Notes from the Head

28th February 2016

This is a very short term with just five busy weeks ahead of us until we finish for Easter.  The children are working very hard in class to cover all the requirements of the curriculum.  Of course life in school is not just about class learning but also how to work alongside others, be responsible and to be part of a team.


There have been many opportunities this week for the children to put their social skills into practise.  On Monday morning our Year 6 met with Year 6 from a ‘family school’ in Wrexham.  The children joined together to discuss the strategies used to edit and redraft their written work.  It was delightful to listen to the children chat about and share favourite pieces of work.  We are keen to join forces again and are planning an opportunity for the children to meet and work together again in March.


There were more treats as the children shared their Jesse Tree bible stories in assembly.  This week it was the turn of Morgan, Seren and Harry on Monday, Daisy on Tuesday, and Isabel and Georgia on Thursday.  The children kept us all engaged with their versions of the bible, we have listened well to the retelling of the stories.  We also had a visitor, Rev Mary Brotherston into assembly, sharing with us ‘what the bible means to me’.  Rev Mary shared her of her favourite bible stories and parables.


Next week is exciting as we join together for our whole school challenge.  There have been a few clues to what this might be. I am looking forward to seeing everyone dress up on Tuesday in either Welsh themed clothes or as ‘People of the Past’ linked to our topic themes.


Key dates
  • 1st March - St David's Day. Pupils can come dressed up either in Welsh costume or topic related costume

  • 1st March – Whole School Numeracy challenge activity

  • 7th & 8th March - Parents Evenings

  • 7th- 9th March – Year 5 visit to Glan Llyn

  • 22nd March - Year 6 trip to Liverpool with Year 6 Lixwm.

  • School closes for Easter 23rd March – 11th April (training day 24th March)

Mrs Pierce & Ms Lewis’s Class: Gwydion


It was a great start to the week as we compared different toothpaste, for colour, texture and flavour.  This investigation gave us plenty of data to organise using our numeracy skills. We have also been very busy in class with our investigation of Bardsey Island.  This week we researched Bardsey finding out what kind of place it is.


Using a range of sources of information we planned a trip to Bardsey.  Some of us used the Bardsey Trust Website to plan a week’s holiday on Bardsey.  It looks idyllic and very peaceful!


We have been using our Welsh language patterns to describe a friend using the third person.  Everyone tried really hard with their Welsh this week, da iawn pawb!


On Friday we were excited to be having cheerleading and rugby training however our coach for rugby was unable to meet us, fortunately Max stepped in to help Ms Lewis last minute and helped with some ideas for games to play which helped us refine our rugby skills.  Well done Max.


The coach has since been in touch and will be with us next week. 

The cheerleading went well and we look forward to learning more of these moves next Friday.

News from our classes:

Miss Robert’s Class: Owain


The first week is over and it has flown by!

In mathematics this week we have been focussing on doubling and halving numbers. The children have been partitioning two digit numbers so that they can work with much bigger numbers! They have also been using this knowledge to add near doubles, such as 9+10 and 14+15.


In literacy we have begun looking at diary writing. We had a go at writing our own diary, and have looked closely at the different writing features of a diary. The children thought about what God's diary would have looked like after he created the world! There were some fantastic descriptive sentences and thoughtful consideration!


This week the children worked on a detailed Roman painting, they found an image, sketched and then painted their picture. The results are superb!


This half term year three have the opertunity to do cheerleading on a Friday afternoon as part of their PE. Year two enjoyed the milder weather and played various games in their PE lesson.


We were lucky to have our school Athrawen Bro in school on Friday to work with groups of children on their welsh reading. She was very impressed with the enthusiasm and level of Welsh that the children showed. Da iawn pawb!


This week's new spelling and a topic homework has been set, to prepare for our numeracy challenge on Tuesday!

Forest school will begin again this Thursday, so please remember warm waterproof clothes.





Mrs John's class: Branwen


Pupils have quickly settled back into a routine after their holiday. We have been writing and designing posters in our Literacy this week. We thought it would be a good idea to try and find Jack seeing as no-one has seen him since climbing the beanstalk! We had to think of adjectives to describe Jack and leave a contact number in case someone had any information for us.


Pupils have also produced posters on the computer using a programme called 2-publish. Da iawn pawb!


In Numeracy we have been learning to partition a 2 digit (teen) numbers into tens and units. Younger pupils have been ordering and

learning number recognition to 20.


Our class trip to Bodelwyddan Castle was a wonderful day. Pupils were so very well behaved and were a credit to their parents and Ysgol Nannerch.


The educational workshop in the morning comprised of puppets showing how dolls have changed over 150 years. This was great fun! We then worked in different rooms of the castle to explore materials, sorting and playing old fashioned games.


Obviously our favourite part of the day was amser cinio! We all enjoyed eating our lunch in the cafe before taking part in an old fashioned photo shoot! To finish the day we escaped into the maze and had great fun getting lost in the conifer trees! We only wish the day had been longer to explore the woodland walks and formal gardens. 


A huge thank you to Nicky and May for helping us on the day. You may want to visit the castle with your family over Easter as there are some lovely events timetabled. 


Have a lovely weekend and remember pupils can come dressed up either in Welsh costume or topic related costume on St David's Day Tuesday 1st March.

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15th February 2016

Well done to Rosie, Sam and Thomas for leading us in assembly.  Rosie and Sam used models of the animals, the ark and a dove to share the bible story of how God kept his promise to Noah.  To follow Thomas shared all he has been finding out about Abraham and the journey to reach the Promised Land.  Thomas shared with us a DVD of himself in role as Abraham.  All three children spoke really well, we thoroughly enjoyed the assembly. 


On Monday of our first week back we will have Morgan, Seren and Harry F. retelling their stories (Abraham & Isaac, Jacob’s ladder, the story of Rebecca) on Tuesday Daisy will share the story of Jacob.  Later in the week Georgia and Isabelle will be retelling their bible stories of Moses.  Good luck everyone.


I have spent most of the week out of school with the children from Gwydion class.  It has been a pleasure to have spent time with the children, the ir behaviour has been excellent and everyone we met remarked on how well behaved and enthusiastic the children have been. 


On Tuesday we visited St Asaph cathedral,  as it was Shrove Tuesday, Reverend Nigel shared with us how the palm crosses are burnt ready for Ash Wednesday.


At Pentrellyncymmer we enjoyed being with pupils from Ysgol y Foel in Cilcain, everyone had a wonderful time in the outdoors.  All the children challenged themselves with the range of activities.  We were really fortunate with the weather; although cold it was bright and dry.  I was very pleased as the children slept well and the instructors remarked on how keen, organised and prepared they all were.  It was lovely for the children to receive such praise.  They were a credit to themselves, their families and Ysgol Nannerch.  Da iawn pawb!


I hope you all have a well deserved and lovely half term holiday.


Key dates
  • Monday 22nd February – Year 6 to Bwylchgwyn School in Wrexham

  • Monday 22nd February – Thinking Day (Rainbows, Brownies, Beavers, Cubs in their uniform)

  • Thursday 25th February - Foundation Phase to Bodelwyddan castle

  • Friday 26th February – Year 3&4 cheerleading workshop

  •  1st March – Whole School Numeracy challenge activity

  • 7th & 8th March - Parents Evenings

  • 7th- 9th March – Year 5 visit to Glan Llyn

  • 22nd March - Year 6 trip to Liverpool with Year 6 Lixwm.

  • School closes for Easter 23rd March – 11th April (training day 24th March)

Mrs Pierce & Ms Lewis’s Class: Gwydion


The whole school listened well to the stories retold by Rosie, Sam and Thomas in assembly on Monday.  Thomas shared with us many interesting facts about the journey taken by Abraham and showed us photographs of people walking this route as pilgrims today.


On Tuesday we enjoyed finding out the history in St Asaph cathedral.  We took part in role play, learning the story of the Welsh Saint Kentigern who founded the monastery.  We also met the organist who amazed us all when he told us how much the organ is worth!


We enjoyed dressing up and finding out about the life of a monk.  We had fun in the cathedral, the day went quickly and we learnt so many facts about life in Tudor times, how the bible was translated into welsh, stories of the Welsh saints and lots more.


On Wednesday some of the Year 4 and 5 went to Pentrellyncymmer.  They had a wonderful time taking part in lots of activities which included bushcraft, canoeing, climbing and orienteering. 


The children who stayed in school wrote and sent letters to say thankyou to the cathedral volunteers for such a special day.  We also made kites and paper planes, using our measuring skills to see how far they travelled.

News from our classes:

Miss Robert’s Class: Owain


Well we have reached our February half term! The children have worked very hard since we returned back to school in January and I'm very proud of them. I hope a well earned rest is on the cards for next week, as we have a jam packed, fun filled half term ahead!


This week year 2 and 3 have enjoyed exploring our new creative area, they have made Roman sandals and mosaic style pictures and have been designing scenery for the role play area.


Our persuasive writing has been a huge success! The children planned, drafted and then have written their final letter to Mr Wright in protest to being asked to come to school on a Saturday. The quality of the letters is high with some excellent persuasive writing.


We have been looking at the Romans further. The children can now identify the Roman numerals up to 20 and completed several tasks to match, write and order numbers. In our topic work we also looked at several maps to see how the Roman Empire expanded over time and across Europe. The children used an atlas and used their mapping skills to plot several cities onto their own map. They were able to find which cities under the Roman Empire were the closest and furthest away from Rome by measuring accurately to the nearest cm/ half cm.


In Maths this week we have focused on measuring capacity. The children predicted the capacity of a range of food containers, considering which would hold the most water and how much water it would hold. As a class we used both yogurt pots as a non-standardised unit of measurement and millilitres to the nearest 100 ml's. The children worked together to assign roles to everyone in their group and worked together to measure the capacity of each container carefully, before recording and discussing their findings.


As it was Shrove Tuesday this week, we discussed why pancakes are associated to that day. The children shared their favourite pancake toppings and how pancakes are made. Year 2 and 3 were able to make a set of instructions in the form of a recipe to show how to make their favourite pancake. They were able to recall the layout and what we put in instructional writing very well! They sounded delicious!


On Friday the children thoroughly enjoyed performing their gymnastic sequences to one another after working on them over a series of weeks. In the afternoon we went for a lovely walk through the woods. This was a fantastic way to wind down, out in the fresh air, surrounded by beautiful scenery before beginning our half term holiday.


I wish you all a safe and happy week. There is no homework as your family time is important, however please read throughout the week. New spellings have been handed out for the test on the first Friday back in school.


Many thanks, Miss Roberts





Mrs John's class: Branwen


This week we have been shopping to buy all the materials we needed to make our swords. We had to use the price list to add together the materials we wanted. Following this the pupils had to give the correct change to the shop keeper and then proceeded to make their sword. A wonderful way of exploring Numeracy across the curriculum and consolidating newly learnt skills.


We had another letter from the grumpy giant, this time he was complaining that Jack had been trying to steal the golden hen. The giant has captured and locked Jack in the cage. Pupils were very upset to start with, blaming themselves for telling the giant in an earlier letter that Jack was hiding in the cupboard. As the morning unfolded, pupils decided that they felt sorry for the giant. Jack should not be stealing and should not be ‘trespassing’ in the giant’s castle! The reply letters suggest that the giant and Jack should say sorry together. Super persuasive writing everyone!


In P.E pupils have continued to build upon their strength and co-ordination through 'body schooling'. The pupils have been working in partners this week testing out their strength, to do this they had to trust each other! Nursery enjoyed their rhythm stick game with me this week in their PE session, they listened and responded so well - da iawn!

Nursery have also been busy painting and writing the letter 't' and have painted beautiful apple trees. Number this week was 'Feathery 4'.


Can parents please remember PE kits after half term. We aim to begin P.E on the first Wednesday back and we will be applying our body schooling onto the apparatus, so PE kits are a must! No trainers or pumps needed.


Remember our school trip on the 25th February to Bodlewyddan Castle - please send in reply slips ASAP, thank you.


Have a lovely half term everyone!

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6th February 2016

This week we were delighted to welcome Izzy and her family into the school community. We hope you will all be really happy in your new home and here with us in Ysgol Nannerch.


We began and ended the week with the creation story. Joe retold this bible story in his own words to the whole school during Monday’s assembly, followed by Hannah who retold the story of Adam & Eve using puppets. Well done to both of you, you spoke beautifully and it was a lovely treat for us all.


On Friday during Croeso Pawb we explored the creation story again, and thought about God’s beautiful world and how we can care for it. The children enjoyed a host of activities from icing ‘lady bird’ cakes to creating paper sharks complete with paper plate teeth!


As always many thanks to Mr and Mrs Wright, the Mothers Union and Women’s Institute for supporting us with this popular event. We all love Croeso Pawb, children and staff included.


There was another wonderful community event on Thursday evening as the PTA organised and ran the children’s Valentine Disco. Thanks particularly to Sally and Jude who organised the event; it was very well run, everyone had a great time. Thanks too to Adam for doing such a fabulous job as DJ.



Next week's assembly will be led by Rosie, Sam and Thomas, who will tell the stories of ‘Noah and the Flood’, ‘The Dove’ and ‘The Tower of Babel and Abrahams Journey’. Everyone in school is looking forward to hearing your stories.


I will be away from Wednesday with the years 4 & 5; we will be spending 3 days at the outdoor education centre Pentrellyncymmer. We are looking forward to three days of adventure, fresh air and fun. Remember children to pack plenty of warm clothes!


Key dates
  • Tuesday 9th February – Years 4, 5 & 6 trip to St. Asaph Cathedral


  • February 10th - 12th - Year 4 Pentre Llyn


  • Friday 12th – School closes for half term


  •  1st March – Whole School Numeracy challenge activity


  • 7th & 8th March - Parents Evenings


  • 7th- 9th March – Year 5 visit to Glan Llyn


  • 22nd March - Year 6 trip to Liverpool with Year 6 Lixwm.


  • School closes for Easter 23rd March – 11th April (training day 24th March)

News from our classes:

Mrs Pierce & Ms Lewis’s Class: Gwydion


It has been a busy and fun packed week in school. Joe and Hannah did really well in assembly. Joe explained how he had made his Jesse Tree ornament and told us how each of the materials he used symbolised different physical features of the earth.


Hannah retold the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. She used puppets to tell the story, it was great fun! Everyone liked the way God was a white glove! We are all going to take it in turns to tell our Jesse Tree bible story over the next few weeks.


We looked at the way our brain responds to events around us during our mindfulness session this week. We had fun watching short films of different children and animals responding with a ‘flight, fight or freeze’ response. We finished the session with the petal practice. This helps us to think that we can do the things which sometimes our mind tries to tell us we can’t. We watched a film of a flower blossoming, it was very calming.


During literacy we wrote job adverts and a letter of application. The job was a real life role on Bardsey Island, as manager. We used our persuasive skills to write the letter. We found the information to write our advert and letter from reading newspaper reports about this unusual job.


In Welsh we have been learning the vocabulary to describe what we enjoy doing in our spare time. We went around the class asking the question, ‘Beth wyt ti’n hoffi gwneud yn dy amser hamdden?’ We had great fun learning the vocabulary such as ‘achos, fel arfer and bod dydd’ by playing games.


There is no homework set this week for Year 4, 5 & 6 giving everyone an opportunity to catch up with homework not yet done, and those who have done all their homework a well deserved break. However we do need to learn our spellings for Monday this week.


On Tuesday 9th February we have our trip to St Asaph cathedral. Remember uniform and your butties!




Miss Robert’s Class: Owain


It is nearing the end on the half term, all of the children are thoroughly enjoying their topic work and are working hard! 


This week we have been working on our multiplication in mathematics.  Firstly, we practised the 2, 5 and 10 times tables using repeated addition to help us.  Year 3 also worked on their 3 and 4 time tables.  Later in the week we used our multiplication to solve word problems.  We had to carefully read the problem and then we used blocks and Numicon as an aid to find the answer.  Homework this week is to continue to practise times tables. This is so that the children are confident to recall multiplications out of context. Please help to make the flash cards and use them regularly at home to help your child. 


In Literacy we are working on persuasive writing. This week we have been describing a racing car! The children created a name, gave information and even developed a slogan before creating an eye catching advertisement. 

In preparation for our persuasive letter writing next week, the children received a shocking (...and pretend! Shhh!) email from a school governor who wishes for school to be open on a Saturday! The children prepared a very persuasive argument as to why this should not happen. I'm looking forward to reading the finished letters next week. 


This week we focussed on our Science work in the afternoons. The children were asked what they know about how to keep our bodies healthy.They considered diet, exercise and teeth. They also looked specifically at how to keep clean. They worked individually and in small groups to find and share lots of information. They really enjoyed learning all about the different teeth we have and what they are used for! 





Mrs John's class: Branwen


Another productive week in Foundation Phase J Pupils have been writing letters as part of their persuasive writing development. Pupils received a letter from Jack’s Mum from Jack and the Beanstalk. In her letter she told everyone how worried she was as she had not seen Jack since the beanstalk had grown. She asked us for our help! We had to reply and tell her where we thought Jack was and if we thought he was okay.


In maths we have been learning about the value of coins 1p – 20p. We have been sweet shopping and paying for totals of sweets up to 20p. Pupils are beginning to understand that ‘change’ can be given and this requires a subtraction application.


Next week we are going to try and 'persuade' the giant to let Jack out of the castle...more letter writing and I'm expecting some great persuasive language!


Pupils in Numeracy next week will be going 'shopping' on a budget to create and make their sword.. watch this space!


I am so pleased with the pupils attitude to learning in our class, they are all so motivated and independent in their approach to the development of new skills. Bendigedig pawb!

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Please be considerate when visiting school and mindful of the health and safety of our school members and local residents.

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