Notes from the Head

19th July 2015

Our last week of the school year has been packed with a mixture of excitement and goodbyes.  The leaver’s service held in St Michael & All Angels church was very moving.  The church looked beautiful decorated with the floral displays from the Flower Festival; the Year 6 pupils led the service supported by their classmates.


Following the service we returned to school for an afternoon tea to wish Mrs Selwyn all the best wishes for her retirement.  Thank you to everyone one who supported us by providing cakes and contributing to her gifts.  Mrs Selwyn was delighted with her vouchers and jewellery.  It was lovely to see so any people and to have the chance to chat and catch up at the afternoon tea.



On Wednesday I was impressed with the performance by the drama club.  The children had worked with Claire to devise a piece of drama based on the different stories of people in a market square.  The standard was very high.  The children enjoyed their end of term disco on Thursday, thank you so much to all parents and carers who worked together to provide this event.


We had more goodbyes on Friday as we said farewell to Gareth and Sue who are retiring from their role as caretakers of the school at the end of the summer.  Gareth and Sue joined us on Friday afternoon for an afternoon of celebration.  We watched the film of our Years 4,5 & 6 Sky Hawk project.  After which Jonny Duddle announced the winners of the story writing competition.  I was impressed that Jonny had read every story, he did a great job of judging and the final winners who were presented with prizes donated by Jonny were:


  • Daniel – ‘Rocket Crumpet’

  • Martha – ‘Tale of the Friendly Alien’

  • Hannah – ‘Alien Adventure’  

  • Jasmine – ‘Summer Santa’


We ended the day on Friday with lolly ices and blowing bubbles, a perfect end to a wonderful week.  Thank you to all our families for the support they have shown to the school over the year and special thanks for your support of Lauryn’s Legacy, the recent sponsored walk raised a total of £477.56.  Emma is delighted and passes on her thanks to everyone.


Many thanks also for your support of Freya’s Appeal; we raised £180.10 through the cake sale and donations.  Freya's mum has passed on her thanks, Freya she says is 'that bit closer to getting her surgery'.   


I would like to wish all  our families a safe and happy summer.  We look forward to hearing all your holiday adventures when we return to school in September.

Key dates




  • Wednesday September 2nd - school opens for children

  • Friday September 4th - Years 5 & 6 to Lixwm

  • Tuesday September 8th - PTA Annual General Meeting 8pm

  • Wednesday 23rd September - Mad Science Assembly


Coming in next few days: Video of Sky Hawk

News from our classes:


Mrs Pierce, Years 4,5 & 6


We enjoyed our Leaver’s Service and felt proud reading out our memories and poems. Afterwards it was fun to meet up with everyone at Mrs Selwyn’s party. We played on the field with lots of our old friends who are now in the Alun School.


On Wednesday the Year 5 & 6 joined with pupils from Nercwys for a transition activity at the Alun School.  We worked in groups to create a 5 minute presentation about an object from a particular religion.  Some of the Year 10’s at the Alun joined us.


We have had lots of fun this week with a variety of activities which have included ‘designing a hat’, ‘water fight’ and a ‘mini sports event’.


We were sad to say goodbye to our Year 6 friends, however we will keep in touch.



Mrs Selwyn & Ms Lewis, Years 2 & 3


We all enjoyed Mrs Selwyn’s party on Tuesday.  We had practiced singing ‘I Believe in Angels’ and sang this to Mrs Selwyn during a special assembly in school.  We will miss Mrs Selwyn, but she has promised to come back and visit us. 


We loved having a water fight on Wednesday, we got soaking wet!

On Thursday we had our shadow puppet show in class, and after that we had the school disco it was great fun!


We went for a walk on Friday morning; and had fun making dens.  In the afternoon Jonny Duddle came to school and announced the winners of our story writing competition, after we had ice lollies and blew bubbles it was a fun way to end the year.



Mrs John, Nursery, Reception & Year 1


This week we have written our memories from our class this year. We have thought about our favourite lessons and projects we have been involved in. Pupils have had another trip to the park this week where we played games and had a small picnic! We also had a surprise visitor, Nannie Whippy! Pupils were so pleased to see Janet in her 'Nannie Whippy' hat and apron and laden with ice-cream, sprinkles and cones...What a treat! A huge thank you once again Janet!


Our school assembly was very moving for Mrs Selwyn, our pupils sang a beautiful song that we had been learning and it was a lovely

surprise for Mrs Selwyn. Mrs Selwyn was presented with her many gifts and she was overwhelmed. I think she is looking forward to using her Golfing lessons and Theatre Clwyd vouchers. She loved her jewelry and and she will enjoy spending her Mococo vouchers in the near future!


Thank you to PTA and DJ Tucker for organising the disco - Pupils loved it!


We had a special assembly for Gareth and Sue where we came together as a whole school to watch Sky Hawk and after we presented the presents Jonny Duddle announced our winners of the story competition. A huge well done to everyone and huge thanks to Jonny for all his support and input into this writing project that the whole school have been involved in.


We have had a very successful year and I want to thank everyone for their support and commitment to Ysgol Nannerch. I hope you all have a lovely summer and enjoy spending quality family time together.

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11th July 2015

Key dates




  • Tuesday 14th July – Leavers Service (approx 1.30pm)

  • 15th July Year 5 & 6 RE project with Nercwys

  • Wednesday 16th July - Drama Performance at 4pm


Once again the week ended with a community event.  The children were delighted to take part in the Flower Festival at St. Michael & All Angels church this weekend.  The Mothers Union supported us by helping the children make ‘flower’ bunting and a host of pom-pom creepy crawlies.  The Year 2 & 3 created lollipop flowers in class.  The resulting display was beautiful.  It was a treat to see the whole church decked out with such a range of wonderful and creative floral displays, from the lily archway around the entrance to the beautifully delicate tea cup arrangements.


I was fortunate to spend 3 days with the Year 6 in Cardiff this week.  We stayed with our neighbouring schools, Caerwys, Cilcain and Lixwm at the Urdd Centre in Cardiff Bay.  It was a great opportunity for the children to mix and get to know one another.  Our visits included the Welsh Assembly Senedd, the beautiful Cardiff Castle and the Big Pit National Coal Museum.


Whilst in the Senedd the children held a debate on the subject of energy drinks.  I was impressed with how strongly and articulately they communicated their views on the advertising surrounding these drink and were well aware of the impact of such advertising on children of their age.


We finished our trip to Cardiff with a stop off on the way home to explore the mines of Blaenavon.  This really was a fantastic experience for both children and adults.  It was humbling to think how children as young as five worked in these mines in the 19th Century; I couldn’t help feel how very fortunate we are today.



The 2015 Reading Challenge has been launched in school this week. Please go along to your local library to take up the challenge, there are stickers and other incentives for the children to complete the challenge.


Next week is our last week of the school year.  Our Leavers Service takes place on Tuesday 14th July, children need to wear their uniform and look smart for the service which is held in St. Michael’s church.


Children who have been attending the drama workshops are holding a short performance at 4pm on Wednesday 16th July in the school hall. 

News from our classes:


Mrs Pierce, Years 4,5 & 6


Year 4 & 5 remained in school this week whilst the Year 6 went to Cardiff.  Those in school continued to work on their ‘Mars Mission’ work and had a treat watching Dr. Who.  The Year 6 had fun on their trip to Cardiff which was packed with exciting activities. 


We travelled down to the Urdd centre with our friends from Lixwm, Cilcain and Caerwys.  When we arrived in Cardiff we visited the Dr Who Exhibition, the interactive tour took us on a journey through space in the tardis.  It was very exciting and linked well to our terms 'space' story writing.  


Our visit to the Senedd was interesting; we went into the debating 'Siambr' taking part and contributing to a debate on ‘energy drinks’.  We used the microphones when speaking to give our opinions during the debate. The outcome of the final vote debate was in favour of an age restriction on these drinks for children under 16. 

  • 27 in favour 

  • 4 against 

  • 5 abstained


We also visited Cardiff Castle and the Millenium Stadium.  We loved going ten pin bowling and going to the cinema. On the way home we visited the Big Pit, it was dark, cold and strange down the mine.  We saw where the pit ponies were kept, it was strange seeing stables down in the mines.  


Cardiff was great fun.  We enjoyed being together and making new friends.



Mrs Selwyn & Ms Lewis, Years 2 & 3


This week we had a party in our Forest School, it was good fun.  We are continuing to explore light and this week  we created rainbows using CD’s, sorted out items that were reflective and non-reflective and used translucent and transparent materials to make ‘sun catchers’.



In literacy we have enjoyed listening to some of Roald Dahl’s ‘Revolting Rhymes’.  We made our own nonsense rhymes using well known nursery rhymes. 


On Friday we created our display for the Flower Festival.  We made flowers out of tissue and lollies.  We were hoping to eat the lollies but they had to go on display in the church!



Mrs John, Nursery, Reception & Year 1


This week has been a lot of fun! The party was a busy day and we used the pupils own planning ideas throughout the whole day. We played games which the children had invented themselves: Pass the meteorite, 'Alien, Alien, Astronaut', Musical Aliens (the list is endless!). Pupils made their own party food and then we enjoyed

eating it all.  The weather was terrible but we made up for it and visited the park today and played more games and then played on the playground.


Thank you for all your support with our party, the outfits and contributions were fabulous.


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4th July 2015

The weather has been very unpredictable this week from soaring temperatures to thunderstorms however we were fortunate with our Sports Day on Wednesday.  The children all enjoyed their races and we finished the competions just before the first raindrops were felt!  Well done to Ellie who is this years Sports Champion and to our winning House Glyndwr.


Thank you to everyone who turned out to support Emma and Lauryn’s Legacy on Friday evening.  It was a glorious evening for our walk to the Jubilee Tower on Moel Famau and what a lovely way to end the week.  I can’t help but feel proud to be part of such a fantastic school and community especially on occasions such as this.  To quote Emma, ‘Nannerch really is a very special and caring community that stands out for all the right reasons.’  It was wonderful to join together, children, parents, friends, staff and dogs too.  It was a chance to chat, catch up and spend time together.  We had lots of fun, sang happy birthday to Jasmine and all listened to Emma’s message reminding us to ‘live in the moment and make it count.’


I will be accompanying the Year 6 to Cardiff for three days next week, joining our friends in Lixwm, Cilcain and Caerwys.  We have a busy itinerary which will include a visit to the Senedd, Cardiff Castle and The Millennium Stadium.  I am looking forward to spending this special time with the children in Year 6 just before they move onto their new secondary school.


On Thursday next week the children will bring home their end of term report.  If you wish to see your child’s teacher to discuss their progress please make an appointment to see their teacher.  Please note Mrs Selwyn will be available on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of week beginning 6th July and just on the Monday of the following week.  Mrs John, Mrs Pierce and myself will be available throughout the week beginning 13th July.

Key dates



  • End of Term Reports out week beginning 6th July

  • 7th July - Summer Reading Challenge assembly

  • 6th- 8th July- Year 6 Cardiff Trip

  • Saturday 11th July- Flower Festival at St Michael & All Angels

  • Tuesday 14th July – Leavers Service (approx 1.30pm)

  • 15th July Year 5 & 6 RE project with Nercwys


News from our classes:


Mrs Pierce, Years 4,5 & 6


This week Ms Lewis took Year 5&6 for PHSE, we played games and had a chance to talk about growing up and all the changes happening to us.  We had a bit of a giggle too!  Year 4 had their CATS tests. 



We have been busy preparing for our leavers service which will take place on Tuesday 14th July.  The Year 6 have been working on their memories ready to share in the service.



We had great fun in Science this week as we investigated surface area using jelly.  We had to predict whether the surface area would affect the rate of jelly dissolving.  We had to decide how to present our results.  Year 4 presented their data in a bar graph.  Years 5&6 used a line graph to present their data.



Mrs Selwyn & Ms Lewis, Years 2 & 3


We made the most of the lovely weather this week with our classroom outdoors.  We set up a ‘beach’ with sand and water.  We discussed the environmental issues of wind turbines and made model wind turbines.



In Science we have begun to look at the science of colour.  We mixed paint to create different colours and also began to explore the colours of white light by making spinners and blowing bubbles and noticing the rainbow colours.



We continued sharing and reading poetry, everyone in class listened really well whilst we shared the poems we had learnt at home.  We are enjoying lots of different rhymes and poems and are becoming very expressive in our reading.



On Friday we enjoyed having ‘Shabbat’.  This is a special time when we look back at our busy week and look forward to a restful weekend.  We say a prayer, break the bread and have ‘wine’ (grape juice)  in the special silver Kiddush cup.  It is great fun and we all enjoy this part of our week.



Mrs John, Nursery, Reception & Year 1


We have had a lovely week in the sunshine and weather was very kind to us on sports day! Pupils tried hard on all their practises and on the actual day they shined! Well done all of you.


We had the road safety bus visit us this week and it was very exciting! We watched an interactive cartoon on the bus about keeping ourselves safe when walking near traffic. We also learnt how to stop, look, listen and think! We all came away with activity packs to do at home which are all in the pupils reading folders.


We wrote invitations to our teddies for our space party this week. Our party will be on Tuesday and pupils can bring their teddy into school and can dress up in their party clothes or something cool if weather is hot. Please bring sunhats as we maybe outside for part of the days events.


We hope to have a fun day with all the pupils planning of party food, games, venue etc coming into fruition!



I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who joined us on our sponsored walk up Moel Famau for Lauryn's Legacy on Friday night. It was amazing to see so many families and friends from Ysgol Nannerch supporting this event. I felt very touched and I know Emma Robinson will be overwhelmed by everybody's support.



If you would like to donate any sponsorship money, please sent it into the school office this coming week.


Many thanks!

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The passing place on School Lane is being used as a parking space by some people. This is making it difficult for cars to get through when a car is coming from the opposite direction.


Please be considerate when visiting school and mindful of the health and safety of our school members and local residents.

There is disabled parking at the school with a safe drop off zone. For additional support please contact in advance of your visit

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