s Class: Owain

Well another week has passed and summer will be here before we know it!

In our Literacy work we have completed our stories. Written, edited, redrafted, final copies written and even the front covers! The children are very proud of their work. It has been a child led piece of work; they have worked with their peers to improve their work, rather than being told what to do next by an adult.


In Mathematics there has been a focus on subtraction. The children have used different equipment to help them and have used a range of strategies, including counting on, to find the answers.


Thursday was moving up day. As there is little change with us we decided to make the most of the day and have a treat! The children thoroughly enjoy our field trip to the theatre. The workshop was fun and used some wonderful activities to help the children build on their use of expression and their oral story telling skills! We will be doing more of this in school!


The play, 'To Dream Again', was excellent. It portrayed a modern day adaptation of a Midsummer's Night Dream. The story tackled serious topics in a fabulous way for the children to understand and relate to.


This week: (ending 1.7.16)


It has been a busy week!


Year two and three have been using their creative skills to make lots of craft for our tea party. This includes some wonderful guards for the cakes! The children are very excited and we look forward to seeing you at our tea party!

In P.E. the children had a go at cricket. It was a great introduction for some of those who have not played before. The children are keen and enthusiastic to learn new skills.

This week in Language we have been adapting Lewis Carroll poem. 'The Little Crocodile' to create our own! There are some superb efforts which I am sure you will enjoy seeing next week.

In mathematics the children have been using lots of their skills to answer word problems.

A letter has been sent home regarding homework this week. The children should have this time to prepare their tea party outfit which they can wear all day on Friday. However, MyMaths homework has been extended for those who have not completed it and should be done by Thursday next week.


Spellings are as normal for Mrs Daly's group. Miss Roberts' group have an activity sheet with their new words in preparation for their test on 15/07/16. No spelling test next week.

This Monday is our celebration open evening. This is an opportunity to see all of the children's books from the year. They have been very busy and would love to show off their work.


Some of the Alice In Wonderland themed work will also be on display next Friday.

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The passing place on School Lane is being used as a parking space by some people. This is making it difficult for cars to get through when a car is coming from the opposite direction.


Please be considerate when visiting school and mindful of the health and safety of our school members and local residents.