Notes from the Head

This week in May

31st May 2014


The first half of our Summer Term was a short, busy four weeks.

We were delighted to have the opportunity to work closely with the education team at Clwyd Theatr Cymru. This term every child in Ysgol Nannerch will have the opportunity to be involved in a performing arts project. 


The Nursery and Reception have enjoyed working with the 'Story Hunters' performing songs, playing games, listening to stories from the Mabinogion and working to explore how to resolve differences! The children enjoyed meeting up with the Story Hunters to celebrate the end of the project with a parade and party.


Year 1 & 2 continue to rehearse their piece ready for the 'Dancefest'. In June Years 3-6 will visit the theatre to watch a performance followed by an interactive workshop based on the Greek myth 'Minotaur'. 


All partnership working enriches the children's opportunities and we are fortunate to have a range of community expertise available to us here in Ysgol Nannerch. Many parents and members of the community volunteer their time sharing their skills and knowledge to support the School creating a real 'community focus'. 


Examples of ‘community’ working within School this term have included: supporting the School Council, helping with Forest School, taking part in Family Learning, supporting the children with their Bring & Buy, working with the children in Textile Club, taking assemblies, supporting the PTA, selling uniform, developing communication and supporting the Before & After School Club. Thank you to all our volunteers and governors.



The children return to school on Monday 2nd June to a week highlighted with Numeracy activities. On Tuesday the Years 4, 5 & 6 will be taking part in a Financial Maths Workshop. This is followed by a trip to Wepre Park for the juniors on Thursday 5th June. During this visit the older children will be investigating the river using their mathematical skills.  


In December 2013 we met as a school and local community to share our vision for the school and our pupils. Parents, pupils, teachers, governors and members of the local community were invited to share their ideas for the school. Recently we brought together the collective vision for our school and community.


These have been combined into the School Development Plan and matched against our progress since 2008.


Our vision is part of a continuous progess and will require ongoing review and evaluation from all members of the school and local community

click here to download the document.

This week in May

18th May 2014


We have a very busy week ahead of us before we finish for the Whitsun Half Term. 



On Monday the Nursery children will join Reception for the day to celebrate the final stage of their exciting Story Hunters Project.  


The many tasks which the children have completed include the creation of a medieval village using mud, straw and water, discovering Africa and putting on a performance from the class book 'Handa’s Surprise', learning new Welsh words, making a creature to scare a dragon, measuring the hall with sticks, timing how long they can stand on one leg whilst touching their nose and making party hats, banners and planning a parade route! 


The children will now enjoy a special day filled with stories, performance, games and activities led by the Story Hunters'.


The Years 1 & 2 continue to practise for the Dancefest which will take place at Clwyd Theatr Cymru on Wednesday 25th June.  Using their class book 'Handa`s Surprise' as a stimulus the children have explored different ways to represent the fruit in the story e.g pineapple, orange, guava, mango, passion fruit.  


The children have been encouraged to collaborate and share ideas which are being choreographed into a dance routine.




Please note the change to date of performance  from that previously stated





This Wednesday Ysgol Nannerch will be inviting teachers from a number of Flintshire Schools join us in our Forest School to learn more about the benefits of  ‘Forest School Outdoor Learning’.   We are very fortunate to have a school with such a well established Forest School located within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  We are delighted to share our facilities to support the development of Forest School learning.


This week in May

11th May 2014


Last week was a short 'four day' week due to the Bank Holiday Monday, the children in Years 2-6 returned from their long weekend to sit the national Numeracy and Literacy tests.  The assessments will continue in School this week, in addition the Year 4 CATs (Cognitive Assessment Tests) take place.  

The advice have early nights and a good breakfast before school!  

Fortunately after their tests the children were keen to relax and enjoyed playing together with Year 5's and Miss Cooper organising the lunch time games with Dodge Ball the popular choice at the moment.
Our Eco- Council are very busy planning ways to conserve energy around the school as we become energy aware working with the Carbon Trust.  In addition the children from Eco-Club made a great job of planting up the window boxes on Friday, it was a lovely end to the School week.  
Well done to all our children who took part in the Flintshire Junior and Intermediate Ensemble at the annual Music Concert held in Deeside on Friday evening. Our peripatetic music teachers will be holding their annual Parents Evening on Tuesday 20th May at Clwyd Theatr Cymru. 


This week in May

5th May 2014


The children settled back quickly into the routine of school this week after their Easter holiday and we enjoyed sharing their holiday news.I am impressed with the children's ability to understand Welsh and some children are now using their past tense Welsh during general conversation, using the patterns 'Es i (I went) and Aethon ni (we went).


There was plenty of drama in School on Tuesday afternoon during Mrs. John's was story time three 'Story Hunters' appeared! The 'Story Hunters' are searching for stories around Flintshire and have left the Nursery and Reception children a number of 'tasks' to complete over the next two weeks. If the children successfully complete the tasks they will celebrate with a 'Party Day'! This delightful theatre in education project for young children is being run in partnership with Clwyd Theatre Cymru.


The 'Party Day' will take place on Monday 19th May. The Nursery children will be invited to remain in school all day rather than attend playgroup and lunchclub. However if parents prefer the children can attend school as usual for just the afternoon Nursery session.


The children in Year 1 & 2 also had an exciting Tuesday as they began their new dance project. The children met Amanda Smith of 'New Dance' who will be working with them to choreograph a dance based on the book 'Handa's Surprise', which has an African theme.


The dance will be performed at on the evening of June 26th at Clwyd Theatre Cymru. Tickets will be available from the theatre box office.


We are very fortunate to have Amy Green, an environmental gardner working with us at the moment. Amy is planting pollen rich trees and plants around the edge of the school field and in our orchard area to support the declining bee population. This week Amy replaced our Bardsey Apple tree which had become damaged. The Bardsey Apple was discovered in 1999 on the island and is hailed as the rarest tree in the world. We hope our little Bardsey Apple thrives in Nannerch.


The children thoroughly enjoyed the Bring & Buy Sale which was held in school on Friday. Thank you to all the children who worked to make posters and organise the event. A total of £137.00 was raised which will be match funded by the PTA who are keen to support the School Council's purchase of LEGO for the children's 'wet playtimes'.


There are a number of unnamed items of uniform in school the details of these will be posted onto the website. Please contact the school office if you have lost and recognise any item as your child's. We will hold the items for two weeks after which any unclaimed items will be passed to the PTA for resale in their second hand uniform scheme. The current lost property will be held until the 19th May. I hope this will be of help.


Dates for May

6th May- Final Family Learning Session


7th-13th May - assessments for Years 2-6


9th May- Junior Music Ensemble - Deeside Leisure Centre


12th May- Textile Club (every child attending will need to bring a white cotton T-shirt for tie-dying)


16th May- Tennis Roadshow


19th May- Rugby League Cup


19th May Nursery & reception 'Party Day'


20th May- Transition Language activity- 1 team of Year 6


22nd May - Wepre Park trip (juniors)


23rd May - School closes for half term