Years 3 & 4: Owain


Want to find out about our topics this term, our homework, reading diary and other important information? See what our classes are doing and help them at home:


Within this we will be focusing on three key questions; these are:

1. How do we travel?
2. Who changed the way we travel?
3. Why does a balloon go up and a parachute come down?

This term there will be many exciting activities and learning opportunities for the children, including a fieldtrip to Liverpool and a whole school challenge.

In Language, year 3 and 4 will be reading 2 class books; The Great Round-The-World Balloon Race by Sue Scullard and The Pony who went to Sea by Kathleen Peyton.

These books will sculpt our language work and the genres which the children will cover. This will include writing an adventure story, report writing and writing persuasively in the form of a poster.

In Mathematics we will be data handling, developing pupils’ knowledge of times tables and place value, and telling the time on an analogue clock.

Our third key question is Science based. The children will be completing an investigation on forces looking at the differences between a parachute and a hot air balloon. We will also design and create a balloon of their own in DT, using the beautiful images in our class book, as well as a range of art work as inspiration.

Year 3 & 4 will be with Miss Douggie every Monday morning. These sessions will include Welsh and R.E. The theme in R.E. is journeys.

Forest school will be on a Monday afternoon. The children should come to school dressed in appropriate old, warm clothes. They should also bring wellington boots and waterproofs to school- these may be left on their peg during term time.

P.E. will take place on a Friday. Again, year 3 & 4 should come to school dressed in the P.E. uniform, including a school jumper.

Guided reading sessions will take place 4 times a week. In these sessions the pupils will work on developing their reading and comprehension skills, particularly focusing on the eight key reading behaviours. Additionally, all pupils will read with staff one-to-one at least once a week. Please ensure that your child also reads regularly throughout the week.

Spelling sessions will take place on a Friday morning. Any words which your child should learn will be handed out on a Friday, one week in advance. Further information on this will be provided.

Homework will alternate between Maths (usually My Maths) and Topic based activities. Homework will be set on a Thursday and will be due the following Wednesday.

Please contact us if you have any queries.

Many thanks, Miss Roberts & Mrs Daly J


World War Two


Spring term is underway and our school topic is ‘Your Country Needs You. In year 3 and 4 we are focusing on the Second World War. This term will include lots of fun, practical activities whilst particularly focusing on developing the children’s numeracy and literacy skills throughout our topic. The inspiration of our Design and Technology work will be bomb shelters. This will allow us to be creative, plan, make and rethink our ideas when we find a problem.

The children have thought about what they want to learn and this has influenced our three key questions which will guide our learning:


  • What was it like for an evacuated child?

  • What was life like on the home front?

  • How did World War Two change technology?


In Science we are learning about materials and their properties. We will look at some of the clothes which were popular in the 1940s and the Blackout.

In Mathematics we will be focusing on using all four operations (+ - x ÷) to solve problems with more than 2 steps. The children should keep practising their times tables (x2, 3, 4, 5 and 10) at home to help them.

We will look at rationing during World War Two and have a go at budgeting and following a traditional recipe. We will also have a go at coding at the Enigma code had such a big influence on the war and technology ever since!

Our class book this term is ‘A horse called Hero’, by Sam Angus. This is all about the adventures which two siblings face when they are evacuated to the countryside from the city. 

In Literacy, pupils will be looking at and then writing diary entries. The will write letters, send emails, write poetry and a newspaper report. We will also create a poster and consider how some posters influenced the people at home during World War Two.

Pupils will continue ‘Speed Sounds’ and do their guided reading/ reading activities each day.

Forest school will begin again after half term. When forest school does restart, please ensure that children are dressed in warm, old Forest School clothes and wellies every Monday.

P.E. this term is gymnastics and dance and will be on a Friday afternoon. Pupils can wear a navy or black tracksuit with their P.E. kit underneath to school on a Friday.


For any further information please ask.

Miss Roberts and Mrs Daly



This term the whole school topic is Africa. Each class will learn all about a different country within Africa. In Year 3 and 4 the focus is ‘Lesotho’, a land-locked country within South Africa.

The children will have the opportunity to explore what life is like in Lesotho and compare it to living in Wales. In year 3 and 4 the children are more involved in planning what it is they want to learn about. This means that the Topic lessons will be tailored specifically to the children’s interests.

The week beginning September 26th will be ‘Africa week’. Further details will be provided closer to the time.

In Mathematics the children will be focussing on their times tables, problem solving and handling different types of data. The children will also have weekly metal maths activities to develop their speed and recall of basic maths facts.

In Literacy the children will be developing their basic language skills, including their spelling, grammar, use of punctuation and handwriting. There will be a weekly spelling test on a Friday. They will also study and complete a range of different forms of writing. This will include both fiction and non-fiction genres. The children will use creative writing to write a story and poetry. The class book this term is Duma, by Kathleen Zoehfeld. This is an adaptation of the film Duma which was based on a true story of a boy and his pet cheetah.

In Religious Education the children will be talking about different concepts with the discussion of ‘Is it fair?’

This term, year 3 and 4 will be introduced to the Pod Antur Welsh programme. This is an interesting and engaging DVD series which is supporting by many different activities which are designed to develop the children’s Welsh language.

Forest school will take place every Monday afternoon. Children are to come to school dressed in appropriate long sleeved clothes, with full waterproof clothes.

P.E. will remain on a Friday afternoon. Children may come to school dressed in school P.E. kit and navy tracksuit bottoms.

In P.E., the first half term will remain as outdoors, with the children participating in games such as netball and hockey. After half term, P.E. will move inside and we will be focussing on dance and gymnastics. This will include learning the traditional Lesotho dance.

My Maths homework will continue to be set on a fortnightly basis (the children’s log in and password will remain the same). Other homework tasks will also be set on alternate weeks.


If you have any questions then please contact us.

Many thanks, Miss Roberts and Mrs Daly.

Spring Term: 'Europe and Rivers' Years 2 and 3


Summer term is here and our school topic is ‘Europe & Rivers’. In years 2 and 3 we are focussing at the Welsh town of Llandudno. This will include looking at the beach and river in the town, its twin town of Wormhout in France and a focus on Alice in Wonderland, as the real Alice had links to Llandudno!


This term will include lots of creative tasks and numeracy and literacy based activities. Our Design and Technology project will include researching, designing and making a ‘tea party’ teacup. In Music we will be using Alice in Wonderland as an inspiration to compose our own piece.


We will be visiting Llandudno on our school trip! This will give us the opportunity to see the sights and undergo fieldwork to enhance the children’s learning.  


The children have thought about what they what to learn and have each identified a question which they want to find out about. These questions will direct our learning across the term.


In Science we will investigate habitats in Llandudno and compare with an alternate location. Our Personal and Social Development focus will be on how to keep safe and feel secure.


This term in Mathematics the children will be developing their data skills. This will include collecting and representing data in graphs and diagrams. The children will also recognise and name regular and irregular 2D and 3D shapes and write the next 2 or more terms in sequences that involve addition or subtraction. The children will use their mathematic skills, including times tables and time, to answer word problems.


In Literacy, the children will be story writing using the Pie Corbett style to learn, perform and then adapt the story of Alice in Wonderland. They will also be writing an article using ICT. Later in the term there will also be a chance for the children to perform as they will be writing scripts and focussing on poetry to perform. Transferring the skills they learn into their topic work.


We will continue ‘Speed Sounds’ and guided reading/ reading activities throughout the week. Please encourage your child’s love of stories by reading regularly at home.


Forest school will continue throughout the term on a Thursday afternoon. Please ensure that children have warm, old Forest School clothes and wellies with them every Thursday.


This term year 2 and 3 are involved in the Flintshire Dancefest, performing at Theatre Clwyd, so PE this half term is dance. After half term P.E. will involve practising for sports day and taking part in competitive sports as we look forward to the Olympics.


Please remember children can wear a navy or black tracksuit with their P.E. kit and bring their book bag to school every day.


For any further information please come and ask!

Spring Term: People of the Past - Celts and Romans


Spring term is underway and our school topic is ‘People of the Past’. In years 2 and 3 we are focusing on the Celts and the Romans. This term will include lots of fun art, numeracy and literacy activities whilst learning all about our topic. The inspiration of our art work will be Roman mosaics and Celtic knots. This will allow us to explore symmetry further.


The children have thought about what they what to learn, their key questions which will guide our learning are:


  • Who were the Celts and Romans?

  • What were their daily lives like?

  • Why did the Celts and Romans fight?


In Science we our learning about our teeth. This will include how to keep our teeth healthy by investigating the sugar content in different drinks.


In Mathematics we will be collecting data in a range of ways and then creating graphs and pictograms, linking this to our Science work. Our focus in maths will include telling the time, finding the area of a shape, reading and comparing the temperature each day and making clockwise and anticlockwise turns. We will be measuring the capacity of items which will be used in our Celtic cooking! Our word problems will also involve using Roman numerals.     


In Literacy, pupils will be writing reports, a diary entry and we will be developing their persuasive writing to create an advertisement and a letter. We will transfer these skills into our topic work.

Pupils will continue ‘Speed Sounds’ and do their guided reading/ reading activities each day.


Forest school will be beginning again after half term. This term this will include two Celtic days with a visitor. This is an exciting opportunity for the children to have lots of hands on experiences whilst learning all about how the Celts lived! These days will inspire lots of our topic work. More details on this to follow.


Please ensure that children are dressed in warm, old Forest School clothes and wellies every Thursday.


P.E. this term is gymnastics and will be on a Friday afternoon. Pupils can wear a navy or black tracksuit with their P.E. kit underneath to school on a Friday.


For any further information please come and ask!


Miss Roberts and Mr Chapman

Autumn Term: Out of this world - ‘Where do we Live?’


This terms topic is called ‘Where do we live’ and it will help the pupils understand the geographical features of their home and school village.


  • We will be combining exciting activities with learning opportunities. Across the term, pupils will be looking at tourism, the features around us and the local people.



  • The local landscape, mountains, rivers and streams, will be the inspiration for our art work, as well Welsh artists. We will be looking at the water cycle. Using our surrounding environment pupils will be identifying made and natural features. They will also be looking at the geological features around us, using labels, diagrams, and annotations to describe them. Our topic will include map work. The children have the opportunity to plan some of their own learning to ensure that their experiences are meaningful and memorable! 



  • In Numeracy we will be measuring to the nearest half cm, linking this to our topic. We will be looking at tourist attractions in North Wales and what makes them a success. Pupils will be handling data; creating questionnaires, collecting and recording information and then analysing their findings. They will also be learning how to plan a journey, using information from bus timetables.



  • In Literacy, pupils will identify the key features of a leaflet. This will lead to creating their own tourist information leaflet. Our class will focus on mythological stories this term, including Merlin and Beddgelert. Pupils will also be focussing on instructional writing.



  • Pupils will continue ‘Speed Sounds’ and do their guided reading/ reading activities each day.


  • Forest school will encourage and inspire pupils through innovative outdoor play and learning in the woodland environment. This will encompass topic work, consolidating literacy and numeracy as well art work. Please remember Forest School old clothes and wellies every Thursday.



  • Swimming will be every Tuesday morning. Please ensure your child has their swimming kit and a towel with them.



  • P.E. will be on Friday afternoons. Pupils can wear their P.E. kit into school on a Friday. We will be focussing on outdoor seasonal games. We will begin with netball.


  • If you would like to know any more please come and ask!

End of Year Expectations


Summer Term: Out of this world - ‘Space’


This terms topic is ‘Out of this World – Space’.


  • As part of our learning in class we will be looking at Light and Dark, Space and Time.



  • We will be using Time in our Maths and Numeracy lessons focusing on both analogue and digital time. We will be revising the days of the week and months of the year and producing daily diaries. Pupils at a higher level will be solving written word problems involving time.



  • In our Language lessons we will be learning how to write detailed instructions using bullet points. We will be writing stories and letter writing using set criteria and extended writing. Our text this term is Clarice Beanand we will be using this fictional story as a basis for your Literacy work.



  • At home you can help your child find out information on space using books, the library and the internet (with parental guidance).



  • Forest school will encompass mapping which involves directional work, quarter, half and full turns. Please remember Forest school clothes and wellies on Wednesdays.

Extension Work and Resources

The National Space Centre has a wide variety of interactive hands on galleries for your groups to explore during your visit. These galleries contain everything you need to know about Space including: How Stars are formed, What is gravity like on other planets? and what is it like to be an Astronaut? Visit Website

General Online Resources - again, a really useful website that offers a complete range of 

activities for all subjects - parents will have to provide their email address to access this site but it is free and once registered, it offers a good range of interactive games across the curriculum.