Notes from the Head

27th September 2015

We are entering a season of celebration in school beginning this Friday with Croeso Pawb, the children will work during the afternoon on a range of activities exploring the theme of ‘Harvest’.


Following this we invite parents and families to join together with us at St Michael & All Angels church in Nannerch at 2.15pm (please note amended time).  We have requested donations for the Flintshire Food Bank, which the children will bring with them to the short service.


Following the service there will be an opportunity to have a chat and to catch up over a cup of tea or coffee.  We welcome any donations of cakes or biscuits.  Please note the children should be picked up from the church to go home, there will be no Football club on Friday.


Nannerch Bonfire Committee are busy organising the annual Nannerch bonfire, a popular event which draws the community together.  Some of the children will be making ‘guys’ to take up their traditional place on the bonfire.

  • Friday 2nd October at 2.15pm - Croeso Pawb (please note amendments to date and time)


  • Friday 2nd October – walk to Penycloddiau Year 4-6


  • Monday 19th October – Parents Evening


  • Tuesday 20th October – Parents Evening


  • Saturday 7th November- Nannerch bonfire



Key dates





Please note that applications for Nursery, parents should apply on line for admission to Reception for September 2016. Forms will be available at from 28 September and the closing date is 27 November. The outcome of applications will be sent by email to parents on 18 April 2016.


The Admissions Team (01352 704068/704073) is available to assist with applications if required, and staff are  on hand to help at any Flintshire library or Flintshire Connects Centre at Connah’s Quay, Flint and Holywell if parents need help to apply online.



Want to find out about our topics this term, our homework, reading diary and other important information? See what our classes are doing and help them at home.


See Curriculum Pages

News from our classes:

Mrs Pierce & Ms Lewis’s Class: Gwydion


The children have been working to consolidate their understanding of journalistic writing this week, writing a news report of the art theft of the Mona Lisa from the Louvre.  So far the children have worked on two genres of writing this term, diary and news report.  Using their own writing they have begun to evaluate and assess their work to create a next-step target.  All have done really well to identify what they should do to reach the next level in their writing. 



We continue reading our class shared book ‘Framed’ and are looking forward to our trip to the Snowdonia area in which the story is set.  We shall be visiting the National Slate Museum and Electric Mountain.  Remember to wear warm clothes and bring your sandwiches!



Miss J. Robert’s Class: Owain


This week year 2 and 3 have worked very well! In Science we have been identifying the properties of materials, using lots of scientific vocabulary.


There was a surprise delivery, a letter from an alien called Zylon! We were able to organise the letter correctly to read what it said. In Language we have been working on how to write questions. This is also part of our homework task this week too.


Years 2 and 3 have been learning how to use fractions in a practical situation particularly halves and quarters. We learnt that 2 quarters make a half. This helped us to make a jam sandwich!


During forest school we went on a leaf hunt to find as many different colours and sizes as we could. We described the leaves in Welsh.


In PE we have been continuing to develop our passing and have introduced shooting in netball.


As well as the homework task, spellings have been sent home for the test next Friday.




Mrs John's class: Branwen


We had a very wet afternoon in Forest School but pupils didn’t even notice the rain! They were busy fulfilling a task from the fairy who had visited! The schools maintenance men then turned up and were busy cutting the grass at school so we couldn’t all finish the fairy task. We will do though next time we are at Forest School! We are planning to visit Mrs Whitehead’s pigs on Tuesday afternoon as part of our Forest School session so pupils will need to still bring in their waterproofs, wellies and warm clothing.


Pupils have been busy continuing their Numeracy through making tally charts based on the amount of coloured cars that they found in our school car parks. Some of the pupils then went onto record their data on the computer and onto simple pictograms – well done!


Next week we are going to learn how to write instructions. To do this we are going to have to learn how to make ‘Sand Cement’ for the three Little Pigs…watch this space!


We have the handwriting competition next Thursday which we have been getting ready for. Pupils have been trying hard to form their letters correctly and have been working on this at home and at school - Diolch pawb!


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News from our classes:

20th September 2015

Another week with Autumn well on its way, the school apple trees are laden with apples and the nights are starting to draw in. At school we are now fully immersed into our whole school topic ‘where we live’, here in Nannerch we are particularly fortunate to live and have a school within such a beautiful environment. The children’s knowledge of nature and the countryside around them never ceases to impress me, this week I overheard a group of boys during their playtime discussing in great detail the wildlife around Nannerch.


As I walked around the school this week I discovered the Foundation Phase class in the Forest School building the houses of the 3 Little Pigs out of straw, sticks and stone, gardening and making ‘wolf stew!’ It was lovely to see the children all wrapped up and enjoying spending time in the open air.


The Year 5 & 6 are enjoying spending time working and spending time with their peers from Lixwm on Friday mornings, this week they shared their favourite books and authors. We have planned a series of activities for the children this half term which will include a walk on our local Penycloddiau.


Thank you to all our volunteers, Governors, PTA, After School Club Committee and those that help with clubs. Tony Doyle and Marc Owen are keen to start football training for the children on Wednesday evenings. This will be for all age groups, each session costing £1 with proceeds to the School. 


Please note this Monday 21st September we are holding our Breakfast & After School Club AGM which will start at 5.30pm please come along if you can.

Key dates
  • Thursday 1st October – Croeso Pawb


  • Friday 2nd October – walk to Penycloddiau Year 4-6


  • Monday 19th October – Parents Evening


  • Tuesday 20th October – Parents Evening


Mrs Pierce & Ms Lewis’s Class: Gwydion


This week we have continued to explore the writing of newspaper reports using nursery rhymes as a theme. There were some interesting articles about poor Humpty Dumpty and how events led to his terrible fall. Poor Humpty really did have quite a rough time by all accounts!


We have continued to ask the question ‘Where in the world do we live? Exploring physical and human features on maps and organising data based on the population of the UK into a bar graph or pie chart.


The children enjoyed discussing the painting ‘The Baptism of Christ’ and writing a diary extract from the viewpoint of a person in the crowd watching this event. This will lead into work from our class book ‘Framed’ and further exploration of some of the paintings within the National Gallery collection.


In P.E. we are continuing to work on teambuilding and orienteering, this week we explored the importance of ‘trust’ and developed this by guiding one another around the hall with our eyes closed…it was great fun!



Miss J. Robert’s Class: Owain


This week we enjoyed working outside in the forest school to continue our exploration of 2D and 3D shapes. We have enjoyed working on our tasks in guided reading and everyone is trying their best with their reading.


Our homework task last week has been useful in providing us with infromation for our data work. We have begun to collate the data based on where we live, work and shop into charts ready to begin our graphwork. We are working on the skills of presenting and analysing information.


We are doing well with our spellings and everyone should be learning their spellings at home ready for the weekly test. The list of words are high frequency which the children should know. 

In P.E. we are continuing to enjoy refining our skills of passing and shooting.




Mrs John's class: Branwen


Pupils have settled well into their guided reading groups and have been focusing on 'activating prior knowledge' and 'self monitoring' which are 2 of the 8 reading behaviours we teach. Pupils have begun their Talk for Writing using our story map based on the traditional tale The Three Little Pigs. School Governor Mr David Wright spent the morning with us on Tuesday and found himself immersed in the Three Little Pigs role play and story telling!


In maths pupils have been identifying numbers and working out what is 1,2,3 and 4 more than a given number to 10 and 20. Reception have been working hard working with Numicon and working out its place value. We have been repeating patterns this week using colour and some pupils were able to repeat a pattern of up to 4 colours - bendigedig!


13th September 2015

The much brighter weather meant the children could take the opportunity to learn and play outside this week.  I believe we all benefit from the wonderful fresh air in Nannerch.  It was delightful to see the Foundation Phase children whizzing round the playground enjoying their new bikes and trikes. 


Everyone is settling back into school routine with many of the junior children enjoying taking up their chosen clubs after school.  There was a great atmosphere at Friday's Football Club, with parents, families and friends and 'babies' all enjoying watching the games. 


This week we launched our whole school handwriting competition.  The children will be judged on who has made the most progress in their handwriting over the next three weeks.  We will be focusing on letter formation and high standards of presentation of handwriting. There will be 2 prizes for each class, with judging taking place on the 1st October.



I hope you can join us next week for the PTA Annual General Meeting which will take place on Thursday 17th September starting at 8pm in school.  The PTA has many ideas they would like to take forward this year.  They are hoping to launch their plans for a host of fund raising events, which will be used to enhance the children’s learning.


The first Croeso Pawb of the new school year will take place on Thursday 1st October.  The theme will be ‘God’s Creatures’, exploring one of the children’s favourite songs ‘From the Tiny Ant’.  Please join us in St Andrew & All Angels church at 2.30pm for a short service following our Croeso Pawb activities.  There will be an opportunity to meet and chat following the service over a cup of tea and slice of cake.

  • Thursday 1st October – Croeso Pawb


  • Friday 2nd October – walk to Penycloddiau Year 4-6


  • Monday 19th October – Parents Evening


  • Tuesday 20th October – Parents Evening


Key dates
News from our classes:

Mrs Pierce & Ms Lewis’s Class: Gwydion


We are enjoying learning together and have created a class motto to work to:  Learning in a caring, safe and healthy class.


The Year 6 have begun to share with us their presentations, it is lovely hearing about their interests and how they spend their time out of school.


This week we have written up a diary entry using the features of diary writing.  We have begun to work through the process of ‘editing, assessing and redrafting’ our written work against our own success criteria. 


We are now exploring ‘newspaper report writing using ‘Talk for Writing’.  We recalled the events in the story of Little Red Riding Hood, and then we ‘interviewed’ the woodcutter and wrote a whole class news report about the wolf’s attack on granny.  We enjoyed pretending to be the news reporter!


In maths we have continued to explore ‘place value’ and had lots of fun working on a problem solving activity called the ‘Deca Tree’.  We have continued to explore direction and orienteering by creating our own ‘maps’ and in PE we worked together to design ‘target’ games.




Miss J. Robert’s Class: Owain



It was a very busy first week back for Year 2 & 3.  In maths we have been reading, writing and reciting numbers up to at least 100 for Year 2 and 1000 for Year 3.  We also looked at different 3D shapes in Forest school and enjoyed our ‘shape hunt’ around the conservation area, tallying what we found and using natural materials to make shapes.  Great fun!


In language we have started practising our handwriting for the competition which is just 3 weeks away.  We have played lots of games to form sentences, focussing on an ‘opener’ and verb (doing word).


We have started work on our Topic ‘Where we live’ and have lots of exciting activities planned.



We really enjoyed going to Holywell on the bus for our 1st swim of the year!



Mrs John's class: Branwen


Pupils have been getting stuck into their new topic 'Where do we live?' and have been on a walk around Nannerch deciding which landmarks and buildings a village consists of. Pupils then have worked hard in creating a 3D model of Nannerch for the classroom display. Next week pupils will label the display and write captions.


We have been learning how to write lists this week and pupils wrote a list of what they saw in Nannerch and also what they need in their builders yard.


Pupils have been recognising numbers to 10 and 20 in our Maths game. Pupils have been practicing forming their numbers correctly in Year 1 and Reception have been playing Numicon games to help them identify number Numicon to 10.


We have all had a fun afternoon in Forest School making the houses for the 3 Little Pigs and have been playing Hide and Seek in the long grass. We realised that some pupils camouflaged in the long grass because their clothes were green! Excellent vocabulary and language was used in this outdoor session - Bendigedig!


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5th September 2015

News from our classes:

Mrs Pierce & Ms Lewis’s Class: Gwydion


We have begun our shared class book ‘Framed’, which is set in the fictitious Welsh village of Manod, with the main character Dylan being the only boy in the school.


The book will be the focus for many of the themes in our learning this term.  The book is written partly in the form of a diary written by the main character Dylan.  So this week we have begun to look at the features of diary writing and have been writing our own diary entries.  


In maths we are beginning to explore number through place value and have played a ‘place value game’, we have also begun to practise our orienteering and team building skills in P.E.




Miss J. Robert’s Class: Owain



The children have settled very well into a new school year, new classmates and a new teacher!  We had fun creating a ‘Croeso’ display for our class with a photo of us all.


We made manifestos and held a ballot to elect our new class representatives onto the School Council. 


The children who will represent our class this year are:


Rowan & Oscar

Megan & Jack



We used our speaking and listening skills to share our holiday news with the class.  We revised the basics in writing, working in pairs to investigate ‘capital letters’ and then write sentences accurately.  In maths we looked at ordering numbers and collected data based on each others names.  Well done to everyone. 


There is no homework task set this week however reading books and diary have been sent home with the children.



Mrs John's class: Branwen


It has been a lovely first week back to school. Pupils have been so happy and full of smiles! Everyone has settled back quickly and have been getting used to their new routine. We have started the week with our class rules which everyone has worked hard to put this into practice.


Pupils have enjoyed sharing their news with their friends and have already produced some lovely writing.


We have started our class text 'The Three Little Pigs' and we have had great fun in our 'building challenge' where in teams we had to build a house out of Knex, duplo or wooden blocks. Pupils worked together in teams and used their ideas to ensure that the pigs were kept safe by building 'very strong' houses!


We have painted our houses this week and they are already up on the display in our class! Homework is to bring in a photo of your house for the display and class work next week. Diolch.


  • Monday 7th September – Music tuition resumes


  • Tuesday 8th September swimming for Years 2-6


  • Friday 11th September – Year 5 & 6 to Lixwm


  • Thursday 17th September – PTA at 8pm (please note change of date)


  • 28th September- National Slate Mine & Electric Mountain Years 4,5 & 6


  • Monday 5th October- Tempest Individual Photographs


  • Monday 12th September – Years 4,5 & 6 to Walker Art Gallery


The wet start to the new school year meant the children had their first wet playtimes on our return to school!  Despite the rain it was great to be back together and as always the children's excitement at returning to be with their friends and to catch up and hear about everyone’s summer adventures was lovely.  The children have quickly settled back to routine. 



The classes have been renamed this year after characters from the Welsh Mabinogion.


Foundation Phase: Branwen

Years 2 & 3: Owain 

Years 4, 5 & 6: Gwydion



We were pleased to welcome into Nursery Callum, Isobelle, Lilly, Emily and Alice and also Miss Jordan Roberts and Mr Ian Banks onto our staff.  We hope you will all be very happy here with us in Ysgol Nannerch.


The whole school topic this term is ‘Where We Live’.  Look out for an update in the coming week on the ‘Curriculum’ page of the website which will give more information about the specific areas of learning this will cover.  We plan to develop and regularly update this part of the website in order that parents may have more information about the areas of the curriculum the children are focusing on each term.


Music tuition will start again on Monday with guitars as usual early on Monday morning.  Children who have woodwind or violin tuition should also bring their instruments to school. Swimming will start for Years 2-6 on Tuesday mornings running for a total of seven weeks.  Children will need to bring swimming costume/trunks and towel; long hair should be tied back.


The children’s clubs will resume this week starting on Monday with textiles.  Any child from Year 3 upwards may attend the clubs, please speak to a member of staff if you would like your child to attend these clubs.

Key dates
Thank you letter from Mrs Selwyn

Dear Governors, colleagues, parents and friends.



I would like to express my sincere thanks for all the gifts and the kind best wishes extended to me at the end of the summer term.


I have had great fun choosing jewellery with my vouchers and have already booked golf lessons. The beautiful cake has been admired by friends and family and I am looking forward to deciding which shows to see with the theatre vouchers. Thanks also for so many beautiful flowers which filled the house will colour.


Thank you to the parents and friends who made my celebratory tea memorable. It was wonderful to see past pupils and share with them their experiences at high school. I was amazed at how tall they have grown. I enjoyed catching up with so many old friends.


Thank you to all who took such time and care to make my last weeks as a teacher at Nannerch School very special.


I hope you had a wonderful summer and I wish you every happiness as this new academic year begins. I look forward to hearing all your news when I next see you.




Diolch yn fawr i pawb. Love from Mrs Selwyn.

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2015-09-05 17.39.33.jpg
2015-09-05 17.39.33.jpg

2015-09-05 18.05.55.jpg
2015-09-05 18.05.55.jpg


A request from Nannerch Community Council



The passing place on School Lane is being used as a parking space by some people. This is making it difficult for cars to get through when a car is coming from the opposite direction.


Please be considerate when visiting school and mindful of the health and safety of our school members and local residents.